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Supernatural Recap For Last Week's Episode "Trial & Error"!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/18/2013 6:21 pm
Supernatural Recap For Last Week's Episode

Susan Booth
Staff Writer

This week on Supernatural the boys FINALLY figure out how to close those awful Gates Of Hell FOREVER!!!Here’s the catch, it’s a three-step process, which means it will not only take place over three episodes, but we have the unfortunate pleasure of coming across those pesky Hellhounds again. Step one is to gank a Hellhound and bathe in it’s blood. Can we say, yuck? This is also going to show us whether or not it will be Sam or Dean who will complete the trials. Ever notice how every time something big goes down, it means that one of them has to die in the process? Looks like we will be seeing some very emotional speeches from the boys.

Sam and Dean settled in at Men Of Letters HQ in no time at all, while Dean cooks hamburgers and enjoys having his very own room with a memory foam mattress to boot! Dean’s cooking ability comes as no great surprise, just take a look back at season six episode 1 and you’ll see him making eggs for Lisa’s son Ben. Dean CAN cook, man after my own heart! Dean decorates in true hunter style with guns on the walls and a photograph of him and his mommy. Sam is deep in nerd heaven, reading through everything he can get his hands on in the archives.

Poor Kevin, getting up at the crack of dawn, filling up on coffee and hotdogs, taking pain medication to rid himself of those awful headaches he keeps getting. This kid has been at this for months, can he ever catch a break? It looks like our little Sammy Winchester has to be the one to complete all three trials and recite a spell after each one, good luck Sam, your gonna need it with your track record! Our boys find a Hellhound by discovering a family who made a deal with Crowley ten years ago, because no one ever seems to learn from that mistake. Sam and Dean head to a farm in Idaho, where they serve a rich family that resembles that family from the t.v series “Dallas” with the rich old man and his three annoying daughters, all of whom each made deals with Crowley ten years ago, as far as we can tell. Like I said, no one ever learns.

Two dealmakers end up dead and the third turns out to be the woman running the ranch, who has to make a run for it with a hex bag in her pocket. I myself, wouldn’t go out of my way to throw myself at Dean Winchester. But, if I was stupid enough to make a deal with Crowley and I had one night of life left, all morals would go out the window and I know I’m not alone in that! It was nice to see Dean reject a woman’s sexual advances, our lost little boy is growing up! We do learn that if you burn some glasses with holy fire that you can actually see the Hellhounds. Where in the world was that nifty trick when Jo got ripped to shreds?

Dean gives a very emotional and powerful speech to Sam about he is going to do the trials alone and even goes as far as to threaten to shoot Sam in the leg if he tries to stop him. As Dean tries to gank himself a Hellhound, it scratches him and nearly finishes him off, but not before our little Sammy swoops in to save his ass. Sam cuts open the Hellhounds belly, covering himself in blood in the process. Sam covered in THAT much blood was a lot hotter than I was willing to admit. Just as Dean wants to find another Hellhound, Sam gives Dean his own speech, explaining that he wants to live, but he wants Dean to live too. Sam promises his big brother that he will do everything he can to fight to finish the trials and make it through because he loves Dean and doesn’t want him to die AGAIN. I found myself in tears as Sam told Dean that he is a better hunter than their own father. Those are strong words.

Sam says the spell, just as something very powerful shoots through his arm, I guess you can say that Sam channeled his inner Popeye. The trials are going to be anything but easy, but if you know the Winchesters like I know the Winchesters, then you know that this is gonna be one hell of a ride! I LOVED this episode, I will be watching it again tomorrow!

Next week, Sam and Dean must decide whether or not they want to save a man-witch in “Man’s Best Friend With Benefits”. As Dean says, Stay classy! (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

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