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Teen Wolf Shocks Again With Unexpected Revelations

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


06/18/2013 2:32 pm
Teen Wolf Shocks Again With Unexpected Revelations


Caitlin Swift

Staff Writer

This week’s episode begins and I don’t even think I’m watching the same show I was last week. Two kids catching fireflies, how peaceful and innocent. Oh wait… There is a big bad wolf lurking in the woods. Shit just got real kids! But don’t worry, those beautiful, peaceful fireflies kicked some werewolf ass and saved those kids.

Lydia is up and out of ibuprofen so off to the drug store she goes. She somehow finds herself at the local pool and discovers a body floating. This girl just has all the luck. She’s relieved to find that it’s actually a dummy. Maybe she’s not that unlucky after all… WRONG. The body was just in the lifeguard chair, and then Lydia screams. Which seems to be all she’s good for.  

Scott, Derek, and Isaac are on the hunt for Boyd and Cora. Their goal is to save as many innocent lives as they can before day break. Allison is spending the full moon reflecting on the newly found information on her mother. She was trying to kill Scott the night she died. I mean my mother disliked my boyfriend, but never enough to try to kill him. Scott had spared her so that her last memory of her mother was a happy one. What a stand-up guy. With this information Allison is planning on doing something drastic. I love drastic Allison.

We meet two lovers (Emily and Caitlin) camping out. Really… This episode is so peaceful. WRONG AGAIN! Swarms of bugs everywhere! Emily rushes out having an insect induced panic attack. She is attacked by bugs and seems to vanish leaving Caitlin to face the rabid Cora. Scott,Isaac, and Derek find her right and time and manage to ward her off.

Stiles rushes to Lydia’s side and informs Scott of the body that he found. They imedately blame Boyd and Cora. Derek has his doubts because even as powerful as they are, the pool was too far for them to travel. Scott suggests that they need help because killing them is not the answer. What is the answer? Argent. Argent is the answer.

Reluctant at first, Argent finally agrees after Scott brings him to the crime scene. He begins to teach the boys what senses they need to tap into to track them. At the same time Allison is doing some tracking of her own. Her plot syncing up with the others. Lead Boyd and Cora to the school.

Peter shows up and tries to talk Derek into killing Cora and reveals that Boyd and Cora’s deaths are what Deucalion wanted in the first place. It was his plan all along. He also tries to persuade Derek into making more wolves and becoming the alpha he was meant to be. Leave the hero crap to Scott, Derek looks tempted.

Mrs. McCale calls Stiles to point out the latest victims wounds. He was strangled, clubbed, then throat slit. Further proof this could not be the work of Boyd and Cora. She goes on to show Stiles Heather, who bares the same injuries. Stiles is shaken but begins to put the pieces of the puzzle together. They were all virgins. This is turning out to be something bigger than they expected. Human sacrifices.

Argent points out an interesting fact about the fireflies. California fireflies don’t glow. Hmm… Are these insects part of some plague? Back at the school Scott and Derek work on trapping Boyd and Cora in the boiler room. All is well till they take to the roof. Unaware to how she was helping them, Allison pushes the pair into the school. Scott and Derek take over and the mood is tense, but their plan works and Boyd and Cora are trapped. Before you get too excited, Scott hears a third heartbeat. There is someone in there with them. Derek decides that he is going to step it up and be the hero. He lets Cora and Boyd tear him apart to spare an innocent woman’s life. When he looks like he can’t take anymore Isaac rushes in bringing daybreak.

The pair is rendered lifeless and Derek is barely holding on. He orders Scott and Isaac to take Boyd and Cora and he would take care of the teacher. I was really unsure of what was going to unfold here. Part of me was happy Derek was taking the high road, but there was something eerie about the whole thing too. Like at any moment he would tear her to shreds.

This is shaping up to be quite the interesting seasons! I can’t wait to see what next week brings!


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