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Recaps / Television PopWrapped | Recaps

Supernatural: 12x19, The Future

Meghan Harvey | PopWrapped Author

Meghan Harvey

04/29/2017 2:49 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Supernatural: 12x19, The Future | The Future
Media Courtesy of CW

This week right we jump right back into the Lucifer Baby Mama drama story. Kelly, after listening to Dagon day in and day out about how evil her baby is going to be, has decided that maybe this whole thing is a bad bad bad idea. So, to save the world, she decides to kill herself. But we all know how pesky angels can be about saving humans, especially ones they live in. Baby Lucifer won’t let Kelly die.

Back at the bunker, Sam and Dean are still coming up short in trying to locate Kelly. But Sam has figured out the baby doesn’t need a full nine months and will probably be born May 18, a few short weeks away. As the guys realize how short the clock actually is, Cas breezes in like he hasn’t been MIA for almost as long as Kelly has been pregnant.

Dean lays into Cas but forgives him after a tender moment about a Zeppelin mix tape. Dean then tells him that he can’t just “go dark.” Cas explains that he’s been working with angels all this time, trying to find Kelly. But Cas didn’t want to reach out until he actually had a win to reach out with. He was tired of failing the boys. Which, he has again since the angels haven’t had any more luck then the boys … so Cas says.

The guys decide to get the old “Team Free Will” band back together and find Kelly together. Sam then discovers a possible idea: maybe they can extract the grace from the Nephilim and make him human? Win - win, right? Just as they are about to share Sam’s plan with Cas, they realize he has disappeared with the Colt. Luckily, Sam may or may not have downloaded a tracking app to Cas’ phone. More on that in a minute.

Turns out Cas was a big angelic liar. He and the angels HAD found Kelly and were going to take her and Dagon out, but they need the Colt and its two remaining bullets to do it. To Cas’ credit, he claims he’s going to kill Kelly so that Sam and Dean won’t have to. Which is a very typical motive for a member of Team Free Will.

When Cas and his angel thugs show up at the hotel where Kelly and Dagon are hiding out, they realize right away that Dagon is a bit more of a threat than they anticipated. After killing one angel, Cas makes a quick escape with Kelly in tow. His new plan is to kill Kelly and her unborn spawn of Satan, by taking her to heaven with him, since no human soul can step through the gate. Honestly, doesn’t sounds like the worst way to go.

But his plans get flipped turned upside down when his truck breaks down, and they have to hole up in a motel while Cas figures how to get them to the sandbox (gate to heaven). While held up, Kelly talks Cas into feeling the baby kick inside her stomach. Her eyes turn yellow, and she has a sudden vision of Cas protecting her and her baby and that he can be trusted. Cas isn’t quite so sure … but, before he can convince her he’s not entirely reliable, Sam and Dean show up (hey, there’s an app for that!). As the guys go back and forth over Sam’s idea for extracting the baby’s grace, Kelly decides she doesn’t want them to take away “what makes him special.” Seeing she can’t convince Sam and Dean, Kelly steals the keys to Baby and takes off (with Cas in tow). Thanks to the vision shown to her by her baby, she is now set on going to heaven and believes Cas will not only protect and guide her child after she’s dead but he’ll be the one to ensure that Lucifer's baby is born.

When they get to the Sandbox, Dagon is already on hand waiting for them. She kills Joshua, melts the Colt and almost kills Cas, but then Sam and Dean arrive. This gives Keely a chance to grab Cas’s hand, and suddenly the baby gives Cas the ultimate nagel power boost, and he is able to defeat Dagon.

Cas is now back at full angel capacity and then some … He explains to Sam and Dean that he now also has his faith restored and knows that he must protect the baby and make sure he is born. As it turns out Cas was shown his own vision. He tells Sam and Dean to trust them and then kindly knocks them both out.

Back in the car, he explains to Kelly that the baby … had shown him the future. Together, they hit the road.


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