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Teen Wolf Starts Season 3 With A Bang!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


06/05/2013 12:01 am
Teen Wolf Starts Season 3 With A Bang!

Caitlin Swift
Staff Writer

So most of you probably know me for maybe my Girls or New Girl recaps, but I have a secret passion. I am ready to come clean with you all. I love Teen Wolf. Hands down, it’s my favorite show on TV right now. I really tried not to love it, I almost wanted to hate it, but there is just too much to love! The season 3 premiere did not disappoint!

We start with two big bads chasing Isaac and an unknown female. Like, these dudes are intense; we also learn that these two can morph into one big bad BAMF of a wolf. Isaac and his unknown savior both land themselves in the ER. Meanwhile, Scott is having a more relaxing evening, looking to get his first tattoo. What a rebel! Unfortunately his wolf-y powers prevent his act of rebellion and his body heals itself.

In a half-assed attempt to explain Colton Haynes’ departure we learn he is now an American werewolf in London via girl chat time between Allison and Lydia. We also learn that Allison spent the summer in Paris and has yet to see Scott. The distance is short lived as Styles and Scott pull up to Lydia and Allison at a red light. Awkwardness ensues and is soon broken up by a crazy-ass deer running head-on into their windshield. Something has scared the bajesus out of it and Scott’s wolf-y senses are starting to tingle.

The school year begins and life for the teens gets complicated. Never mind their classroom being pelted by black birds - the kids are faced with a new teacher who seems to think she is the hippest thing since Instagram by texting the whole class a passage from the book they were to read over the summer. The class is forced to shut their phones off, which is unfortunate since Mama McCale is in need of her son’s counsel.

Isaac is now conscious and his body has started healing. Both he and his unknown hero have requested him. His mother reluctantly pulls him from school to help sort the situation out. Some nasty Shewolf poses as a nurse and slips something to Isaac. It’s not really clear at this point why he is a target. He gets to surgery and they realize that he is totally healed and the doctor is pissed. We soon learn one of the nurses is a wolf and is hell-bent on taking Isaac, but Scott is there to save the day, although only after he helps a blind man navigate his way out of the elevator. What a stand-up guy!

A battle erupts in the elevator and it’s intense. We learn the nurse is an alpha by his blood red eyes and Scott is getting his ass kicked. In the nick in time Derek Hale waltzes in and kicks some Alpha ass! Scott and Derek quickly rush Isaac to the Hale compound so Derek can heal the wounds that were inflicted by and Alpha. Scott is starting to realize that there is more going on and Derek is reluctant to elaborate. Instead of fighting he has Derek repay him by giving him a permanent tattoo that his body won’t heal. It also marks the summer he went without contacting Allison no matter how much he wants to. How romantic right?

The unknown hero makes her way to the school and questions Allison and Lydia on Scott’s whereabouts. In the process she leaves a peculiar mark upon their wrists. Scott is still at Derek’s where it is revealed that it’s a pack of Alphas that is in town and they are not there to make friends. He stresses that it’s his problem and that Scott should just concern himself with being a teenager. But the problem is starting to become bigger than Derek had anticipated; the local police are becoming suspicious as well since all the animals are acting crazier than Amanda Bynes.

We learn that the pack of Alphas is led by Deucalion, the blind man Scott guided out of the elevator, and he has no intention of letting the unknown hero live. She knows he wants Scott dead because he is a threat, maybe not now but the man he will become is what scares him the most. However, Deucalion reveals his plan is to not kill Scott but to have Derek do his dirty work. With that he kills our hero, without her being able to inform anyone of her knowledge.

So what is going to happen this season?! Where are Boyd and Erika? What is that mark that the bruises on Allison’s and Lydia’s wrists? Will Derek really kill Scott? Such an exciting plot not, to mention the season teaser hinted to some steamy moments. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to have my Monday night favorite back! I hope you’ll watch with me!


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