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Supernatural Spoilers: Guess Who's Coming Back?!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/19/2013 8:24 pm
Supernatural Spoilers: Guess Who's Coming Back?!

Susan Booth

Staff Writer

WARNING: This article contains some spoilers about the 22nd episode of Supernatural season 8. If you want to be surprised, DO NOT READ THIS! If you really want to know, read on at YOUR OWN RISK!

Season 8 of Supernatural is coming to it’s end, but we still have A LOT to look forward to. The 22nd episode of this season is called “Clip Show”, and while this episode may seem like it’s a filler episode, it will actually be giving us a look back and we will likely see some things that we haven’t seen before in regards to the characters that are coming back to the show. Our beloved angel Cas will get all caught up with Metatron (angel who wrote the word of god) in the April 24th episode, with Felicia Day returning as Charlie!! Crowley (played by Mark Shepherd) will be going through the Winchester brothers past and will be doing some digging. That’s why there will be clips. Cindy Busby, Taylor Cole and Graham Wardle are returning for the episode.

Taylor Cole played Sam Winchester’s love interest in season one as Sarah in the episode “Provenance”, and boy was it a shame to see them not work out. But, one could only wonder what we might see between those two that we may have missed.

Graham Wardle played a young kid in the second episode of season one called “Wendigo”, he was kidnapped out of his tent, only to be later resuced by Sam & Dean and returned safely to his sister.

Cindy Busby played the assistant to James Marster’s character in season seven episode “Shut up, Dr.Phil!” For those of you who remember, she was the girl making the cupcakes who went to eat one and discovered a min beating heart inside. I couldn’t even look at a cupcake for awhile after that, and I know I’m not the only one.


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