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Television / Celebrities / Fandom PopWrapped | Television

Teen Wolf Promises Ghost Riders And Nazi Werewolves For The Final Season

Roxanne Powell | PopWrapped Author

Roxanne Powell

Staff Writer
07/30/2016 4:44 am
PopWrapped | Television
Teen Wolf Promises Ghost Riders And Nazi Werewolves For The Final Season | teen wolf
Media Courtesy of Hidden Remote

How does a regular werewolf, even one as powerful as a True Alpha, kill a Nazi Werewolf? Not easily! We caught up to the cast and crew of MTV's Teen Wolf at San Diego Comic-Con, where they revealed their last season will be filled with adventure, violence, Ghost Rider villains, Nazi Werewolves, and a freshly single Scott McCall.

"They're not even normal ghosts ... and they're also on horses," Scott's Tyler Posey admitted. "They're like three times the size of us. So they're lighting ghosts on horses, and it's no easy task, my friends. We have to be really creative in the ways we defeat these guys. It's not just a couple of punches or some spell or something crazy. We have to really get creative and figure out how we can defeat these dudes."

What about Scott being single this season? He's always had a girlfriend, so how will this effect the pack?

"It's a very necessary thing," Posey said. "Everyone in their lives needs to experience that one way or another. When I was his age and I was in a relationship, I would kind of bounce around from relationship to relationship. I didn't know enough about myself, and once I separated myself from that relationship world I really got to know who I was and became more sure of who I was and where I wanted to be. I was able to articulate my thoughts and feelings easier. Scott has never done that before ... so I think it's extremely necessary. He's able to focus on the world more and his pack without being distracted."

Jeff Davis (Teen Wolf, Criminal Minds) confessed to a bit of plot detail for this upcoming final season.

As many of us can attest, the good old "jump scare" does still work! Speaking of Dylan and Khylin (Liam and Mason) their dynamic has been described as "Scott and Stiles 2.0" and even parallels our favorite werewolf/human bromance.

Except for the part where Mason was actually the reincarnation of the Beast. But each relationship needs its own special flare.

So what will happen to Mason, now that he is no longer being possessed? How will what happened effect how the rest of the pack feels moving forward?

Keeping us on the edge of our seats until the very end? We wouldn't have it any other way!

On the other side of the new bromance, Dylan Sprayberry gave us some very good advice about how to handle Nazi Werewolves:

"They're dangerous and you shouldn't talk to them," he admonished.

But seriously, between Liam's worrying over Mason, his relationship with Hayden, and his attempts to rebuild Scott's trust, he's had a pretty rough time. What can we expect from Liam in this final season?

Hopefully this more mature Liam will be able to get back into Scott's good graces. At the end of last season, he was almost there, if memory serves. 

Then there's Theo (Cody Christian). Theo tried to kill everyone and take Scott's powers back in season five, basically earning him the title of Pack Enemy No. 1. But this season, he's supposed to come back from hell humbled and humiliated, asking for a place in Scott's group.

"Theo's back for a reason," Christian said. "I think there's a need for Theo. But how badly do we need Theo, and is it worth the trust that would have to go into having his involvement in the pack?"

Unfortunately, with his injury on the set of The Maze Runner's final film and his recovery, Dylan O'Brien could not be at Comic-Con with the cast. However, all of the cast members assured us he was doing well and just wanted to focus on getting better so he could finish his projects.

Lydia's Holland Roden confessed that with Scott focusing on being a leader to his pack, the romance arena has become a little bit bigger, giving Layden (Liam and Hayden) and Stydia (Stiles and Lydia) a chance to explore their feelings.

"The central relationship will be focused towards Lydia and particular person," she teased. "That person would of course be Stiles. More to come, but I think Stydia fans will be pleased."

Everyone has always held firm belief in Stydia, but last season we definitely saw some sparks fly between Lydia and Parish. Whatever happened to our favorite hell hound?

"Stay tuned!" Roden laughed. 

Parish helped Lydia learn how to fight, but her time in the mental asylum gave her a chance to tap into and develop her powers as a banshee. How will that growth help Scott and the rest of the pack?

"There's one episode that I love that's coming up, written by Angela Harvey," Roden said. "She writes a fantastic episode about banshee folklore. It deals with a different time period as well and relates back to the central issue. There are two major villains in Beacon Hills this season, and this is dealing with one of them. [The episode] deals with what Lydia sees as the connection between the folklore of a banshee and solving this crime. It's a fun, rabbit-hole episode."

What do you guys think of all these details? Be sure to check out our other great San Diego Comic-Con coverage, our Instagram posts, tweets, and Snapchats, #PWSDCC!

Teen Wolf will return to MTV with its final 20 episodes this coming November.


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