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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Supernatural: 12×03, The Foundry

Meghan Harvey | PopWrapped Author

Meghan Harvey

11/09/2016 5:23 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Supernatural: 12×03, The Foundry | Foundry
Media Courtesy of The CW

"The Foundry" Recap

So this week’s episode, "The Foundry" kicks off with a young couple discovering the sound of a crying baby coming from inside an abandoned house at night. They go in and discover the crying baby is a disfigured scary doll beneath a flickering light, and, before they can run away, the door closes on them. Yea, so that will keep me up for the next few nights. Thanks, Supernatural.

Cut to the bunker where Mary is sleepless and reading John’s journal. When Cas walks in, she asks him when he finally started fitting in here on earth. He answers that he never did but that she does. Mary attempts to sleep and, instead, cuts her hair. As you do.

The next morning, Cas heads out to check out a lead on Lucifer (Rick Springfield!); when the boys try to go with him, he lets on that they’re needed here. Before they can question Mary on how things are going, she comes in with her short hair she lets them know she found a case in the good old newspaper (the scary baby). So, off they go. And suddenly -- Mary seems to be fitting in.

Meanwhile, Cas is not any closer to finding out where Lucifer is. But, after questioning an old friend of Vince (Lucifer’s vessel), Agent Beyonce (Cas) runs into Agent Jay-Z (Crowley). Crowley reminds Cas that they haven’t tried to kill each other in months, but they both want Lucifer dead and they’re both in the same place at the same time. It must be fate...

As the boys are reuniting, the Winchesters are investigating the crazy doll house. As Mary seems quite comfortable back in hunter mode, she wanders into the baby room that killed the couple earlier (they were found in the house having died from hypothermia in a 65 degree room). The door slams shut and is cornered by the ghost of a little boy. Sam and Dean break the door in but not before the ghost disappears and a strange red mark appears on Mary’s arm. When they get back to the bunker, Mary begins to lose her stride a bit when she sees how quickly Sam and Dean can knock out the research part of hunting via the internet -- something that she still has no clue how to use.

Hot on Lucifer’s trail, Agent Beyonce and Agent Z (seriously, Crowley and Cas are killing it this week) have tracked down Vince’s sister, who they quickly discovered received a visit from Vince/Lucifer the day before -- Lucifer and his red-headed lady friend (gee, who could that be?).

Back with the Winchesters, the boys (using the internet) have figured out there’s been lots of little kid deaths in that house over the years; therefore, it must be haunted by a bunch of vengeful children spirits. So a little old school salt and burn of the bodies, and they’re done. Mary explains that the little boy didn’t want to hurt her, so the theory doesn’t make sense to her, but, after she almost passes out, Sam and Dean insists she stay at the hotel while they hit the cemetery.

Meanwhile, Lucifer and Rowena (who is handcuffed) are held up, and Lucifer’s vessel is not quite holding out as well as he’d hoped -- a little too Keith Richards for his taste. He forces Rowena to perform a spell to make the vessel strong, healthy and permanent. But, instead of stopping the decaying process, she speeds it up, taking him from “Keith Richards to Iggy Pop,” she says. Lucifer weakens before he can get at Rowena, and she makes him disappear (I’ll bet at this point his disappearance is temporary.).

Meanwhile, Mary goes with her hunch and uses the old school phone to do research and find the mother of the boy she saw and proves herself right. She goes back to the house and finds the boy. She, then, discovers his ghost is trapped there by the ghost of the evil man who had killed the boy and all of the children who have been killed in the house over the years. Mary encounters the man who attempts to freeze her heart but is stopped when Sam and Dean arrive. Then he possesses Mary. The boys fight with possessed Mary, while trying not to hurt her, until Sam is able to get inside the wall and salt and burn the bones. The evil spirit leaves Mary’s body and begins to burn but not before the children he killed circle him to watch their captor die. Once he’s gone, their spirits are released to the white light in the sky.

Cas and Crowley show up at the cabin to find Rowena enjoying a cup of tea. They ask her to join the team, which she declines (FBI pantsuits not being her hexbag), but she promises, once they find Lucifer and have him cornered, she’ll be there to help.

Back at the bunker, after resolving the case, Mary admits she doesn’t feel like she’s home. She misses John and her boys because she mourns her babies and the moments she lost with them. Something being around Sam and Dean reminds her of every moment. She sadly explains to the boys that she has to leave because she needs some time. With that she takes John’s journal, apologizes, and tells her boys she loves them ... and then walks out the door.

Shut up. I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying.


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