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Supernatural: 12x05, The One You've Been Waiting For

Meghan Harvey | PopWrapped Author

Meghan Harvey

11/13/2016 10:30 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Supernatural: 12x05, The One You've Been Waiting For | One You've Been Waiting For
Media Courtesy of The CW

Truth? After the events of this week, I really wasn’t sure there was a way to make an episode about Hitler work. But, somehow, the writers for Supernatural made it work.

Recap: "The One You've Been Waiting For"

We kick off the episode in an antique shop where a man and woman are haggling over the price of an antique pocket watch. When they reach an impasse, both of them spontaneously combust.

Back at bunker, Sam is concerned over Dean after he turns down pie. (WHAT?!) But, before they can take a deep dive into Dean's inability to eat pie, Dean shows Sam a news story about the spontaneously combusting couple and suggest it’s a case. And off they go.

At the shop, the boys suspect a cursed object to be the cause. While searching the place, Dean discovers a secret room, as Sam discovers that they'd been meeting about the pocket watch and that he had a secret business of selling Nazi artifacts, which is what fills the room Dean has discovered. Sam explains the watch had been owned by someone of Hitler’s inner circle. The boys suspect that the Thule may be involved (refresh your memory here).

Meanwhile, some young couple is making out when the young woman, Ellie, excuses herself to use the restroom. While giving herself a pep talk in the bathroom, she hears a commotion outside. She sneaks a peak to see a group of strange men entering the apartment and setting the boyfriend on fire. Before the men can get her, too, she manages to escape.

To find out what exactly going on, the boys reach out to Aaron (see the link above) to see if there's an update. He confirms something big is going on with the Thule, but he doesn’t what exactly, and he doesn't know anything about the pocket watch.

The boys catch wind of the other event and go to speak to Ellie, but, before they get to her, she’s kidnapped by the Thule. Sam and Dean follow the car. Before the Thule Jr. (the kidnapper) can switch cars, Sam and Dean show up and save the day. Though Ellie has a hard time believing that Nazi Zombies are after her...

They get the young Thule Jr. to spill the story of the pocket watch, which belonged to his father. His dad, one of Hitler’s top men, had saved Hitler’s soul and saved it into the watch. Like a horcrux... You would get that reference.

After WWII, the watch was taken and has been being tracked all these years, so they could use it to resurrect Hitler into the body of one of Hitler’s descendants. And spoiler alert: it's Ellie! All news to her, of course, (including the fact that she’d been adopted). She confesses to Sam she can’t handle this. Sam commiserates; how can he, she asks. He recalls the time he was used to resurrect Lucifer. Pretty close I think.

Dean and Sam try to convince Ellie to help them take care of the Thule for good. Before they can convince her, the Thule arrives and fighting ensues. Ellie runs for it, but gets snatched up by Thule Jr.’s dad before she can get away. As Papa Thule, Thule Jr. and Ellie get away, Thule Jr/ confesses to his dad what he shared with the Winchesters, which cause Papa Thule to have one his henchmen murder him. So, not a big father/son/Nazi bond, I guess. But Thule Jr. is able to kill the henchmen first and get to Sam and Dean for help. “Do you know what it was like to have a Nazi necromancer for a father? It sucked,” he explains. “Christmas was a joke. Career Day was a nightmare...” He promises to lead them to Ellie. Meanwhile the Thule prepare to Ellie for the resurrection ceremony.

Thule Jr. makes good on his promise and leads the boys to Ellie. Outside, Sam had to convince Dean, once again, to put away the grenade launcher.

Inside, Ellie and Papa Thule are hooked up to machines where operation “Bring back Hitler” is underway. Operation? Black Magic Ceremony? Transfusion? I’m not really clear on the terminology, but you get what I’m saying.

And then, BOOM!, Hitler had returned into the body of Papa Thule. Though, as it turns out, he’s a bit crazy -- and kind of a dick. Though he’s happy to see his old Thule buddies again, it feels as though they’re not all that pleased to see him. He tells them to drain Ellie of all her blood and feed it to the dogs. And the orders them to get dogs.

Sam and Dean are captured trying to get into the room, though, and come face to face with Hitler. Who, of all things, is SUPER excited to see what he can do with Twitter ... Hmmm, sounds like another crazy guy with a smart phone we know ... During the conversation, Ellie gets loose and shoots one of the thugs, causing a distraction. A scuffle ensues that leaves Dean overtaking Hitler. Dean shoots him.

Sam: “Dude, you killed Hitler.”

Dean: “I know. Awesome ... I killed Hitler. I think I deserve some pie.”

Author’s Note

This has been a difficult week for many of us at PopWrapped and across the country. For me, personally, I'd like to promise to remain steadfast in using pop culture and art to find humor, to speak out, find solace, share love, and fight the good fight. I’ll let Misha wrap this up. I couldn't agree more.


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