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Ten Things You May Not Know About Emily Blunt

Rain Varela | PopWrapped Author

Rain Varela

Staff Writer
02/25/2017 12:37 pm
PopWrapped | Celebrities
Ten Things You May Not Know About Emily Blunt | emily blunt
Media Courtesy of Screencrush / Disney

Among the famous young actresses of this generation, Emily Blunt is probably one of those who has the most range.

We all remember her as the uptight assistant Emily in The Devil Wears Prada, then she went on to a historical drama as the British monarch Queen Victoria in the Young Victoria. And THEN she went on full blown badass action hero in the science fiction thriller, The Edge of Tomorrow.

She can easily switch from a neurotic lonely girl to a powerful witch queen, then do a musical as a baker's wife, then switch it up again as an FBI agent in the pursuit of illegal narcotics! She is a rare talent who always play against type and is a great example for girls everywhere and show them that they can be Princesses and be gun-toting-alien-killing machines as well.

And now on the occasion of her birthday this February 23, we thought it might be a great idea to put together a list of things you may not know about Miss Emily Blunt.

1. She used to stutter...

She wasn't always the well-spoken Englishwoman we know today. Her stuttering may have been a blessing in disguise because it led to her acting career. She credits one of her teachers in helping her with it by encouraging her to participate in class plays and to speak in funny accents!


2. She can play the cello very well

We all know that she can sing, but few people know that she is really good at playing the cello. In the UK, she is listed as a Grade 8, which is the highest exam for a cellist just below a performance diploma.

And speaking of music...

3. Michael Buble wrote a song about her

This sounds like a Taylor Swift kind of situation, but it really isn't so bad! Michael Buble wrote the song "Everything" for her when they were still dating. It does not have a stench of bitterness and blame on it; in fact, the song is quite sweet. She also sang on his album which featured the song, Call Me Irresponsible -- but not on "Everything"; she sang briefly at the end of "Me and Mrs. Jones".


4. She almost became a pop singer!

Well with a voice like hers, it is not really so surprising!

When she was in high school, she actually signed a recording contract! She decided to back out on the deal because she was being groomed to be the next Britney Spears, which she wasn't really keen on.


5. She is the granddaughter of two generals

Maybe there is a reason why she is an excellent action heroine! Emily Blunt actually comes from a military background. Her grandfather, Peter Blunt was a Major-general in the British army. He, in turn, married Adrienne, the daughter of General T.W. Richardson!


6. Her uncle is a member of the British Parliament

Well it is fair to note that Emily has a posh background. Not only were her grandfather and great-grandfather generals, as it turns out, her uncle Crispin Blunt is a member of the House of Commons of the British Parliament! And get this: he is also a former military officer and achieved the rank of Captain!

and speaking of family...


7. She is the sister-in-law of her The Devil Wears Prada co-star, Stanley Tucci

Emily's sister, Felicity Blunt, is the wife of fellow actor Stanley Tucci.

That was no accident, though; she played matchmaker when she introduced the two, years after The Devil Wears Prada.

8. She was almost Black Widow

Kind of hard imagine someone else playing Natasha Romanoff besides Scarlett Johansson now, but Emily Blunt was actually already set to play the part in Iron Man II. She had to back out, though, due to scheduling conflicts with Gulliver's Travels, wherein she played Princess Mary.


9. She was also almost Peggy Carter

How strange that she had two near misses for the Marvel Cinematic Universe! She was also under consideration to portray agent Peggy Carter, a role that ultimately went to Hayley Atwell.

Also, contrary to rumors, she was not actually not offered the part of Captain Marvel.


10. She did an action film while pregnant!

Now this is is kick-ass. She was already three months pregnant when the crew of the Edge of Tomorrow reassembled for additional shooting. Only Tom Cruise and a few friends and family knew at that time.

She actually repeated this for Girl On The Train. She was already four months pregnant when she completed shooting for the movie!

There you go: a few things you may have not known about the talented Emily Blunt! Were your surprised by any of these?


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