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PopWrapped | Recaps
The 100: 04x03, The Four Horsemen | the four horsemen
Media Courtesy of CW

The 100 is on its third episode of Season 4, adding a new character, a list that could cause an uprising and Raven feeling fed up. So just who is the new character, and what's her connection to the flame?

"The Four Horsemen" Recap

With Roan still pulling strings as the king of Polis, he realizes that the flame was stolen from him -- and he enlists the most capable person he can think of: Octavia. With Octavia comes her ally Indra, and Roan hopes that Indra will be able to help find another Nightblood who can integrate the chip, making Indra oddly nervous (more to come). As Octavia leaves to do his bidding, and he acknowledges Indra's efforts in making her a warrior of epic proportions, proving to be true when finding the thief who now carries the flame. That's when we meet the new addition, Gaia, as she battles Octavia to keep the chip. The fight is short-lived (but pretty intense and needing a round 2 eventually) with Octavia coming out on top. Just as she is close to finishing her off -- Indra halts the fight with a revelation that Gaia is her daughter.

Gaia was intended to lead Trikru (as Indra's role) but became someone who wandered the planet to locate other Nightbloods. There is some tension between mother, daughter and makeshift daughter Octavia, but it is cut short by "looters" led by Ilian hoping to destroy the ALIE chip/flame to remove that possibility even though it's long gone. Just as they are about to be ambushed, Octavia uses her wit to replace the chip with Gaia's fake totem that made for an intense scene not knowing the fate of the flame for a brief moment. Gaia takes the true flame undetected, and Octavia covers her story with Roan -- but Roan has all his eggs in the Clarke basket, so worrying isn't something that crosses his mind.

Murphy comes back to The 100 (he's been slightly in the background in the first two episodes), and he and Emori are in need of food/supplies to keep them going. He returns to Arkadia to steal whatever he's in need of, coming across a situation where Luna and her people are seeking help and dying of radiation. The radiation stemmed from fish exposed, helping Raven figure out they have two months as opposed to the six they planned originally. Raven reinforces they must work on Alpha Station and tells Clarke to begin compiling a list of people they will allow (The 100 stays true to the name). As Raven points out, this is a role Clarke puts herself in time and time again -- loving the constant segments I'll call 'Raven's truth tea.'

Trying to find any possible way to survive, Jaha gives the others a lead about a bunker (from a cult, of course), but Raven doesn't give any hope to the Jaha pipe-dream. Bellamy and Clarke know things are not looking great for survival, so they take him up on the notion, using a Rover to get to their destination. When the three get to the location, they eventually make it through the barricades to find everyone inside had died. Scratch that plan! Raven (already going through her own frustrations) turns down Abby's request for her medicine to help fight the radiation, killing a few (including a young girl) with Luna. Raven doesn't see it making a difference for long and could risk their own supplies, but Abby doesn't think it's fair to overlook the message it sends.

Raven may be steadfast on her views, but Murphy overhears the situation and steals the medicine for the dying girl -- so Abby doesn't ask any questions. Raven finds out her medicine was stolen, arriving just in time to watch the girl die with Abby laying on the lovely human emotion of guilt that strikes a sad nerve in Raven. The list that Clarke was supposed to start on has begun, but we don't know the names or order - except she adds Bellamy at number 99, so, naturally, he makes Clarke number 100. Clarke next is informed that Luna has some how survived the radiation and fully rebounded, making it clear that being a Nightblood has built an immunity to help maintain survival. Could this mean anything major for the survival of humanity? Or just a select number? All these questions will surely come to light as Season 4 continues next week!

Overall Grade: 8/10

Raven getting a spotlight for voicing her differing views added another perspective that helps characters grow and be confronted with the negative outcomes of their actions. Clarke and Bellamy say they do their best to protect people -- but at what cost? The choices they make could send them down a darker path where they embrace a mentality potentially dangerous to themselves and others. I enjoyed the introduction of Gaia, but her arrival makes me think Indra isn't going to last too long in this world -- call it my television intuition.

Aedan's Final Thoughts:

- I'll take the strange and shady Murphy/Raven interactions wherever I can get them.

- Octavia and Gaia could be great rivals but even better allies with a connection to having a mother/daughter (like) relationship with Indra.

- I'm oddly excited to find out who Clarke and Bellamy have on the list: I guarantee it won't go unknown.


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