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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Supernatural: 12×15, Somewhere Between Heaven And Hell

Meghan Harvey | PopWrapped Author

Meghan Harvey

03/13/2017 8:37 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Supernatural: 12×15, Somewhere Between Heaven And Hell | Somewhere Between Heaven And Hell
Media Courtesy of The CW

Are you ready for "Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell?" Ahhh, nature. Where the stars shine bright, the birds sing clear, and the hellhounds are hot on your trail -- at least the trail of the couple in the opening scene of this week’s Supernatural who, while camping, are attacked. The boyfriend is killed, and the woman escapes after getting a lucky swing at the hound with an axe.

At the bunker, Sam and Dean have just returned from what appears to have been a messy case that they obviously won, thanks to the barbed wire bat that Dean mentions John Winchester would have loved. I’m going to give you Walking Dead fans a moment to let that one sink in.

Okay, we good?

Sam and Dean catch up with Gwen, who is still being hunted by the hellhound despite having never actually made a deal with a demon. The boys call in Crowley, who explains that the hellhound on Gwen’s trail is Ramsey, the oldest hellhound and the only hound who remains loyal to only Lucifer. Somehow Ramsey has broken free and gone rogue. He is now stalking Gwen after the earlier incident with the axe. Crowley and Dean attempt to go after Ramsey, who, in turn, comes after Baby and ends up killed by Sam with a little help from Gwen. Baby is injured in the attack but will survive. But still, a rogue hellhound?

On the heavenly front, Cas has finally locked in on Kelly and has teamed up with an angel pal named, Victor. Victor tells Cas that, if he finds and kills Kelly, “Joshua” will forgive Cas and he’ll be allowed to return home to heaven and his family.

Meanwhile, back in hell, a couple of Crowley’s henchmen visit Lucifer in the cage. As it turns out, THEY set Ramsey free to distract Crowley while they set Lucifer (their preferred King of Hell) free, but, to no-one’s surprise, Lucifer immediately kills them upon being freed. Ok, well, to no-one’s surprise except maybe the two demons ... Crowley returns home to find Lucifer in his throne, but, before Lucy can kill him, Crowley snaps his fingers. As it turns out, even Crowley saw this coming and had warded off Lucifer's vessel before putting him back in it. Crowley retains control. And, as Lucifer’s first punishment, he vows to find and kill Lucifer's baby mama right in front of him.

Kelvin offers to take Cas back to heaven straight away, which frankly seems a little too good to be true...

Sam admits to Dean that all of the recent missions they’ve been on are cases that came from the British Men of Letters and not the algorithm program Dean thought Sam had put on his phone. Dean hesitantly agrees to work with the British Men of Letters for the moment, pointing out that they work with people they don't trust all the time (ahem, Crowley). But the minute “something doesn't feel right,” they’re out.


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