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Supernatural: 12×22 & 12x23, Who We Are & All Along the Watchtower

Meghan Harvey | PopWrapped Author

Meghan Harvey

05/21/2017 11:58 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Supernatural: 12×22 & 12x23, Who We Are & All Along the Watchtower | Supernatural
Media Courtesy of Heroic Hollywood

Who We Are

We jump right in with the boys and Toni locked in the bunker and trying to find a way out. Day One finds them trying to cast a spell that will reset the lockdown, but it calls for “virgin blood,” and they are not even close. So they attempt a purification ritual on all of their blood and use it for the spell. Unfortunately Ketch has warded off the bunker from any magic being able to undo the lockdown. Day Two has them going over the blueprints for the bunker in an attempt to Shawshank this bitch. But there’s no digging a hole through cement. After a heart-to-heart, they decide to out Butch and Sundance style: The Rocket Launcher. Which, works. BECAUSE OF COURSE IT DOES. Meanwhile, Mary is traveling across the country killing off hunters one by one based on a list given to her by the British Men of Letters. And, as the boys get out of the bunker with Toni, she has made her way to Jody’s house. By the time the boys figure out she’s at Jody’s, Jody and Alex have already got Mary tied up. (Go Jody). Though, back in the bunker, Toni had promised she could “cure” Mary; once given the chance, she has to admit she can’t.

So Jody and the boys call in all the Hunters who are left to band together and figure out what to do. Sam gives a rousing speech to the small group of ragtag hunters about taking the fight to the BMOL. They decide they are all in.

But Dean decides he can't go. He was seriously injured in the rocket blast, and he thinks he can save Mary. So Sam and the hunters head for the fight, and Dean and Toni take Mary back to the bunker where she will perform her “treatment” on both Dean and Mary in hopes that he’ll be able to get through to her. Toni reminds Dean that she has no loyalty to the BMOL after they left her to die and only asks that he allows her a head start to get away when all's said and done. Dean agrees, and the “treatment” commences. Dean enters that dreamlike trance in their old house, where he sees a young Mary tending to him and a baby Sam. But she can’t hear Dean as he tries to talk to her. Watching her interact with his younger self, he realizes the “good” part of her is choosing to stay in that mental trance without caring what’s happening on the outside. He accuses her of hurting them all and causing all the pain they ever went through and all that happened to John because of her deal with Azazel all those years ago. After telling her he hates her -- and loves her -- she can’t pretend she can’t hear him anymore … and he forgives her. Mary finally responds, and it appears that he has gotten through to her, but then Dean is ripped from the trance by Ketch, who, after not hearing from Mary, had traced her phone back to the bunker. They begin to fight. But just as Ketch gets the upper hand and is about to shoot Dean, he is shot from behind … by Mary.

Meanwhile at the BMOL base, the hunters have blasted through the gates and are taken them down. They finally get the woman in charge cornered after taking the rest of the BMOL down. She tells Dean that cutting all ties with the BMOL right now would be a dangerous mistake. There are things he doesn’t know, she explains. She shows him pictures of Lucifer and explains that not only is Lucifer back but Crowley is dead, and Lucifer is closing in on the baby and Castiel. She tells Sam that they need the BMOL ... to which Sam replies, “pass” and shoots the computer connected to the other BMOL leader in Britain, and Jody shoots the woman. And with that we say goodbye to the BMOL.

Mary confesses to Dean how horrible she feels and how she blames herself. But Dean explains that everything she’s done has made them who they are. And they save the world. She worries Sam might not be able to forgive her, but in he walks and tells her not worry.

