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SYTYCD Recap - Top 10 Are Revealed

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


08/09/2013 12:45 am
SYTYCD Recap - Top 10 Are Revealed

Ben Patton

Content Editor

Jai Ho! The opening group number on SYTYCD was Bollywood magic. My eyes couldn’t sway too far past Jasmine, Amy, Fik Shun and of course, Nico. It was a fun, and exciting way to start the show!

Cat made an announcement that yet ANOTHER male dancer had fallen prey to injury: Tucker was down for the count with a knee infection that benched him this week. Though that doesn’t mean he’s going home, it sure didn’t help his chances.

After the recaps of last week, it was Cat’s sad duty to announce the bottom six; Jenna, Alan, Malece, Nico (tear), Amy (WHAT?!) and Tucker were in the danger zone. The judges saved Nico and Jenna and sent them off with the rest of the dancers who were automatically in the Top 10 and would be back next week.

The Top 12 took the stage to dance for our votes once again. Starting it off was brand new couple Hayley and Nico… so cute. They were taking on the Kiss of the Spider Woman. Hayley was as gorgeous as ever, and Nico spun and flipped all over the stage before ending with a kiss and getting pinned on the ground. “That’ll teach you to mess with spider lady,” said Cat oh so cleverly. Nigel gave both the dancers and choreographer a standing ovation and said it was one of the best Broadway routines they’ve ever had on the show saying it was “magnificently danced.” Mary said it was, “outrageous!” and that it was a breakthrough for both of them to be dancing together.

Next up was Malece and Alan who were both in danger of going home, so this dance was crucial! They were taking on a classical style jazz routine, although I was a little offended that Alan had NEVER seen a Gene Kelly movie! I mean…. what!? Dancing to “Come Dance With Me” by Michael Buble, the duo did their best to channel the greats, but fell a bit short. The dance felt choppy and very un-natural. Kenny Ortega told Malece she had the sparkle of Judy Holliday and Goldie Hawn, and said he was “taken by her” every week. He felt the dance was great, but the connection and chemistry missed the mark. Nigel thought it was uncomfortable to watch and Mary said it was fun and entertaining, but still not great. Could we be losing both of them tonight?

Next up was Jenna, minus Tucker who was unable to dance since he didn’t practice due to injury. The pirate-inspired Paso Doble was danced instead by alum and all-star, Alex Wong. Jenna was in danger, so here’s hoping being paired with such an amazing dancer does the trick for her. Mary “loved it” and did the happy dance in celebration of the dancers’ accomplishment. “Now you’re at the top for me,” Kenny told Jenna. We’ll see if it was enough to keep her safe!

Paul and Mackenzie were up next with a contemporary routine. The dancers got a standing ovation from all three judges, and Mary said it was another amazing routine telling Mackenzie she was “a diamond.” Kenny told the pair they were two of his faves and appreciated the soulful connection the couple share. “You have a fire in your soul young man,” Kenny said to Paul. I think it’s safe to say Mackenzie finally came into the light, and out from under the shadow of her amazing partner.

Amy and Fik Shun took on a waltz this week, and they felt it was the perfect way to end their partnership. Next week the dancers are all paired up with all-stars, so it kind of felt like an emotional going away party on stage. Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years” didn’t exactly make it any less emotional, but it aided in making the dance that much more impacting and beautiful to watch. “Lets hope you end up like Bella and Edward, and not Rob and Kristin,” Cat joked… and it actually made me laugh. Mary said the duo was “precious” together and was emotional as she told them they were “special” and that she was generally just impressed. Kenny called their partnership a “beautiful love story” and said he was excited to see what the dancers would bring next.

Jasmine and Aaron were lucky enough to get a NappyTabs routine this week. They came out with guns blazing and, of course, killed it. They are such a fantastic couple - it’s hard to believe Aaron was almost not even on the show! The judges gave this one another standing ovation, and Kenny said, “After this season the choreographers in this country would have to play the lottery” for a chance to work with these dancers. “You must be a carpenter in your spare time, cause you nailed it!” said Nigel, quoting Ellen DeGeneres. 

Next up was an all-boys routine once again by NappyTabs. Performing to ”It’s a Mans World” by American Idol alum, Joshua Ledet, the six guys showed us what they were made of… and it was fantastic! The ladies met at the Fountain of Youth and took on a Stacey Tookey routine that enhanced each dancers beauty. The piece was haunting and one of my favorite all-female routines I’ve seen on the show. The group dances were just fantastic and highlighted each dancer equally. 

In the end, we sadly had to say goodbye to both Malece and Alan. 

Stay tuned next week for when the Top 10 pair up with an All-Star to continue the competition!


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