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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Supernatural: 12×02, Mamma Mia

Meghan Harvey | PopWrapped Author

Meghan Harvey

10/31/2016 1:12 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Supernatural: 12×02, Mamma Mia | Mamma Mia
Media Courtesy of The CW

"Mamma Mia," Episode Two of the season, starts back off in the torture basement where Toni is questioning Sam in between making out. Well, not actually “making out.” Toni is actually using another potion to cause Sam to hallucinate a bedroom scene. In reality, Toni is cutting Sam up, as she tries to get him to drop the names of hunters as well as passcodes to the databases in the bunker. And, while trying to get Sam to drop some names, she drops one herself: Ruby! Toni seems stuck on that whole drinking-demon-blood-and-sleeping-with-demons thing Sam was into ... But, before we can get in too deep, Toni gets a call (from Mick) that her partner/friend is dead. And it sounds as if Toni also obeyed some orders...

Meanwhile, back at the bunker, Dean is on the phone with Cas (who is still out trying to pinpoint Sam’s location) and confessing that he’s worried about Mary. There is a lot to take in, and he’s afraid of overwhelming her. Mary walks in and overhears. She promises Dean that she just needs a minute to catch up. Her bigger concern is facing Sam after all that’s happened, and, ya know, being responsible for yellow eyes and all.

Later, she confesses to Dean that she’s been having dreams about the “great father” John was while the boys were growing up. Before Dean can crush that dream for her, they get the call from Cas that he’s figured out where Sam is. And off they go...

Hey, while they’re on the road, let’s check in with Rowena, shall we? She’s on a date that is suddenly interrupted by Crowley (fun crusher!). Crowley needs to find Lucifer, and Rowena is the only one who can help. He promises to leave her alone, so she can marry rich -- but only after they locate Lucifer. Who, as it turns out, has found a new vessel in rocker Vince Vincente (Rick Springfield!). Rowena locates Lucifer, and they set a trap for him, which, of course, fails. Crowley gets away and leaves Rowena, who Lucifer decides will be more useful as a prisoner then dead.

On the road, Dean is telling Mary how John changed after she died and how Sam got out of hunting for a while to attend Stanford -- but, of course, ended up back in the life. Before they can dive deeper into that hot mess, they arrive to Sam’s location. Instead of rescuing Sam, though, Dean ends up being held right next to him. Sam is happy to see Dean alive, but, before Dean can explain he's not the only one not dead, Marty arrives to rescue them from Toni.

Before they can escape, another British Man of Letters, Mick, arrives. Mick, surprisingly, apologizes for Toni’s behavior and extends an olive branch. He gives Cas his card and tells the Winchesters to think it over and reach out to him. Later, alone with Toni in the car, he gets on Toni for not following orders; they’re supposed to be using honey. He assures her, though, that, if the Winchesters get in the way of their goal to end the supernatural threat in America, he’s prepared to have “Heck” (a super Men of Letters assassin) take care of them.

Back in the bunker, the Winchesters all agree they don’t believe Mick for a second. Later, Sam brings Mary some tea and John’s journal, hoping to fill in some of the blanks of all that she missed -- something Sam has been through a lot.

A lot of "Mamma Mia" felt like it was shining a light on previous storylines and characters. I’m not sure if that's just par for the course with Mary’s return or if this is setting us up for revisiting some storylines from seasons past. Either way is cool with me. I feel like the writers are somehow traveling down some new storylines while digging into some storylines that worked in the past.

And THAT line of thinking is exactly we’re all still totally captivated in Season 12.


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