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Supernatural: "Goodbye Stranger" Recap!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/21/2013 11:56 pm


Susan Booth

Staff Writer


This episode is one that will stay with me forever! The episode starts with Dean getting killed by Castiel! No, it was a simulation in a room with a lot of dead bodies that were all Dean. It took all my energy not to throw things at my T.V. Sam and Dean are in the batcave as normal going through some stuff when Dean comes across Asian porn from the 50’s. The boys look into a case were a woman who’s eyes went black (demon, much?) is dead, looks like someone is killing off demons and having them dig holes 15 feet deep.

The woman who died went to a friend for an original map of the city, looks like someone is looking for a tablet! Demons burst into the lady’s house and start kicking some ass, only to smoke out and into the woman, but not before Castiel comes in to save the day!! Castiel explains that he has been away killing demons, and he has been looking for Lucifier’s crypts.

Before the demon can tell the boys the real thing that they are looking for, Castiel kills her on Naomi’s word and then he runs off to the demon being held captive, and that’s where we find good old Meg! It seems that Crowley is hell bent on finding that angel tablet, pun intended.  Cas went zero dark thirty on that demon real fast, it’s safe to say he’s not himself and that’s gotta change. It kinda feels like Cas really had a thing for meg, taking care of her and all. Cas says he remembers the kiss they shared and the pizza man, says it’s a good memory for him. AWWWW! Meg says that if she survives her and Cas are gonna order some pizza and move some furniture around, ROTFL! The best part is that Cas actually understands what she means.

Castiel, Meg and the Winchesters head out together, Castiel explains that Sam is not well and that he has wounds that can’t be healed. Poor meg was tortured for over a year! Yes, I feel bad for her, even though I’m anti-demon. Cas and Dean go digging for the tablet, only to have that bitch Naomi control Cas into beating the hell out of Dean and almost killing him. Dean pleads with Cas to stop because they are family and he needs him. The connection between Cas and Naomi breaks and Cas heals Dean, but as Dean is about to ask Cas what happened, he vanishes with the angel tablet. Sam does his best to protect Meg, and she sends him inside to get Dean and her unicorn. Crowley shows up to get the tablet, beats the hell out of Meg and kills her! WTF?! I liked her, this upsets me! What’s worse is that Crowley and Naomi had a “thing” during Mesopotamia! I’m actually pretty shocked by this, and creeped out.

The boys escape safely, and Castiel is seen riding on a bus with the tablet as the song “Goodbye Stranger” plays. That was the MOST intense episode so far; it was scary and sad. I LOVED it, and I hope you all did too! Until next week, stay classy!

Instagram: PopWrapped


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