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Teams Blake and Shakira Fail To Impress On The Voice!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


05/08/2013 10:49 pm
Teams Blake and Shakira Fail To Impress On The Voice!

Bec Heim

Tarra Matthews


Erika Rivera

Content Editor & Managing Editors

Welcome everyone to the second night of the Live Playoffs! The live playoffs are still on tonight as we get to see Teams Blake and Shakira face off. How will the all country team do against Shaki’s ecletic team? This is going to be interesting!

Bec’s Take:

TEAM BLAKE: “Boondocks”: They go to karaoke. It’s the most generic song choices possible at this karaoke bar. But bless them. Wow they’re really going for this country theme huh? Because you know just in case you forget TEAM BLAKE IS ALL COUNTRY GUYS! God this is like a mad libs of country clichés. I feel embarrassed for people who live in the country. I miss Grace Askew.

“Imagine” sung by Garrett Gardner (TEAM SHAKIRA): Oh his growl on this song? Not sure. I’m not super impress right now with rehearsals. They have his clouds underneath his piano. …Huh. Actually it’s not that bad. I mean I don’t feel moved by it. But it’s not horrible. Adam admits he has high expectations for this but he likes Garrett’s new side. Blake thinks Garrett is good looking and likes his inner beast. Usher said something about second chances and you know that he wasn’t impressed. Shakira talks about the American dream and experience and doesn’t really say anything.

“How Do I Live” sung by Holly Tucker (TEAM BLAKE): Holly reveals that she was bullied a lot. She needs to show more confidence and loosen up. It’s a lovely song and Holly sounds pretty. It just…I don’t know maybe it’s me. But something just seems off. That glory note sounded absolutely awesome. It still sounded like she was holding back. HA! I knew that Blake was sneaking something on his latte! Usher feels like she pushed the song to her limits and made it personal. Shakira thought it was beautiful and loved her pitch. Adam says that she is better looking and more talented than Blake is. Blake said that she just proved to America and her old bullies that she deserved to be here.

“When I Was Your Man” sung by Kris Thomas: He said that he was teased about his falsetto. Shakira tells him to use a lot of falsetto. Shakira tells him to follow the piano over the instruments. Again this is not a bad cover. But this is Bruno Mars. You need to sound like you are utterly in pain. Bruno Mars covers his songs in emotion. It feels like Kris is holding back here. But his voice is totally fine. Adam feels like Kris’ nerves got the best of him. Blake said that he thought the nervous energy was a good thing. Usher thinks the song is about showing power and control. Shakira thought it was really good.

“Fishin’ in the Dark” sung by The Swon Brothers: They think this is still an amazing opportunity. The Swon Brothers against the world. They have been closed and realizing how much they rely on each other. Colton (The Face) has pitch issues. They get sloppy sometimes. OhmyGod this night is just this parade of generic-ness. I’m sorry. I’m just not feeling ANY of the acts tonight. Usher thought it was a fun performance. Shakira also thinks they’re really fun or do something crazy to impress them. Adam is just happy that Blake can stop talking about a big country moment because they had one. Blake thought they were really great.

“Need You Now” sung by Blake Shelton and Shakira: I kind of wish they choose a song in Spanish just to hear Blake attempt it. It would be more interesting then this. Don’t get me wrong Blake and Shakira sound really amazing. But…ugh. They combined Adam and Usher last night and they were awesome. Here it’s just there.

“Let’s Stay Together” sung by Karina Iglesias: She talks about money troubles. She also wants to do Shakira proud. But seriously these two hours are just dragging for me guys. I’m sorry. I’m just so utterly bored right now. She shouldn’t be singing a soul song with a mohawk. But it actually kind of becomes interesting toward the end. My ears pick up. Adam admits he screwed up with letting Karina go. Blake loved the performance. Shakira naturally loved it and thought it was amazing.

“Meet In The Middle” sung by Justin Rivers: He was forced by his wife to come to the audition. He wants to get himself established before having children. My friend, who is watching this and knows country a LOT better than me, is really pissed right now because she thinks it sounds like generic country crap. All I can think is “This guy beat Savannah Berry”. And then I get sad. I miss Savannah Berry. Usher thought it was freaking cool and loved it. Shakira thinks it was cool and thinks Justin is reliable. Adam thinks Justin is a threat to Blake’s career. Blake thought that Justin has become a genuine threat to the competition.

TEAM SHAKIRA: “We Are the Champions” Shakira takes them to her choreographer. Which makes some amount of sense. This is a lesson about chemistry and stage presence. It’s a good cover. That’s pretty much all I can about it. There were weird moments during the solos. But uh okay over all? Seriously guys I am just not feeling it tonight. But I thought Shakira mouthing along was adorable.

