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SYTYCD: Who Was Senting Packing And Who Made The Cut

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


07/24/2013 8:04 pm
SYTYCD: Who Was Senting Packing And Who Made The Cut

Ben Patton

Staff Writer

After a relaxing week off, all of our favorite dancers were back last night to shimmy and shake their way into our hearts; and hopefully score some votes in the process. Sadly, for a couple of the dancers, it was already too late and by the end of the show we would be saying goodbye to one guy and one girl.

Alan, Mackenzie, Jenna, Blu Print, Mariah and Curtis ended up in the bottom six this week. Everyone, of course, danced for their lives; well almost everyone. Jenna got an instant save, possibly due to the fact she’s the last female ballroom dancer this season.  All of this rule bending for season ten is just a little shady I think…free passes for Jade during Vegas week, and free passes for dancers in danger? Hmmm.

Carly Rae Jepsen joined the panel as a guest judge this week, and first up under the microscope were Nico and Alexis with a jive routine that Nigel worried would be forgotten. Cat made sure everyone knew Alexis was dancing with an injury, and the judges didn’t seem convinced that this was the greatest show opening number. Cross your fingers Niconites!

Next up were Jenna and Tucker who lucked out with a Travis Wall routine. Both dancers did a stunning job with the contemporary piece, and Tucker really shined as this is his home genre. Jenna also proved it’s not her dancing that keeps sending her to the bottom 3, and Mary silently gave both dancers tickets on the Hot Tamale Train. I’m not sure why Jenna keeps finding her way to the bottom 3; this girl can dance!

Mariah and Blu Print took on a “high octane” jazz routine that ended up hitting a low note with the judges. Both dancers found themselves in the bottom 3 this week even though last week they were both comfortably bumping and grinding in their home genre. The song, “Fall Into The Sky,” by Zedd and Ellie Goulding was honestly the best part of this portion of the show.

Graceful Malece and her partner, Alan, got the challenge of a Dave Scott hip hop routine; and although the fast-forward action sequence showing Malece eating more than her weight in junk food was the highlight, both dancers did a fair job. Alan, who is a trained ballroom dancer, struggled to find the swagger required to successfully pull off this style. Nigel told him it was “stiff” and that he wasn’t a fan of Alan’s pants.

Hayley and Curtis got a contemporary piece that pushed Hayley past some personal fears. The routine involved a ladder, and the dancer who has a fear of heights had no choice but to make it work. She definitely stole the show in this routine, and thankfully managed not to fall. The judges told Curtis (again) that he needs to lower his shoulders and work on his technique. Maybe he wouldn’t keep ending up in the bottom if he would heed this advice. At least he scored a sushi date with his gorgeous partner!

The couple everyone is always excited to see, Amy and Fik Shun, got a Tyce Diorio “hobo jazz” number and of course, it was amazing. Despite crawling around in a pile of trash, both dancers blew me away with every aspect of this dance. It was so good that Nigel simply couldn’t wait for Mary, and he himself gave out two tickets for the Hot Tamale Train!

Paul and Mackenzie got a hip hop number which apparently breathed some much-needed life into Paul! I honestly never remember he is even in the competition until Cat announces him, so I was glad to see him making an impact this week. Mary was excited too, “PAUL, WHO KNEW THAT YOU HAD SOUL IN YOUR BOWL?” Mackenzie was still in danger of being sent home, but after this performance I would say she definitely was one of the strongest girls in the bottom 3 this week.  Carly Rae was on the “edge of her seat” during the dance, and I honestly just want to know who is going home.

We close out the night with this season’s power couple, Jasmine and Aaron.  The Tony Meredith quickstep was lots of fun to watch and the couple’s dance chemistry makes it so easy to love them. The judges loved it too, and Carly thought it was effortless, “Very sexy, so much fun, and you made it look easy.”

With the fun stuff over there was only one thing left to do: announce the not-so-favorite dancers who would be leaving the show. Jenna already had her free pass, and between Mariah and Mackenzie it was the hip-hopper Mariah who finally got the boot. She was followed out the door by her partner, Blu Print, and with that, the street dancers said goodbye.

It is at the point in the competition where we are going to be losing good people no matter what. This week was no exception, and although they are good dancers, I do agree with the decision to send Maria and Blu Print packing. Mariah was good yes, but she was no Comfort. And Blu Print was awkwardly stoic week after week and it really just made even the greatest number really hard to watch.

Amy and Fik Shun and Jasmine and Aaron are my couples to beat this week. Predictions for the bottom six next week; I foresee repeat appearances by Curtis, Alan, Mackenzie and possibly Jenna, joined by Paul and Alexis; but only time will tell.

Let us know what you think about the dancers this season; is America getting it right? What are your predictions for the upcoming week?


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