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Supernatural "Everyone Hates Hilter" Recap!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/08/2013 11:18 pm

Susan Booth
Staff Writer


Wow, the Nazi’s really are a good villain, more so considering the fact that EVERYONE hates them, give or take a select few. They also have a large amount of mythology about them, some that could even be seen as supernatural. It was bond to happen sooner or later, that Sam (Jared Padalecki) & Dean (Jensen Ackles) would get around to taking on the Nazis and kicking some much needed ass! Tonight, the boys took on Nazi Necromancers, and they found their very own bat-cave!!! The managed to come across a Golem, which is the world’s biggest and baddest weapon the likes of which we never thought we would see.

Here’s what went down: We start in a Nazi base camp in Belarus in 1944, so we can tell that this episode is not like the previous ones we have all come to love. What’s a Golem, you ask? If not not of the many chosen people, it’s a giant man made of clay (clay, really?) and is given life by rabbi’s and are tasked with the mission of protecting all the Jews. To put it another way, he’s a bodyguard, a BIG ASS bodyguard, and mix him with the Hulk and the Bear Jew guy. Golem guy kills his fair share of Nazi’s, before the rest vanish in a fiery blaze. If there’s anything worse than a Nazi, it’s one that does magic.

Sam & Dean locate the Men Of Letters home away from home located in Lebanon, Kansas and quickly make themselves at home. This place is nothing short of impressive, Dean loves the water pressure in the shower! It seems that the boys new “bat-cave” is the exact geographic center of the contiguous United States, and I freely admit that I have NO idea what that means or whether or not this information will be important later on. Our boys discover the Judah Initiative, a group of rabbi saboteurs from WWII and the Men Of Letters worked with. Sadly, the old man seen in the start of the episode died of spontaneous combustion. Poor old guy, he was funny when he insulted that library guy!

The old man,was also a rabbi was investigating Nazi Necromancers. Poor Dean, he ends up getting picked up by the rabbi’s grandson Aaron! That scene alone was one of the funniest I’ve seen lately! Aaron isn’t sure how to operate the Golem, because he thought it would be a great idea to use the manual as rolling papers for weed. Yeah, that was a BAD idea! Back to the Judah Initiative, who were working against the Thule Society, they are a group of necromancers who basically helped form the Nazi Party and just like most villains you can think of, were beyond obsessed with WORLD DOMINATION! Funny thing about this is, it’s actually ALL TRUE! Our boys locate a book holding the Thule Society’s secrets, the same one the old rabbi had found earlier in the episode. Sadly for the boys, those “Nazi Bastards” took it after poisoning Sammy.

The book contains a list of all the members of the Thule Society who were brought back to life by magic. The issue our boys face is that the Thule Society Commandant, who manage to cast a spell on himself so he would never age, tracks down the boys and holds them at gunpoint while taking control of the Golem in the process. Dean calls them “Nazi Necromancing Dicks”, couldn’t be more right if he tried! Dean makes us fans SO proud by giving pretty head wounds to each and every single Nazi! Sam, Dean and Aaron burn and bury the Nazi Necromancers, and Aaron finally gains control of the Golem in order to reboot the Judah Initiative. Basically, they run off to become Nazi hunters, YAY!

The boys head on back to “bat-cave” and while Sam throws himself to being a Man Of Letters, Dean isn’t quite there just yet. This was one AWESOME episode! Every week I find myself more and more impressed with the amazing cast and crew for this show. That does it for this recap, as Dean says “Stay Classy!”

Next Week On Supernatural: Kevin figured out how to close the gates of hell FOREVER! But, it looks as thought Sam & Dean have to complete God’s obstacle course! WTH? LOL (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

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