“Maybe It Was Memphis” sung by Danielle Bradbury: Danielle admits she gets a little star struck around Blake. Also that her Mom kind of sprang the audition on her. She also needs to open up and sell the story. She needs to be more confident. Her voice is really good. Solid and strong. However, my country loving friend said that it just wasn’t good and that Blake’s song choices are crapping over her childhood. I just think it was another lackluster performance in a lackluster night. Usher thinks the performance was good and that she was comfortable on the stage.

“Oh! Darling” sung by Sasha Allen: Why? No! It can’t be a pretty. You can’t make this a pretty song! You need grit in the song dammit! I just…I’m done with tonight. It was fine. It was a good performance. Adam thinks she will go far. Blake is laughing that Adam gave her up and thinks the world fell in love with her. Usher feels like it was amazing. Adam gets his balls busted over losing Sasha. Shakira loved Sasha and thought it was amazing. 

Tarra’s Take: 

It’s time for Shakira and Blake’s teams to face off & I’m about ready to break Blake’s pointy finger already…And we’re all ready to vote off your artists one by one…country NOT strong.

Team Blake: Thanks for some of the most gif’able moments of the night in the form of horrible karaoke. With the choice of ‘Boondocks’ I feel like Team Blake is actually codename “Country Cult.” I appreciate the country effort but I just want one of his artists to come to him and say, “I want to rap some Kayne this week” JUST to see what Blake would do…The performance itself was a great garage band jam session. I appreciated the banjo but I didn’t really hear/see any standout moments for the members like we did with Adam & Usher.

Garrett: Imagine…really…just leave it alone, what did the song ever do to you everybody?? Garrett did a great job making the song unique with his vocal style but I’m with Adam all the way on this one, don’t touch John Lennon’s stuff. And then Blake makes it awkward with a ‘You’re attractive’ comment. Wait, Shakira when did Garrett’s song become anthem for all those wanting to live the American Dream? No pressure…

Holly: Oh look, a LeAnn Rhimes song we haven’t heard in a LONG time… Let’s see how this goes. There’s nothing wrong with this performance voice wise but the sound of my snoring at its predictability was kind of distracting… Nice high note at the end though. Blake may be about ONE MILLION times more egotistical than Adam. I apologize for all the horrible things I’ve said about Adam’s ego. Can we just sing “What Makes You Beautiful” to this girl and drop it? Like, I’m over it.

Kris: Oh LOOK he’s doing a Bruno Mars’ song…*side eyes* how predictable. Okay ouch, please sing on key, that’s all I’m asking. And just, I can’t explain in words how much this whole thing annoys me. I get this vibe of “I am the MAN” from this guy that taints the whole thing.

The Swon Brothers: Only duo left, and they doing a song I’ve actually never heard of, albeit it’s a country song but still, you get a couple points. Their performance is the most fun I’ve had tonight, they know how to get a crowd riled up and excited, I just have to say that the song just sounds a cookie cutter country song. And what Shakira said could be taken as an insult kind of… And poll time, is anyone out there freaking out they did “Fishing In The Dark” on The Voice tonight??

Blake & Shakira: No, everything about this is just, No. Just remember everyone, if you close your eyes and sing it means your all emotional and getting into the song big time.

Karina: An overdone song but I think she can be the one to make it different. Thank goodness Karina made this fun and enjoyable, it helped me get over that judges’ duet. the song showed off a different side of Karina and didn’t get her stuck in that rock edge.

Justin: Is it bad that I totally forgot about this guy? “I want to establish him as a hardcore country artist even though he has a progressive sound.” - THIS SENTENCE is the reason I have a giant fist shaped hole in my wall. This statement just sounds like Blake is going to do what HE wants to do and not let his artists grow. Just listening to Justin briefly he has a great southern rock voice and should be able to establish THAT as his sound (if he wants to). This guy is DEFINITELY underrated and super talented, I hope he gets voted in because there’s no chance in hell Blake’s going to pick him to move on.

Team Shakira: A Queen song, please no. and we brought in a choreographer to teach them cliche’d ‘dance moves’ and stage directions. Sasha did show that she can break out and also blend into a group, good on her.

Danielle: How is this girl still here with like, NO performing experience? Another song I’m not familiar with but apparently it’s an oldie so I think that’s okay right? Her performance seemed to be all on one level of belting and again, just not my thing. Not even going to comment on what Blake said because…ugh…

Sasha: Her daughter is the CUTEST - just throwing that out there. The ‘vocal craziness’ that Shakira told her to put in near the beginning seemed really random since it was in the middle of a quiet section. But HOTT DAMN if she’s not in the finale, then we’re all just deaf. 

