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Supernatural Episode Recap: "As Time Goes By"!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/02/2013 8:36 am
Supernatural Episode Recap:

Susan Booth

Staff Writer



This week’s episode of “Supernatural” took us back in time, and we got a first look at John Winchester’s father Henry. We start off in Normal, Ilinios in 1958, where Henry Winchester (played by Gil Mckinney) is headed off to “work”. Henry is nothing short of handsome, mixing what appears to be some sort of time-travel potion that sends him jumping out of Sam & Dean’s motel closet door. Dean calls Henry “007” as he chains him up in order to get some answers. That doesn’t pan out so well, as Henry escapes and breaks into Dean’s “Baby”!!! Dean stabs the evil red-head (Bes that Betty Crocker, as Dean calls her) with the special knife and she manages to survive, but at least it buys the boys and Henry some time. After a swift escape, Betty Crocker, left behind at the motel, insists to the manager that she’s “checking out”. The boys attempt to explain that they can’t take Henry to John because John is dead, and that’s when it occurs to our boys that Henry is their grandfather.

It’s easily proven who Henry is, and may possibly be stuck in 2013. Abaadon, a knight of hell (A.K.A Betty Crocker) is after Henry. Apparently, the boys can tap into their souls as a way to time travel, and they thought that only the angels could do that. Sam & Dean come from a legacy of “Men Of Letters”, the “Yoda’s to their Jedi’s” as Dean put it. I love his lines, they get better and better every episode! So, the boys and Henry go in search of an elder to help them stop Abaadon and what to do with the box that Henry is carrying. John believed for so long that Henry had run out on him, which is clearly not the case here.

Henry tries to jump back to 1958, until he’s stopped by Dean who explains why that can’t happen. Dean gets Henry back, just as Sam gets taken by Abbadon. It’s explained that the coordinates Sam was given by the elder is in fact a location for the key that can close the gate to hell forever, and the box that Henry is carrying is the “Supernatural Mother-load”.  Henry comes up with the wonderful idea to put a devils trap on a bullet and shoot it into the demon, pretty cool idea and it works getting her stuck! I hope that’s a trick Dean keeps on using, it’s pretty cool how it works! Sadly, Henry loses his life to Betty Crocker (I like calling her that, makes me laugh every time I hear it in my head.)

He shares a very tender moment with the boys, telling them that he’s glad that he met them and he wishes he could have made John proud, AWWWW! *Tear* I nearly cried at that point. 

Good to see the boys playing nice and sharing a moment, and may I say that good looks TOTALLY run in that family! The Winchester side had the brains, and the Campbell’s had the brawn. Talk about being made for each other! Tonight’s episode was really good, I am really enjoying the storyline for this season as each new episode comes to pass. But, I’ve got some lingering questions. Where is Castiel and is he coming back?! What’s gonna happen to Benny? Next week, we go after Hilter! Just kidding, it’s around the same time, just not the same guy. Until then! (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

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