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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Supernatural: 12×07, Rock Never Dies

Meghan Harvey | PopWrapped Author

Meghan Harvey

12/10/2016 4:54 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Supernatural: 12×07, Rock Never Dies | Rock Never Dies
Media Courtesy of The CW

Who’s ready for some Rick Springfield action? In this week's episode of Supernatural, "Rock Never Dies," we're on a mission to find Lucifer, who's back on stage as a rock and roll celebrity.

"Rock Never Dies"

We kick off the episode with some low level Satan worshippers trying to summon the devil in their basement. Lo & behold!, thanks to a relic they purchased online and used in the summoning spell, it works! Lucifer, in his trashed Vince Vicente vessel. If you recall, Rowena had cast a spell to speed up the deterioration process and tossed him into the ocean, leaving him not looking so good. But, thanks to the young satanists relic, he was able to give himself and his vessel a brand new rockstar makeover.

Meanwhile, back at the bunker, in between Dean’s games of Words with Friends with Mary, Sam and Dean get a call from Cas (and Crowley) who tell them that they believe they’ve found Lucifer, and not only is he Vince Vicente but he’s Vince Vicente on the verge of a comeback. Sam and Dean establish right away they have different feelings on Vince’s music (Sam is a fan, Dean is NOT).

All four head to L.A., where Crowley uses his connections to track down Vince/Lucifer, and because it’s L.A., he has plenty. While Crowley seems to know everyone, and Sam seems to enjoy the flavored water available in the lobby, Cas seems to appreciate having Sam and Dean around to give him a much needed break from Crowley.

Vince/Lucifer, meanwhile, is basking in the warmth of tons of adoring fans and a growing social media presence and a PR Team of yes women -- though he explains to the members of his band that he doesn’t actually need to make music to be famous. “Humans have always been desperate to put someone or something above them. Let’s face it, God ain’t cutting it these days. It takes a Kim Kardashian, whatever Justin Bieber is.”

As Vince/Lucifer’s big secret comeback show nears, the team tries to find out the location. Crowley tries to get the location from an old friend at Vince/Lucifer’s record label, as Castiel tries to reason with Vince’s bandmate, Tommy, and Sam and Dean do their best to get Vince/Lucifer’s PR rep to tell them the location. They all come back with nothing. But, as Vince/Lucifer gets crazier, so much so that he actually kills the record company rep and most of the members of his band moments before the big show, Tommy has second thoughts and calls Cas to tell him the location of the show.

Cas and Crowley show up backstage, just before the show is supposed to start, to distract him while Sam and Dean try to evacuate the packed club. They fail miserably, and Vince/Lucifer takes the stage. Before Vince/Lucifer can’t hurt anyone else, Dean shoots off his gun to help clear the club. When the club is empty and it’s just them, Vince/Lucifer reveals that he’s angry after making amends with God and helping him with Amara, God skips out on him again. So he has no plan and no direction. He’s just going to keep smashing Daddy’s already broken toys for fun.

At this point, the Vince the vessel is shot to hell (literally), and Rowena’s aging curse catches up with him as the magic of the relic wears off. But before the vessel completely dies, Lucifer escapes onward and upward. With Lucifer gone, Vince Vicente is dead.

Crowley, Cas, Sam and Dean reaffirm their resolve to catch Lucifer and return him to the cage. After all, they were the ones who let him out.

Catch up on Supernatural with Season 11 on DVD or Blu-Ray.


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