All Along The Watchtower

At a nice little cabin by a lake somewhere, Kelly is trying to build her unborn baby a crib. Castiel offers to help, but she admits that since she can never do any of the things a mother can because she’ll be gone before he’s born; the one thing she can do is build him a crib. Castiel reminds her that he will give his life for her son and that he will raise him. Meanwhile Sam, Dean and Mary are trying to figure out who to call about Lucifer’s return. Dean assumes Crowley is not really dead but probably wouldn’t be any use (which is confirmed when we see that Crowley had used a mouse as a meat suit immediately before being killed by Lucifer), so they call Rowena. As it turns out Lucifer is already there, and Rowena is long gone (GAH, is she really dead?). Lucifer reminds the boys that they don’t matter. After all, they’ve never been able to kill him, and, without Rowena, there's no way they’re going to get him back in the cage. And off he goes to track down Castiel and Kelly…

Back at the lake house, Castiel and Kelly continue to prepare for the baby’s impending arrival (including buying a lifetime supply of diapers). But a mysterious light appears outside the house, and Castiel goes to investigate. It transports him to some other world. He’s saved from a demon of some sort by someone he recognizes, but we don't see. Meanwhile Kelly begins to have pains…

At the bunker, the Winchesters have figured out that they need to look for signs of “weird stuff” that are supposed to coincide with the location and birth of Lucifer’s baby. As they research signs of weirdness, Crowley shows up. Sam convinces Dean not to kill him until they know if he can help them or not. Crowley tells them that, whenever there's a world-ending crisis, his money's on them. And that's why he's there. He goes on to explain he’s tired of hell, tired of demons, and the whole lot. And, when they take care of Lucifer, he promises to seal the gates of hell forever. They finally track down the lake house and head to Washington.

At the lake house, Kelly begins to go into labor, and Castiel walks in just in time to reassure everything is fine. But who did he see? He offers her advice on labor (since he did take an online doula course) but keeps an eye on the strange light that is still outside. As Castiel tries to talk Kelly through contractions, he tells her the story of what he “saw” when the unborn baby showed him the future. It was a paradise, a work of peace that the baby would create.

The Winchesters show up and fill in Cas about Lucifer. As Mary checks on Kelly, Dean and Sam prepare to stand guard while she's in labor. Cas shows them the strange light and explains it’s a tear in space and time that leads to another world -- a bizarro world where the world is an apocalyptic earth where heaven and hell are at war and the few humans left are stuck in the middle. They enter the rift and see for themselves how bad it looks. Cas assures them he has faith that the baby will close the tear once he’s born. Before they can leave, a hooded figure walks up that turns out to be Bobby! But Bobby doesn’t know who they are. They find out from Bobby that John died 40 years ago and Mary about ten … Cas explains that THIS is a world where Sam and Dean were never born -- a world they were never there to save. Note to self: Bobby mentions angel bullets. That may come up later.

When Cas and the boys cross back over to our world, they’re met by Crowley (who the boys had left behind at the bunker) who “has a plan.”

Then Lucifer shows up and explains he’s going to stick with the classics, “Apocalypse 2.” Lucifer takes a shot at Cas, and the boys … run away? Lucifer follows them right into the bizarro world. Where, of course, Dean has a gun chock full of those angel bullets. Which, of course, don’t work on Lucifer, but do keep him stunned for a hot minute while Sam and Crowley prepare a spell to close the tear (with Lucifer inside). One thing is missing, though: a life.

And, at the very last second, Crowley confronts Lucifer and then stabs himself with the angel blade, giving his life to close Lucifer away, forever. But Sam and Dean can get out Cas enters the bizarro world, heading straight for Lucifer.

Upstairs, Kelly dies as the baby is born in a blaze of light, knocking out Mary.

All three guys manage to get out the tear just in time, but so does Lucifer, who stabs Cas with the angel blade as he steps out.

Mary walks in and is able to punch Lucifer right back into the tear, but he takes her with him just as it closes. Forever.

Dean kneels beside Cas’s lifeless body as Sam, remembering the baby, runs back into the house to find out what happened (and see if the baby can help?). He finds Kelly has died and follows small footsteps into the nursery, where he finds what appears to be a young child (not baby) sitting in the dark corner of the room smiling with glowing yellow eyes…

So we end the season with everyone either dead or forever locked into a apocalyptic bizarro world, except for a scary-looking devil child.

For crying out loud ... it's going to be one LONG hellatus.


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