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Team Arrow Mourns The Loss of Sara on This Week's episode

Carleen | PopWrapped Author


Staff Writer
10/19/2014 8:32 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Team Arrow Mourns The Loss of Sara on This Week's episode  | Arrow
Media Courtesy of IMDB
  After last weeks surprise ending, fans of the show ended up seeing the great Sara Lance (The Canary) get shot with arrows and fall to her death only to end up being seen by her sister Laurel. This weeks episode doesn't disappoint. In this weeks episode we started with Team Arrow (Felicity, Roy and Oliver) going and  gathering downstairs of their lair only to see Sara laying on the table with Laurel by the table side. The team goes around the table speechless. Laurel not knowing where to take her brought her to them. Very upset Laurel says to Oliver "Its Not fair, we just got her back" All Oliver could do was embrace Laurel for a hug and let her cry. The Team is absolutely speechless. Laurel has a meltdown about Sara in which Oliver tells her that he'll do everything in his power to find out the person who killed Sara. Laurel wants to help find Sara's murder. All that Oliver wants her to do is to stay with her father. Laurel has no intentions of telling her father until after the killer is caught. To try and get a familiar voice on the phone Oliver tries to call Thea. There is no answer. Felicity then shows up to tell Oliver that she couldn't get anything off the cameras from the crime scene. With being at a dead end Oliver went to the scene to do his own little detective CSI work. As he looks around the scene he realizes exactly what happened. Diggle shows up as an emotional Oliver talks to him about what had happened. Diggle is there to tell Oliver that he will be by his side to help find the killer because Sara was his friend as well. Moments later Felicity calls Oliver informing him that Captain Lance called for The Arrow. Oliver meets with him as Lance tells him that he is on the trail for a mystery archer, who has gotten yet another victim. Back down below Oliver and Diggle discuss who could possibly be the archer. Oliver mentions that there are possibly only 10 people who could do it but most are in the league of Assassins. When Diggle mentions possibly the archer being from the League Oliver quickly declines the thought of that. Meanwhile, Roy has his own agenda, as he uses Felicity's equipment to search for Thea. When Felicity sees what Roy is doing She generally asks him why he is searching for her. Roy shows Felicity the note Thea left him after he decided to help Oliver and the Team in the Deathstroke siege.  Felicity tells Roy that he has to show Oliver the note, Roy is very hesitate. Before anything else could be said Felicity gets a call from someone well... lets just say she doesn't really like... Ray Palmer. Onto the second murder scene we see a couple of things happen, The Arrow attacking a drug dealer to find out some information (in which he finds out the archer has been wearing a black mask and is known as Komodo) , To a motorcycle archery duel in which leads Oliver to get nailed by an arrow and Komodo fleeing the scene. The team then regroups as they try to figure out the connections between all of Komodo's targets.. While Team Arrow does what they do best, Laurel does what she does best. She ends up going to the hospital to talk to one of Komodo's last attempted targets. She finds out and rather forcefully that the three men that we targeted and killed were all working on some form of deal to build a oil pipeline. Before Laurel could ask anymore question the archer shoots and arrow right through the class window and kills the man on site. With Oliver still trying to contact Thea, Roy ends up showing Oliver the note that she left him that night. He tells Oliver that is was his fault that she is gone because he wanted to help out that night. Oliver is surprisingly okay with this. (In all reality I think he was just glad that Roy told  him.) We move to Ray Palmers gala event everything seemed to be going okay until Komodo crashes the party. Luckily for everyone both Arrow and Aresnal were there to save the night. We see a three way battle between the two heroes and Komodo until Komodo jumps out of the window with the Arrow to follow. There is then a showdown between the two archers which leads the arrow to shoot an arrow not killing Komodo but locking him into a position. After trying to figure out who Komodo was working for, The Arrow turned around to see Laurel holding a gun getting ready to shoot the hidden archer. Oliver tries to convince Laurel that what she is doing would not be what Sara would have wanted for her to do. After finding out komodo said he was in Bludhaven two nights ago Laurel doesn't believe him and decides to pull the trigger one catch though.. no bullets, Oliver must have taken them out before she could even get to the gun. After that night, Oliver lets Laurel know that his  alibi checks out.  He then tells Laurel that she needs to tell Quentin about Sara because he doesn't know how long it will take him to find Sara's real killer. She then goes to her fathers office to tell him but she can't seem to bring herself to do it. She knew it would break his heart if she did. We then cut to a dark cemetery as the team decides to barry Sara in an unmarked grave, in which Laurel told the team that this wasn't the way to do it. That people wouldn't remember Sara for the woman she was. Oliver reinsures Laurel that she will be remembered for everything she has done. Diggle then tells Laurel even though he doesn't know how much it will help, him and Lyla are naming their daughter Sara after her sister so she would never be forgotten. Laurel says a simple thank you. After everything happens we then pan to see Oliver sitting alone, in the dark. Diggle appears and tells Oliver that he is back on the team until Sara's murder is caught and killed.  Before Diggle leaves Oliver stops him and tells him that he doesn't want to die down here. A quick "Then Don't" from Diggle is given and you can tell in Olivers eyes that something was about to change. Diggle then asks Oliver whats next. He simply says that it is time to bring Thea home. As we end this second episode we see a montage of our team dealing with their sadness as they know how: Laurel is sitting on her couch eying the Canary costume, Diggle is with baby Sara, Roy is looking at a photo of Thea and him. As for Felicity, she decides to take up Ray Palmer's job offer. Her reasoning: She wants more out of life. But just wait, there is one more scene to be noted, We see a man walking towards what seems to be a training fight.  Once the two fighters are down for the count we pan up to see Malcolm Merlyn applauding. The masked fighter is unveiled.. its Thea. As for all the flashbacks to Hong Kong this episode. You will be surprised with what Oliver has gone and discovered as well as what he will have to do to someone he cares for dearly. Well there you have it. Another Episode bites the dust! Let us know what your favorite scenes were from this episode of Arrow.

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