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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Supernatural: 12×09, First Blood

Meghan Harvey | PopWrapped Author

Meghan Harvey

01/30/2017 5:44 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Supernatural: 12×09, First Blood | First Blood
Media Courtesy of Dean Buscher/The CW

We’re BACK from break! Are we ready for "First Blood"?

Cas is at the hotel where we left off and calls Mary (who is back in Lawrence) and tells her she needs to meet him at bunker.

Meanwhile, the boys have been arrested for trying to kill the President, who was Lucifer at the time (insert joke about art imitating life here). As they’re being transported, the Secret Service is giving one another the history of Sam and Dean Winchester. The main agent steps into the room and begins trying to toy with the boys by threatening to leave them alone in the dark for a very very long time.

In a random hotel, Mitch, the British Man of Letters, is writing an update for his British Men of Letters bosses on the current status of his mission, which is connecting with American Hunters and getting them to join forces with the British Men of Letters. As it turns out, he is not having much luck. American hunters are “difficult.”

Back at the bunker, Mary is blaming Cas for leaving the boys and herself for not being there for them to call.

Back in Secret Service jail, Dean and Sam are counting the days. The only human interaction either of them has is with the hands of the guy who gives them their meals.

Cas reaches out Crowley, who claims that what happened to Moose and Squirrel is above his pay grade, and there’s nothing he can do. And, frankly, he doesn’t really care. Whoever is stuck with them he tells Cas, well “I pity the fool.” Crowley leaves with no interest in helping Cas.

Six weeks pass.

Cas and Mary meet up and again and make amends for the prior tension. Neither of them have had any luck trying to find where Sam and Dean are. Cas mentions a case he came across involving vampires. A case that Sam and Dean would’ve taken care of. Cas tried, alone, and couldn’t save anyone. Mary has been hunting, saving people, and steps up to handle the case Cas couldn’t.

Back at jail, the chow guy discovers Sam and Dean BOTH dead in their prospective jail cells.

The guy in the morgue can’t figure out how it’s even possible that they died on the same day. The Secret Service argue over not having had the chance to torture them. Everyone storms out.

Once the morgue is empty, the boys wake up. “It worked,” Sam says. They manage to get out after quieting down the mortuary guy (who claims he doesn’t even know where they are). The boys manage to get outside and call Cas. They figure out (based on landmarks) that they're in the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado (shout out to the National Parks) and that Cas needs to come for them NOW.

The secret service, in the meantime, discover the boys are not only alive but on the road. A SWAT team of dots head out into the mountains to find the boys.

Cas and Mary meet up to go rescue the boys. Is the bunker IN Colorado? Cas contacts Mr. Ketch and Mitch (who are surprised to find out the Winchesters were behind Lucifer’s demise) to help them. They exclaim that they believe the boys were being held here in Rocky Mountain National Forest, which the British guys automatically know to be “Site 94,” a government facility that doesn’t exist.

Back in the Rockies, the Secret Service are closing in on the boys who make a break. They boys manage to take one guy down and get his gun and walkie. Dean converses with the younger of the two agents. The conversation ends with Dean reminding him that Sam and Dean aren’t the ones trapped out there with the agents; the agents are trapped out there with THEM. Sam and Dean are hunters, after all.

As darkness begins to descend, Sam and Dean find a small abandoned cabin to take shelter in. They do some settling in and exchange some knowing glances, as the agents convene outside. As the agents close in, we see that the boys have totally Home Alone-ed the cabin and managed to take down everyone except the two main agents. It comes down to the two agents versus the two brothers. Sam and Dean have the upper hand and tell the agents the truth (that they saved the president's life because he was possessed). The agents (injured, but alive) ask “Who are you?” As the boys walk away free, once again, Sam answers over his shoulder, “The guys who save the world.”

The boys make it to the road where Cas and Mary are waiting and enjoy a tearful reunion. Then they see Mr. Ketch and Mitch. Sam and Dean say thanks for the help and then remind everyone they need to get moving before the agents catch up with them. “You left survivors?” they ask.

As they cross a bridge, the car dies and Sam looks at Dean and says, “It’s time.” They get out and find Billie the Reaper waiting. Dean admits that he’d made a call to her. Dean and Sam made a deal with Billie to get them out, let them go home one more time, and, then come midnight, she’d collect one of their souls.

But before they she could collect, Mary offers for Billie to take hers instead. Billie says, “Works for me” and stops the boys from stopping Mary. As she is about to pull the trigger, Cas stabs Billie. “This sad doomed little world, it needs you. It needs every last Winchester it can get,” he explains.

Back at the random hotel, we jump back to Mitch who has revealed that the Mr. Ketch cleaned up the mess and the agents Sam and Dean left behind.

But the last scene reveals something even more telling: Mitch is giving Mary his pitch for helping the British team, and she’s listening.


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