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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Teen Wolf: 05x05, Novel Approach

Shane Avery | PopWrapped Author

Shane Avery

07/24/2015 10:32 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Teen Wolf: 05x05, Novel Approach | Teen Wolf
Media Courtesy of Enstarz

'Teen Wolf' left us with a pretty massive cliffhanger last week...


Last week left us with Donovan, now under the influence of The Doctors, kidnapping Stiles by subduing him with some sort of creepy teeth-in-his-palm action.

That sounds as weird as it looked.

Would we have to wait long to find out what happened to our beloved Stiles?

The action picked up immediately where we left off, with Stiles valiantly fighting Donovan off and retreating into the school. He managed to make it into the library where he attempted to hide. While waiting for Stiles to show himself, Donovan revealed why he was so angry towards Stiles and Sheriff Stilinski:

His FATHER was Stilinski's partner and was injured in the line of duty!

Stiles managed to escape onto a scaffolding and, while protecting himself, managed to impale Donovan in the process.

What would killing Donovan do o Stiles' already fragile psyche?

That very well may have been one of the BEST intros in 'Teen Wolf' HISTORY.

Take that to the bank.

Not wanting to draw attention to himself (even though he was defending himself) Stiles hid out while cops arrived to the school. The horror really set in however, when the cops departed the scene without finding a body, Stiles returned to the library to to find it INTACT...

But with blood left over.

Upon stressing over the missing body even more, Stiles was alerted by Scott and Kira, who were ALSO alerted to a break in at the vet clinic. Somebody was taking the bodies, which proved Stiles' ordeal was legit.

And we also knew who that was:

Parrish, who was taking them to the Nemeton and burning them.

I don't know about you, but I'm at the point where I need to know what the HELL Parrish is. I'm done waiting. Do you guys have any guesses?

Malia, meanwhile had discovered a novel about 'The Dread Doctor's, and volume one actually listed how the victims were buried alive. In a horrifying discovery, Scott and Lydia discovered the book was dedicated to Gabriel, who was the crazy doctor at the conclusion of last season. He was the last person to also see Peter Hale when he got locked up at Eichen House.

Lydia then arrived to the institution alongside Scot, Kira, and Stiles who was very off but not telling anyone about his battle with Donovan.

While our beloved gang were about to go to battle (perhaps) Malia was joined by Theo during a study session. NOT appreciating the flirting...and possibly scoping her out for dirt on our gang. Theo is really starting to freak me out. Anyone else?

Upon entering the basement of Eichen House, Scott and Kitsune Kira were shocked to discover mountain ash keeping them out, which led to Stiles and Lydia having to venture to confront Gabriel all on their own. They quickly discovered that Gabriel himself wrote the book, and that the Doctors were very much real.

Gabriel explained who The Doctors really were, but he wanted something in exchange for the information he was giving:

A recording of Lydia's banshee scream.

Things started to take a strange turn, as Scott and Kira were waiting for Stiles and Lydia, her Kitsune powers started to act up. Bolts of lightning/energy began to go off around her and through her. Gabriel notified Lydia and Stiles of what was happening.This was the opening The Doctors needed and the electro charges allowed them to enter Eichen House.

Did any of that make sense?

I'm trying.

Malia meanwhile had her own problems, she just didn't know it.

She took Theo for a ride, and he continued to put the moves on her to gain her trust. If he wasn't so damn pretty, I'd be screaming at him.

The car ride didn't last long however, as Malia had yet another flashback of her car accident and she swerved off the road.

Back at Eichen House and The Doctors are IN.

In a shocker of the episode, Gabriel informed Stiles and Lydia that the book was written to HELP everyone see The Doctors and figure out how to defeat them. He needed Lydia's scream now that he had given them what they wanted.

Scott was powerless to help his girlfriend as she had collapsed from the energy, and the accompaning guard was no help. Kira laid unconscious on the ground while The Doctors approached.

Malia continued to have her flashbacks, and came to the conclusion that someone shot at her her the night of the accident.

Scott managed to fight through the electric pain and carried Kira into safety, while Stiles and Lydia managed to hide from the menacing Doctors. Unfortunately, Gabriel wasn't so lucky, with The Doctors eliminating him (and his 3rd eye) from he equation. All wasn't what it appeared to be however, as we were finally given the answer as to why Gabriel wanted Lydia's scream:

To BREAK OUT of Eichen House!!

He was revealed to be alive following the attack, and played the recording to shatter the glass to his confined room .

What is Gabriel's motive for our gang and Beacon Hills?

What did you guys think of this episode?

Did you miss Liam? And Parrish (who we only got in one scene)?



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