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Recaps / Television PopWrapped | Recaps

Supernatural: 11x23, Alpha And Omega

Meghan Harvey | PopWrapped Author

Meghan Harvey

10/31/2016 1:17 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Supernatural: 11x23, Alpha And Omega | Alpha
Media Courtesy of The CW

The season finale, "Alpha And Omega," kicks off with the team having gotten their butts kicked. Lucifer is gone (leaving Cas), and Chuck is mortally injured. He explains his lights is fading and maybe Amara could fix it, but otherwise he’s dying. Rowena and Crowley come back in and everyone goes outside to see the end has come -- Amara is dimming out the sun. Chuck zaps the whole team back to the bunker where Dean’s first instinct is a beer. He sees no solution.

Meanwhile in London (?) we cut to a fancy house where a woman has just arrived to her home. She turns on the news to hear a broadcaster explaining the issue with the sun is “nothing to worry about.” To which she replies, “If only.” The british lady then gets  phone call where that causes her to enter her own hidden bunker which is plastered with pictures and articles about Sam and Dean. She tells the caller that “She’s on her way.”

While Dean and Cas make a beer run, Sam offers to stay and think of plan B while Crowley looks for something harder to drink, and Rowena dotes on Chuck. As the three of them chat over tea, Sam storms in demanding to do something. Chuck explains that even if they locked up Amara, he would still die, leaving the balance between light and dark broken. If they can’t lock up Amara, Sam realizes, she has to die.

Meanwhile on the beer run, Dean and Cas have a heart to heart where Dean makes sure Cas knows that he is a brother. Sam calls and Dean turns the car around. Sam has figured out that the only way to balance the scales with Chuck dying is to kill Amara as well. Chuck explains that her one weakness is light, as in the light of ten thousand suns.

Cas suggests souls, the only other thing powerful enough. With enough of them, along with souls from heaven and ghosts could give Rowena enough power to build a bomb…

Sam and Dean head over to “Waverly Sanitarium” which they knows is full of thousands of ghosts with souls, ripe for the taking. Their plan works and they are able to collect the bulk of the ghosts from the sanitarium using Dean’s magic word, “Haggis.” I don’t know - I had to consult twitter to confirm…

Cas returns from heaven and reports the angels will not be helping, they’ve sealed off heaven to die with dignity. Crowley also returns to tell the team that his stash of souls has been raided. The plan is falling flat until Billie the Reaper walks in… They explain what they’re doing and she offers to help. After all, who else do you call when you need souls?

Meanwhile Amara is thoughtfully waiting in a park where she meets an old woman who begins to pour out her soul and offer some kindness about family. Is Amara having second thoughts?

Back at the bunker Billie the Reaper has raided the veil and gotten them a few hundred thousand souls to carry out the plan.

Dean is the only one who can get close enough to use the bomb on Amara for it to work. But as always the case with the Winchesters, there’s a catch. Rowena explains that she will have to place the “bomb” in his heart. Dean won’t carry the bomb, he will be the bomb.

Our British lady meanwhile has arrived and is making her way to Kansas.

Everyone says their goodbyes. Cas promises Dean he’ll watch over Sam. Dean explains he wants a big funeral, Sabbath cover band, the works, and his ashes scattered there. Dean tells Sam, no chick flick moments.

Cue the waterworks.

Dean is zapped to the sanctuary where Amara. The rest of the team head to nearest bar to get a drink and hope the plan works. Chuck huddle in a corner, sinking. Sam asks him to please hang in there as long as he can.

Dean confronts Amara, who knows he has a bomb. She reminds him that he’s not able to hurt her. She also explains to Dean that the sun is not her doing, it is simply part of Chuck’s dying. When he dies, the world will die with him, including her. She admits he didn’t actually want to kill Chuck, just hurt him. Dean goes over the parallels of her relationship with her brother and his with Sam. Dean tries reasoning with her, and asks her what she truly wants.

Amara zaps Chuck from the bar to the sanctuary. She confesses that she loved him and that she hated that he needed all the things he created, all the things that weren’t her. But what he’s made, earth, is actually beautiful. She wishes that they could just be a family again. The take each other’s hands and the sun begins to shine brightly again. Amara heals Chuck, and they tell Dean that they’re going to go away for awhile. Chuck removes the bomb and explains that earth will be fine thanks to him and Sam. Amara tells Dean he gave her what she needed most and that wants to do the same for him.

Cas and Sam return to the bunker, thinking the plan has worked and that Dean is dead, where Cas is suddenly warded away. The British woman is waiting in the bunker and explains that she is part of the Men of Letters, London and has been ordered to take Sam in. Sam and Dean have caused enough trouble and it’s over. She pulls out a gun and as Sam steps towards her, she shoots.

Meanwhile Dean has ended up in a forest, where he runs into the one things he needs most, MARY WINCHESTER.

So did Sam get shot? Did he get kidnapped by the British Men of Letters? Is Mary for real? Is she a ghost? And is she still a badass hunter who is going to help Dean find Sam? How are we supposed to wait an entire summer before getting answers?

How many days until hellatus is over?!


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