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The 100: 04x06, We Will Rise

Aedan Juvet | PopWrapped Author

Aedan Juvet

Senior Staff Writer
03/16/2017 2:54 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
The 100: 04x06, We Will Rise | the 100
Media Courtesy of CW

After a one week break, The 100 returns with additional problems piling up against our favorite remaining sect of humanity. Now that Raven has the potential to make a return to space, Clarke and Bellamy will be tasked with stocking up on remaining fuel and delivering it to the tech genius for a shot at creating synthetic nightblood. Before we get to that issue in itself, let’s go back the the beginning of the episode.

“We Will Rise” Recap

The Arkadia bomber (Ilian) is seen being held in a containment cell until he’s attacked by a group of Arkadians(?) for his crime against their shelter. The wounded warrior is sent to the medical bay where Octavia recuperates, but nobody is even concerned with watching over his well being. Unfortunately for Ilian, the crowd grows restless and some plan of action to keep him alive must be acted upon soon or he’ll be dead. Monty tries to persuade Jaha (and gives a shout out to Wells) but only finds aid in Kane who also saved him from the crowd that put him in need of medical assistance. Kane tries to hide Ilian by locking him away, but the crowd (helped by Octavia) pulls him from the room and takes him outside in preparation to execute the grounder.

Kane and Monty try to “reason” with Octavia about the parallels between Ilian’s potential death and the murder of Lincoln (completely different circumstances in my personal opinion) which is shown in a flashback beside Octavia’s uncertainty about ending the grounder’s life. Jaha eventually agrees with Monty and signals an alarm to send the crowd into hiding, but Octavia drops the gun on her own accord while bursting into tears over the loss of her soulmate. The emotions take control and Octavia flees from camp, disregarding Kane’s attempt to comfort her and ignoring his question of where she will go next. Please be safe Octavia, but I am actually pleased with her possible separation from Arkadia. Ilian is next released by Kane and the others while he has the opportunity and the grounder takes off following the trail of Octavia (odd, but an interesting understanding between the two.)

Clarke and Bellamy pair up with their own mission - take what remaining hydrazine they have left to the island Raven is conducting her trials for a return to space. As Monty points out, they are carrying the last source of fuel into dangerous territory with a high chance of failure - but options are scarce, so away they go. Roan deems himself worthy of joining them on the trip to save the population and they load up the rover for The 100’s unconventional version of a road trip. On the journey, a group of Trikru appears to need help which stops them so Clarke can tend to the wounded, but they also want a trip to Polis that they aren’t going to receive from Clarke and Bellamy. On top of that, a child notices Roan and alerts his people which causes an outburst that gets them attacked - leaving just barely in time with the barrels intact.

They come to a heavy stream that Murphy tells them wasn’t there just the other day, so the next problem (aside from the climate change) is Bellamy and Roan finding a place to cross with Roan’s guards watching over the truck and supplies. Just when they radio back to the vehicle to let them know a spot was found, no response signifies trouble is brewing. A trip back to the rover shows a guard was killed and the truck is now missing - so they head back to the remnants of Trikru. When they discover that there was no Trikru participation, Roan claims that his own men must have been behind the stolen hydrazine. Bellamy and Roan embrace some Fast and the Furious energy, catching up to the stolen rover and a car chase begins with Clarke driving the other rover at knifepoint. Roan slow-motion leaps from the back of one vehicle to the other to battle his Ice Nation warrior, eventually striking him down with success. Bellamy is a bit preoccupied locking his aim on to the man in Clarke’s rover - so after she elbows him to the face, he fires and kills the guard in a single shot. Success, correct? Well - not just yet. When things calm down the three see that one barrel has been punctured and drained of the vital fuel needed to secure the trip.

Elsewhere on the island in the distance, Raven tries trial after trial to see if she could complete a simulation of the launch and landing but every scenario ends in 100% failure. With each failed attempt, Raven is triggered with rage and uncontrollable emotions (courtesy of having her brain fried) usually taken out on Murphy. Luna becomes Raven’s keeper in ways, helping her through the harder moments she needs grounding for. Murphy and Luna have a conversation that leads Raven to think about landing in the water and for the first time, the simulation shows a successful approach. While this would normally be a good thing, Murphy tells her the horrible news they learned about losing a barrel they can't complete the mission without. In the traditional fashion of The 100, things progress towards trouble yet again and Raven begins to seize - proving her health is deteriorating faster than the chance of survival for mankind.

Overall Score: 7.5/10

This episode was a in a sense a midway point in between the next act needed to survive the looming danger. For being a stepping stone episode, it still provided fans with plenty of action, drama and struggles with maintaining a struggling makeshift society. Raven and Octavia both were provided with a few issues to carry over for episodes to come, prompting more trouble to come for our favorite heroines of The 100.

Aedan’s Final Thoughts:

- I’m with the crowd showing anger towards Ilian, he did just eliminate their sense of security and nearly multiple lives for no apparent reason.

- At this point I can’t tell of more fuel will be found or an entirely new alternative needs to be discovered, but it’ll be an interesting direction regardless.

- I didn’t mention it earlier, but Clarke and Niylah seem to have a bond that hasn’t gone away from their first encounter.


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