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The Big Bang Theory Casts "The Love Spell Potential"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


05/11/2013 2:50 pm
The Big Bang Theory Casts

Abbie Bethell

Staff Writer

In the penultimate episode of the sixth season, we see the gang (minus Raj) play D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) in ‘The Love Spell Potential’. 

Firstly we start off by seeing Penny, Amy and Bernadette’s all getting in a cab for their trip to Vegas, which they all seem very excited about, especially Amy, who intends to throw pants at the Garth Brooks concert. They soon end up back at Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment after Amy breaks a TSA’s nose at the airport while frisking her. In Amy’s words she got ‘handsy’ with her.

With the girls seemingly on their way to Vegas, the guys decide to also spend their time doing something wild, by playing Dungeons and Dragons. Raj bails on them after Lucy texts him to say she’s not got work after all. Sheldon is upset when he finds out Leonard isn’t the dungeon master, but Howard is instead. After several comparisons to Zachary Quinto as Spock, we see Sheldon really enjoy Howard and his various impressions of Al Pacino, Nicolas Cage and more! When the girls arrive, they decide to join in on the ‘fun’ which is rather amusing to watch.

With the help of her ‘magic potion’, Penny manages to actually enjoy the game. It all goes really well until…Penny suggests that Amy and Sheldon’s characters on the game ‘get intimate’ seeing as it’s not going to happen for a long time in real-life. Amy storms off to Sheldon’s bedroom after feeling uncomfortable talking about the topic. Sheldon later joins her in what may just be one of the most heart-warming, sweetest moments of this season; a heart to heart between one of TVs’ favourite couples, Amy and Sheldon or ‘Shamy’ as they’re also known. When Amy asks if they’ll ever be intimate, Sheldon replies by saying that although it doesn’t seem it, their situation is already very intimate to him, before Amy, he never had any interest in being intimate with anyone, so for him to say he’s ‘not ruling it out’ is a big step in the right direction for their relationship. It seems we, as an audience are becoming closer to seeing the power-couple have intimate relations, and just like Sheldon I want them to take it slow, this may sound odd as they’ve been together three years, but we’ve seen progression in Sheldon’s character so I speak for the audience by saying we want to see the situation handled delicately as this is quite alien to Sheldon, how ironic! – may I just add Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik were brilliant this episode as always.

Raj ditches the guys to go on a date with Lucy, who is still trying to overcome her anxiety issues. She says there are still things she’d like to do, that scare her such as telling her hairdresser that she doesn’t like her bangs and to return her food at a restaurant. Whilst sat down at dinner, Lucy mentions to Raj that the her crab cakes taste ‘funky’, Raj calls the waiter over, telling Lucy this is her chance to conquer one of her fears, she bails and goes to the toilet, only to then be seen escaping through the toilet window, similar to their first date. She gets stuck as the gates are locked and has to call Raj to help her, they have a mini heart-to-heart in which Raj tells her he really likes her, the two then go on to kiss through the railings separating them.

This episode was really good; we got quite major development on two couples, Sheldon & Amy and Raj & Lucy. It was nice to see Shamy’s relationship and intimacy level re-assesed/explored in this episode, and the writers did it in the best way possible, humour and cuteness. As for Raj and Lucy, the two socially awkward people are a perfect match; they complement each other in the best ways possible.


  • The women chanting VEGAS, VEGAS and the guys chanting Dungeons and Dragons talk!
  • ‘We have this rule that if no one talks on the phone for three minutes we can just hang up Raj on his and Lucys phone conversations.
  • Imagining a giant tree with Nicolas Cages face on it  creepy
  • Oh my god, Howard is actually pretty good at doing impressions! I particularly loved how much Sheldon enjoyed them too.
  • ‘Oh its not so bad, you lost money, youre filled with shame and you got groped by a stranger, its Vegas you nailed it Penny to Amy
  • ‘Oh, please tell me were playing for money - Penny

‘Oh, even better than money, you gained experience points’  – Sheldon

  • Raj and Lucy kissing through the railings

Come back here next week for TBBT season finale recap, we can’t wait!!


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