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Supernatural Recap: "Taxi Driver"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/04/2013 8:03 am
Supernatural Recap:

Susan Booth

Staff Writer

If there’s one thing that Supernatural doesn’t do that well, that would be saying goodbye. Whether it be short term or forever. It never seems to go the way you might think. In tonight’s episode, Sam is forced to complete the second trial by recusing a sell that has be tormented in hell. We start with Kevin hearing Crowley’s voice in his head and having a pretty messed up dream about what Crowley has planned for him.

The boys show up at Kevin’s, and they discuss Crowley not being inside Kevin’s head and that Crowley may know what our boys are up to and try to stop them. Our guys take to tormenting a crossroad demon in order to learn the key behind getting into Hell. Reapers actually smuggle people in and out of both Heaven & Hell. They go and see about a guy to help them get across the border and this guy turns out to be the reaper who took Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver) to Hell.

Sam will have to be gone exactly 24 hours and will be brought up. But, a spy appears to get wind of the boys plans and will do anything to screw it up. Sam is taken to Hell by this reaper, but he first stop on this road trip puts him in purgatory! Now both brothers can say that they have been to Heaven, Hell & Purgatory. Sam gets upset when he mentions that he booked the Hell tour, and the reaper explains that it’s a backdoor to Hell and that gate-crashing a mortal Winchester inside is a major NO NO.

Dean goes to Garth’s to keep Kevin company and tells him to have a cheeseburger, his fave! Kevin asks Dean just how much longer this is gonna keep going, Dean explains that they carry extra weight compared to those who don’t, and you push through no matter how much it tends to suck ass. Kevin returns to his bedroom with none other than Dean’s pie! We ALL know just how much Dean loves his PIE, and it was most surprising to see Dean just let THAT go! Crowley finds the reaper and he rats out about Sam’s trip to Hell. Crowley tries to figure out exactly why Sam wanted to go to “his” hell, but we all know why. Fucking Crowley being the way he his, kills the reaper leaving Sam stuck in purgatory, sound familiar?

Sam falls down the “rabbit hole”, discovering all these cages with people locked inside. I may have HATED Crowley prior to this, now I just can’t stand him! I hope he gets ganked real good by our beloved boys, he’s fucking earned that shit so bad! After alittle looking around, Sam finds Bobby and is promptly punched in the face. Bobby thinks Sam is a demon, but Sam reveals some INTERESTING facts about Bobby, how he has a free pedicure that changed his life to having a thing for Tori Spelling. Crowley bitches about how the jumbo-sized Winchester is trying to break into the mother ship and demands something be done. Dean makes breakfast and loses it when Kevin explains that he’s hidden the tablet and then that whore Naomi shows up!

Dean gets pissed at what she did to our poor Castiel, and she defends her actions. Explaining that she’s scared because Castiel ran off with the angel tablet. They both agree that they want to close the gates of hell forever. Bobby and Sam fight their way out of purgatory and try to get back topside, which sadly happens to fail, but at least they get out of the rabbit hole and Bobby says “Balls” after Sam explains where the are. Dean gives Benny (Ty Olsson) a call and asks him for a favor in regards to saving Sam and Bobby from Hell. Benny is a much better guy and vampire than I ever thought possible and he goes out of his way to pull a Winchester and sacrifices himself!!! WHY BENNNY, WHY?! Watching Dean kill Benny was extremely hard to watch. Bobby goes off about Dean having a vampire for a friend and he still manages to get them out, So sweet! 

Dean decided not to burn Benny’s bones, leaving the door opened with Sam agreeing after Benny used himself as bait to save Sam & Bobby! That just fucking kills me, I’m gonna be crying about that for a long time! Crowley finds the boys outside Delaware and slams them against trees to make sure Bobby didn’t get to Heaven. Only to be stopped by Naomi! I never thought that bitch was good for anything! Clearly, I will be eating my words for a bit. Kevin FINALLY loses his mind thinking that Crowley has killed his mother, causing him to take all his shit and run off. The boys didn’t know what to think. Sam once again got his Popeye on by saying the spell and thus ended the episode.

Sorry to disappoint all you fans out there, but we don’t get a new episode until April 24th! I’m so tired of all these breaks, it’s boring! Charlie (Felicia Day) returns as she fights to save patient’s in a video game with Dean. You die in the game, you die in real life. Until then, stay classy!

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