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The Best And Worst Moments Of The Oscars!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/26/2013 4:21 am
The Best And Worst Moments Of The Oscars!

Erika Rivera

Staff Writer

This year’s Oscars had a bit of everything tossed into it. With Seth MacFarlane as the host (he did surprisingly very well), viewers were not quite sure what to expect. For the very time, the Oscars had a theme (Movie Musicals) and boy did it deliver! We had some amazing musical performances (Jennifer Hudson, OMG) and some very witty presenters (The Avengers!) as the 4 hour long telecast dragged on it.

Without much further ado, here is what I think were the evening’s best and worst moments (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly).


  • “We Saw Your Boobs”, Daniel Radcliffe, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Channing Tatum and Charlize Theron all cutting a rug from the opening monologue: while the opener had some hits and misses in it, Seth did give us one hell of funny song and we got see some of our faves show us that they could dance! I was pleasantly surprised by all actors that participated in this bit! Bravo, guys and gals!

  • Seth’s comedic bits and jabs at everyone throughout the show! No one was safe and I loved it!

  • Tommy Lee Jones’s smiles! After being kinda of Debbie Downer at the Golden Globes and a no-show for the SAG Awards, Seth was finally able to get the actor to actually crack a smile right before Christoph Waltz killed his joy by walking away with the Best Supporting Actor Oscar! Ouch!

  • The Avengers Assemble! In one of the night’s best presentations, we got to see of the Avengers (Chris, Robert, Jeremy, Sam and Mark) don their best suits and pick on one another has they gave out not one but two awards. The chemistry between the actors is top notch and I think all fans of the movie were happy to see this group of guys grace the Oscar stage.

  • The theme of Jaws chasing off the winners! Normally, when a winner takes too long during his acceptance speech, they get cut off by the orchestra playing a gentle piece of music. Not this year! They were ruthless, went for the jugular and brought out the Jaws theme! How’s that for a hint that you’ve overstayed your welcome?!

  • Dame Shirley Bassey singing “Goldfinger” for the tribute for James Bond. Dame Shirley brought the house down and let all these younger singers know that she’s still go it. And she did it with a hint of sass and a whole lot of class!

  • The Movie Musical Medley! The Oscars suddenly turned into the Tonys as it paid tribute to some of top Musicals. Catherine Zeta-Jones showed us that she still had all that jazz as she turned back into her Oscar winning Velma Kelly in Chicago and wowed. Jennifer Hudson slayed her song from Dreamgirls and the cast of Les Miserables showed us that they all could really put on a show and sing! (Even you, Russell Crowe).

  • Ted and Mark Wahlberg present a tie! The stars from Ted gave us one of the best presenters banter from the telecast as they shocked us by announcing a tie in the winners for best Sound Editing! (Who knew you could have a tie?) Gotta say, I am a huge fan of the New England accent that Ted was rocking tonight!

  • A princess wins! As a surprise to no one, Anne Hathaway walked away with her Oscar for her haunting performance from Les Mis and showed the world that princesses still have their dreams and happily ever after endings come true! (Not to mention, all of the world would have rioted if she didn’t somehow win).

  • Barbra Streisand! Singing “The Way We Were”. Enough said. Let’s move on.

  • Adele performing and winning the Oscar for Skyfall. Her speech was priceless and the joy on her face was so genuine!

  • Ang Lee and Quentin Tarantino’s wins for Best Director and Best Original Screenplay. Lee’s thanks were moving but Tarantino crushed it when he came back to interrupt the music to add some more thanks.

  • Jennifer Lawrence actually wins and face plants but recovers gracefully! I will admit that I was nervous for her because I so desperately wanted her to win and the Academy didn’t let me down. Poor Ms. Lawrence did fall up the steps on her way to claim her prize (shout-out to Mr. Jackman for helping the girl up) and was moved by everyone giving her a Standing O as she finally got her gold guy. Her speech showed us that even stumbling, Lawrence is a class act.

  • Daniel Day-Lewis joking around with Meryl and breaking a record! Surprising no one, Day-Lewis went home with the Best Actor Oscar and actually seem like he was happy while he joked around with Meryl! Who knew he was so pleasant and witty?

  • Argo wins Best Picture! Affleck is vindicated! First Lady presents! The last award of the evening gave us everything. The FLOTUS presented the award alongside Jack Nicholson (and looked smashing) and Ben Affleck was honored despite his huge snub for best director. His speech was the best one of the evening and moved everyone to tears. Such a class act and such a great guy1 Way to go!

Now for the Worst:

  • William Shatner helping with the opening monologue: Should have gotten Patrick Stewart to help you, Seth…just saying.

  • Melissa McCarthy and Paul Rudd presenting together: I thought they would be funny. They failed.

  • The head banger hair from some of tonight’s winners: Seriously guys, the 80s called. They want their hair back. So does Gandalf.

  • Jennifer Aniston presenting: Who invited her? She clearly does not know to take a joke as Seth threw a zinger her way.

  • The orchestra playing from across the street: Why?

  • Adele’s performance: not her fault but the music overpowered her and I heard her backup singers more than I heard her.

  • Dan Rad and K-Stew presenting together: Poor Harry Potter. He got saddled with sour grape Bella Swan. He deserved better.

  • Renee Zellweger’s face and demeanor while presenting: What was wrong with her? Was she drunk? Too much botox?

  • The Loser song at the end of the telecast: While both Kristen Chenowith and Seth MacFarlane can both sing, this song was a bit much for an ending.

Well there you have it! Now it’s time for you to sound off on what you thought about the Oscars! What was the best and worst in your opinion? (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

Instagram: PopWrapped


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