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Recaps / Television PopWrapped | Recaps

Supernatural: 11×18, Hell's Angel

Meghan Harvey | PopWrapped Author

Meghan Harvey

10/31/2016 1:22 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Supernatural: 11×18, Hell's Angel | Hell's Angel
Media Courtesy of CW

This week’s episode, "Hell's Angels," begins in a tent in Saudi Arabia where Crowley appears asking for someone. The man he seeks is dying, and Crowley asks for “the object” -- The Horn of Joshua, touched by the hand of God -- in return for his soul (which he’d given to Crowley 10 years earlier in a deal). Crowley rips up the contract and kills the man (who was dying anyway) and takes the item. As Crowley makes his exit, the man’s guards all pull their guns on him, but he quickly causes them to turn them on each other. “Amateurs,” he mutters, as the guards shoot themselves. Back in the States, Crowley reaches out to Dean and Sam to tell them he has The Horn of Joshua, the key to defeating Lucifer and Amara.

Meanwhile, Amara is getting her vessel healed by none other than Rowena (Yay, the witch is back)! Rowena’s powerful witchcraft had revived her after Lucifer killed her, and she has been in hiding ever since. Rowena offers to remain by Amara’s side and continue to help heal her.

As Sam and Dean argue with Crowley (who will only give them the Horn if they promise to send Lucifer back to the cage first and foremost) Casifer starts wreaking havoc up in heaven.

He pleads his case to get the angels to back him up (who made THAT tabloid headline up he responds to when asked why God cast him out). After all, you can’t be a super savior without a super villain -- it’s all marketing, he points out. He then tells the angels that he can get rid of Amara. After all, he’s done it before…

Dean and Sam continue to argue with Crowley over the order in which they’ll take care of Lucifer and Amara. Crowley wants to kill Lucifer first -- then go after Amara -- but Dean reminds him that Lucifer may be the only chance to kill Amara. Crowley says he’s not helping them take down Amara and giving them the Horn until Lucifer is in the cage.

Meanwhile, at Rowena’s hidden spa (for lack of a better term), she tells Amara she’d like to be around when she “refashions” the universe. In return, Rowena says she can help get information and also be someone Amara can talk to. Feeling better after Rowena’s healing spells, Amara decides to try out her vessel and causes another cloud of darkness. The darkness even reaches heaven, terrifying the angels. This gives Casifer the last piece he needs to convince the angels they need his help.

Amara asks Rowena to prove her loyalty by spying on the Winchesters. Instead of spilling the beans that they are working on a plan with Crowley, Rowena tells Amara that they’re paralyzed with fear. Amara believes her, giving Rowena the opportunity to send Crowley a message that she is back from the dead.

Rowena teams up with the boys since they need her and the book to help return Lucifer to the cage. They trick Casifer into showing up with the Horn and trap him in the angel trap they’ve set up. Casifer gets pretty excited when he sees the Horn and asks them to go ahead and dowse the flames, so he can take it and go after Amara. Instead, Dean triggers a sigil that allows them to connect with Cas. Before they can, Lucifer takes back over, not letting Cas out. Dean tries to tell Cas to cast out Lucifer -- but Casifer simply makes fun of him. As the sigil dies down, Crowley takes it upon himself to enter Cas’s vessel.

Once inside the vessel, he discovers Cas watching TV in a room that looks like the kitchen in the bunker, basically just … chilling. Cas tells Crowley that Lucifer pretty much just leaves him alone, and he’s just waiting for the battle. Crowley explains that Dean wants Cas to expel Lucifer, to which Cas answers that he isn’t sure it’s a good idea. And in walks Lucifer.

As the boys and Rowena wonder what’s happening in Cas’s head, Lucifer begins wiping the floor with Crowley. Cas continues to watch TV. Crowley is able to get a signal to the boys that he needs help, to which Sam responds by expelling Crowley. The fire dies, and Casifer comes out ready to take the Horn and leave. Crowley makes his exit.

Casifer tells Dean and Sam their time is up and begins to kill them but is interrupted by Amara, of all people, who had followed Rowena. Casifer uses the Horn against Amara, but, when the flames die down, Amara is still there, no worse for wear. The Horn didn’t work. Amara tells Casifer they need to have a long chat and takes off with him, not before releasing Sam and Dean. Rowena makes HER exit.

Back at the bunker, Sam and Dean rehash the day. They wonder if maybe the Horn didn’t work because Lucifer isn’t one of God’s chosen ones. They, then, discuss the possibility of not arguing when someone makes a choice -- such as the one Cas made when allowing Lucifer in. They decide to go find him and save him anyway.

In Amara’s hideout, Casifer tries to convince her to work with him to take down God. Amara reminds him that she’ll never trust him, but he may be of some use to her. Amara suspects that Lucifer might be the bait she needs to get God to face her. Casifer laughs and tells Amara that, if she’s waiting for God, she might not want to wait up, to which she responds, “Well, we’ll see,” as she begins to torture him.

And, then, the most horrific thing of all -- the announcement that we have to wait until APRIL 27TH for the next episode. Seriously? You’re killing me, people. Killing me.


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