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Supernatural Episiode Recap "LARP And The Real Girl"!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


01/25/2013 11:51 pm
Supernatural Episiode Recap


Susan Booth

Staff Writer


This week’s new episode of Supernatural took us on a journey to the world of Moondor, where the Queen Of Moondor is about to engage in the Battle Of Kingdoms. I know your all thinking: Did Supernatural take a page or two from LOTR? Not so much, but they really had us thinking. In “LARP And The Real Girl”, Sam & Dean find themselves on a case that has once again thrust them into the wonderful world of Live Action Role Playing, or LARPING as it’s mostly commonly referred to. They head to Michigan to investigate the death of a man who seemingly lost his limbs by having them pulled off by a horse in his locked apartment. It becomes apparent that Garth (played by Dj Qualls) has been tracking the Winchesters via GPS, as well as other hunters in order to easily assign cases to them. Pretty clever, makes me wonder why bobby never thought to do that.

As more victims are discovered, the boys come to discover that the Queen of Moondor is none other than I.T. girl Charlie Bradbury (played by the AMAZING Felicia Day!).

So, they head off to find her and get the low down on what exactly why all the Queen’s men are dropping like flies, or suffering severe injuries. Sam manages to almost get lucky, as if he didn’t get his fair share in “Torn And Frayed”, I think it’s Dean’s turn to see some action! It was a very nice surprise to see Dean rocking that chain-mail and leather, as i’m sure ALL you fellow Dean girls loved as much as I did. Dean protects Charlie as Sam discovers the “Celtic Tree Of Pain”, which has a very sweet little fairy trapped and doing the monsters bidding which causes all those deaths and injuries.  OUr fairy leaves Charlie not only swooning, but seeing her get some action just as Dean walks in! Talk about right place, right time if your Dean Winchester! I liked this fairy chick, at least she wasn’t like the one who beat Dean to a pulp in “Clap Your Hands If You Believe.” One of Felicia Day’s best lines from this episode had to be “If the tent is a rockin’, don’t come a knockin’!” , that had me laughing for a few minutes!

It was nice to see an episode that took a lighter approach to the Winchester saga. I even got a kick out of the reference to the song “Call Me Maybe”, despite how much I may or may not like the song. The episode was great overall, I don’t have any real complaints! I know that some fans were somewhat disappointed because it seemed as though this episode was mostly used as a way to fill time, but it was ethier way you cut it. Jensen Akles wearing that terrible wig and quoting “Braveheart” was one was of funniest parts, and I really enjoyed seeing Sam FINALLY get that hair of his pulled out of his eyes. Now, if he would only get a haircut! 

All in all, great episode in the season so far! I can’t wait to tune in again next week when the boys meet John’s father! Until then! Or, as Dean says “Stay Classy.” (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

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