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Supernatural Recap "Man's Best Friend With Benefits"!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/23/2013 12:51 am
Supernatural Recap

Susan Booth
Staff Writer

This episode may make you feel like your in a black and white movie with a woman of the night stalking in some dark alley. You can’t help but wonder who she is going to meet and as she strolls she glances around, almost as though she is being watched. She finds nothing but a handsome man in a suit. That feeling comes to a quick stop when she is arrested for being a hooker. Her feelings change once again as she is choked to death by the cop. The same policeman proceeds to wakes up from his nightmare, just as his dog jumps onto the bed and into his lap, resting her head.

Spoilers Ahead!

Our boys find themselves at another raunchy motel room, where Sam falls prey to James’ (the policeman) familiar Portia. She informs Sam and Dean that James needs there help to stop these killings. Sam deals with Dean telling him not to do the trials and let him handle it, which Sam refuses and Dean goes off for supplies. James ends up shackled to his bed in order to prevent more murders. Dean goes with Portia to a coven like meeting where they meet Spencer (James’s BFF) familiar Philippe. Sam poses as an FBI agent to gather information in regards to what the police know about the case in question.

Against the witch code, Portia makes love to James. Sam happens upon the fact that local police have more on the case than they are sharing and Dean finds a spell where one witch can place false memories into the mind of another witch. Allowing James to use his magic to take them inside of the police station they learn that there is a big case built against James and there was an eye-witness who was none other than the familiar Philippe LeChat. James’ temper flairs and he flings the boys across the room, knocking them out, and orders Portia to leave. He is going to go and find out why this is happening.

Confronting Phil he learns that his friend Spencer is the one that has set him up, but before Philippe can say anymore an outside force breaks his neck. James turns to find Spencer ready for a showdown. Apparently Spencer wanted Portia to be his soul mate, but was humiliated when she chose James as her master and lover.

The two witches begin a battle and the boys show up to put Spencer down, but he is a powerful witch and gets into their heads. Showing them images of their tormented past they are unable to help James, but it is Portia to the rescue when she rushes in, in her dog form, and attacks Spencer. This allows the boys to come back to reality, light the elixir, chant the spell and kill the bad guy.

James and Portia decide to leave and start over instead of fighting the case against him. She tells Sam she will truly miss him and when Dean tries to protest that he does like dogs she smiles and says, ”No you really don’t.”

After all they went though on this case Dean admits to Sam that he was wrong about not trusting him. Everything their family has been through has been soul crushing but the way they got through it was sticking together. He tells Sam that he trusts him and if Sam says he is good with all this then he will support him one hundred percent. Sam seems a little shocked and tells his big brother he is good but when he has a small coughing fit that leaves a trace of blood on his lips all doesn’t appear to be good. (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

Instagram: PopWrapped


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