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Teen Wolf Delivers A True "Visionary" In Latest Episode

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


07/23/2013 3:09 pm
Teen Wolf Delivers A True


Caitlin Swift

Staff Writer 

Holy back story Bat…erm Wolf man! There was so much information jammed into this episode I really don’t know where to begin! We have two storytellers; Peter and Gerard both telling different tales, but they take place simultaneously.

We open with a young Derek who gets caught in Argent’s wolf hunt. Peter finds him and they hide out. We then flash back to the present and Cora is explaining to Stiles that in times of trouble wolves are told to hide, so that would explain Derek’s absence. Peter emerges and begins to tell the tale of how Derek obtained his steel blue eyes – it had to do with the love.

Gerard, however, is telling the tale of Deucalion and how the druids tie in to the story. It comes with a price though; Scott must heal him before he divulges any information. That wolf hunt that Derek got caught up in earlier, well it was because Ennis’s beta killed one of the hunters – an eye for an eye. The Alphas met up complete with their packs to discuss what happens next. Here we meet a more compassionate Deucalion. We also meet Talia Hale for the first time; much sought after for her wisdom and shape shifting, the other wolves would seek her out for her advice.

Meanwhile Derek was busy romancing a girl named Paige. As much as he loved her there was, as always, the recurring fear that she wouldn’t love him back once she found out what he was. Peter was always close by to lend his two cents which may not have been for the best. It seems though in retelling the story he has taken the liberty to edit in his favor. As their relationship deepened Derek became more upset and Peter’s solution: change her.

Deucalion urges Ennis not to fight, that the revenge is not worth it. No one ends up a winner. Gerard goes on to inform Scott and Allison about where the legend of werewolves began. It is believed that Lycaon considered himself godly and invited Zeus to a dinner where he served him flesh of a human. Enraged by this act Zeus turned Lycaon and all the people in attendance into wolves. Looking to change back the wolves sought out the druids who were believed to be shape shifters. They were unable to make the change permanent but they were able to walk as man by day and wolf by night. This made the druids the wolves’ emissary.

The emissary’s still exist, and that is where Deaton and Morrell come into play. Deaton served the Hales while Morrell went on to guide the alpha’s. However Gerard is under the assumption that Deaton could be the druid that they are so busy trying to find. It’s a bit odd that a doctor still turned up dead after Deaton was taken – proving that Deaton was never really meant to die.

According to Peter, Derek has finally made the decision that he was going to turn Paige. He enlisted the help of Ennis. It was a win/win for both. If Ennis helped Derek he would be in good with Talia and have an addition to his pack. Peter wasn’t sure if Derek remembers if it was Ennis or not, if Derek did he didn’t tell anyone. It got to the point where Derek couldn’t handle the sounds of her screams and rushes out to try to save her. He was too late she was already bit. Peter insisted that he discouraged Derek from this plan but he went ahead with it anyway. At the same time Deaton held a meeting with Talia and Deucalion concerning the hunters. They agreed that they would try to talk and make peace by meeting Gerard at the distillery.

Gerard tells them that Deucalion attacked first but he blasted the pack with wolfsbane and began to beat them mercilessly.  That was not the only tragedy, apparently Paige was not meant to take the bite: she was dying. Derek took her to the basement and sat under a tree (which in fact was an old druid sacrificing place). She admitted to him that she knew all along what he was and loved him anyway. She was in tune with the odd happenings in Beacon Hills and picked up on certain things he said. The pain was too much and she begged for him to end it. Derek’s first kill was of an innocent life; which is why his and Peter’s eyes shine a steel blue.

Deucalion managed to escape Gerard’s massacre and crawled out into the open…unfortunately, Gerard followed. Deucalion spoke of a vision he had, a vision of peace. In that moment Gerard takes two steel arrows and pierces his eyes. Deaton couldn’t save his vision and was angered when one of his own would not leave and lunged at him. Deucalion pounced and killed the first of his pack. It is then Gerard revealed that even though Deucalion, the man, lost his human sight he can still see as a wolf.

Both Scott and Stiles are skeptical of the narratives they just heard. Both feel that there are parts of the story missing. Scott goes as far as threatening Gerard, and it is the most powerful and scary we’ve seen Scott in a while.

So with all this new information there are so many theories that I have brewing. I feel like Paige plays a bigger part in all of this then we know. Maybe she wasn’t really dead. Why is the druid’s tree in the Hale’s basement? How is Jennifer connected? Why does Paige remind me of Lydia so much with that supernatural sense? With only four episodes to go till the summer finale we have a lot of ground to cover!


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