Erika’s Take: 

Team Blake: Group Performance: “Boondocks”: So Blake’s idea of practice is taking his team to a karaoke bar? He’s such a bumpkin! I like how he tries to bring out their personalities. I don’t see how this will effective but it’s been fun to watch them make fools of themselves. Maybe he thinks they don’t need the practice? I feel like I’m watching a Prairie Home Companion with this performance. All the guys have instruments while the girls sway. No one really stood out with this group performance. They sang in unison beautifully though.

Team Shakira: Garrett Gardner starts off the night. Shakira picks John Lennon’s “Imagine” for him so he can show off his artistry. I think she set him up for success. This song suits his voice. Right from the get go, he owns the song and has the audience enthralled with him. Even Adam is feeling him! All the judges seem to have liked him and his performance. I personally loved his raspy touch towards the end of the song. I think he’s one of Shakira’s strongest members.

Team Blake: Holly Tucker is first to represent the country crew. I am trying to remain unbias towards Holly but I can’t help but feel resentment as she was the one who knocked out our beloved fave Luke Edgemon. I’ll try to be nice. I promise. Blake picks “How Do I Live” by Leann Rimes, which will showcase her big voice. I might be bored with this as I tend to get bored with performances who only showcase this type of range. I like to be shocked. She hits an awkwardish note in the middle but otherwise delivers an impressive vocal-wise performance. Blake gives her a standing O. All the judges give her a confidence boost but I just think that they wanted to be nice to her. No one really commented much about her performance or her vocals.

Team Shakira: Kris Thomas is next. She gives him “When I was Your Man” by Bruno Mars. Shakira helps him out during practice by singing with him, which I think will help him. He has a few shaky moments during his performance. He definitely delivered for the most part. I was impressed by his emotion in his performance. You could tell he was a bit nervous but still did his best. I personally think he’s the weakest link on that team.

Team Blake: The Swon Brothers and my personal fave of the country crew are next. Blake gives them “Fishing in the Dark” to show off their vocals. Is Blake only going to give them country songs? I hope not. I want his team to be challenged somewhat. They definitely get the crowd going with their performance. And they sang in perfect unison which was a relief as duos sometimes face that obstacle. Blake and Adam trade jabs about Adam not knowing the song. I think these guys will go far with their showmanship.

Shakira and Blake take the stage to perform the song “I Need You” and I’m impressed because I didn’t think they had any common musical ground. They crush it!

Team Shakira: Karina Iglesias is up next. This Latina rocker is starting to grow on me. I will admit that. Shakira picks “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green because Shakira recognizes her soulful tones. I love how Shakira sings with her team members to help them out and get better. Karina started a bit rough but pulls it together (haha) nicely. She has so much passion and fight in her that the judges seem to be a bit afraid of her. I hope she can learn to control some of her fierce tones as she tends to oversing notes when she doesn’t.

Team Blake: Justin Rivers is next to rep the country crew. He’s missing his anniversary to be here. Blake assigns him “Meet In the Middle”. I like that he doesn’t have too much of a twang when he sings. The thing I don’t like about him though is the strained face he makes when he tries for those high notes. I’m concerned about these country singers as they aren’t really being challenged or having moments tonight. They might get lost as a result.

Team Shakira: Group Performance “We Are The Champions”: Shakira is the first coach to actually practice with their team on stage as she is focused on their stage presence. Brings in a choreographer to help them out. Team Shakira comes out guns blazing and i couldn’t help myself and rock out with them. Sasha and Garrett were the stand outs for me in this performance vocally. Loved it!

Team Blake: Danielle Bradbery is the last one up for the country crew. The youngest is saved for last. Blake picks some song whose title escapes me right now cos’ I’m kinda over the country music by this performance for tonight. i like some variety. Unfortunately for Danielle, she sings with a twang, which kills me right now. She sounds great and is on pitch but I’m bored. Blake gives her a standing O as well. Oh the name of the song is “Maybe It Was Memphis” by Pam Tillis. 

Team Shakira: Sasha Allen is last to compete. She gets “Oh Darling”. Shakira wants her to have a moment and crush it. Sasha’s voice is big so she might give us something. Sasha is such a diva with her voice. She crushes it and blows me away with her voice. ABOUT TIME! I WAS NOT REALLY FEELING IT TONIGHT UNTIL NOW! All I can say is thank you Sasha!


Sadly other than Adam’s obvious crush on Shakira…none

Join us tonight as we find out gets the boot!


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