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Supernatural Recap: "Pac-Man Fever"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/25/2013 9:16 pm
Supernatural Recap:

Susan Booth

Staff Writer

As I always state, if you don’t want ANY SPOILERS about this episode, then please don’t read this. If you are okay with it, then please read on, but always read AT YOUR OWN RISK!

After what felt like an extremely LONG ass hiatus, Supernatural has finally returned and tonight’s episode was filled with laughs and quite a few tears too. The episode in question has a very funny title, but it’s quite deceiving by being able to make you so fucking sad you don’t know what to do with yourself, and it’s only made worse by the preview shown for next week’s episode.

Poor Sammy, to say that he’s not dong well after the second trial would be understating it by A LOT. Dean does his best to keep Sam in bed so he can rest and get back to kicking some ass and raising hell. We also discover that the Men Of Letter’s HQ is not only untraceable, but comes with it’s very own gun range. How much are you all willing to bet that Dean needed more than just clean underwear after finding that out? That batcave better stay in tact for season 9, because that place just gets better and better!

Remember how Castiel made a pretty bad attempt at being a hunter (he did his best though, sweet angel that he is)? Looks like Charlie (returning guest star Felicia Day) is joining the boys. She brings the boys case involving a man who’s insides were turned to liquid, ewwww…. Charlie has been doing a lot of reading, dipping into the Winchester gospel (the series of books) and learning about monsters, which works to her advantage as she goes along with Dean on the case.

Charlie isn’t just a great shot, but she’s got more clothing changes than the Queen in “Stars Wars: The Phantom Menace.”  Dean & Charlie hit up the coroner, but they don’t use the standard aliases that Sam and Dean always use, that being the name of classic rock stars, but instead use Hicks & Ripley from “Aliens”. With no such luck, Dean and Charlie are not given any information from the coroner who’s clearly a bitch and the bad guy. This is where we find out that our bad guy (or girl in this case) is a Djinn. Take this moment to remember these bad guys from season 2, when one gave Dean dreams and hallucinations that would have been awesome if they weren’t killing him at the same time.

Charlie runs away from the boys after discovering the Djinn, making them curious about why she ran off. The boys do some research as Charlie ends up getting taken by the Djinn. Not your normal run of the mill Djinn, this one is more focused on your fears. It becomes clear to the our boys that Charlie lives nearby, with her mother in a coma in a hospital after being in a car accident that killed her father 16 years ago. Our boys find out what they are up against, and go searching for the Djinn at the abandoned warehouse where she lives.

The Djinn, being more focused on fear, sends Charlie screaming into her nightmare as appose to her dream, a first-person shooter video game that has her killing super soldier Commie vampires. Sam and Dean bust in to save Charlie and kill the Djinn, but after ganking the bad guy poor Charlie won’t wake up, so Dean gets the dreaming herb used in season 3 and goes inside her dreams.Little do our beloved hunters know, is that the two nerds who discovered the second victim with the blue handprint on them, one of them just happens to be the son of the now dead coroner. While Sam takes out the kid, Dean and Charlie are ganking themselves some Commie vampires! Dean couldn’t be ANY hotter in that uniform if he tried!

Dean figures out that the only way out of the video game loop from hell is to let go of the fear, leaving Charlie no choice but to accept that her mother is gone and that it’s not only time to let her go, but that none of it is her fault. If that’s not some serious ironic advice coming from Dean, then I don’t know what is. As Charlie lets go, her and Dean escape the game. While having a goodbye moment, Charlie tell Dean that she thinks Sam can withstand the trials and that Dean should let go of Sam, only for him to give us that sexy famous smirk of his and says “Never” as Charlie smiles and adds “That’s my boys.”

Sam gets a big bro hug from Dean, as Charlie returns to the hospital to read her mother “The Hobbit” before she says goodbye. I cried, that was just so sad! Wonderful episode, filled with good laughs and great emotion. Next weeks preview looks INTENSE, with Sam practically knocking on deaths door, falling to the ground, and poor Castiel looking like he just went 10 rounds with Mike Tyson, while that dick Crowley holds what looks like the Colt! I can’t wait and I know you guys can’t either. Until next week, stay classy!


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