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The Big Bang Theory Experiences a "Proton Resurgence"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


05/04/2013 2:39 pm
The Big Bang Theory Experiences a


Abbie Bethell

Staff Writer

In quite a special episode of TBBT we see the famous Bob Newhart make an appearance in the 22nd episode of the series. This time, we see Sheldon and the gang hire Professor Proton (Bob Newhart) who is their childhood hero, after they see he is available for bookings.

This episode is cut between stories, one being Sheldon, Leonard and Penny hosting Arthur Jefferies a.k.a. Professor Proton. The other is Howard and Bernadette looking after Raj’s dog whilst he’s away at work.

Firstly, Bob Newhart deserves a round of applause for his acting in this episode, he was hilarious. We don’t usually get to see how others react to Sheldon’s odd ways; Penny, Leonard, Bernie, Howard and Raj obviously all know him already, as does Stuart and Kripke. It was funny to see how Professor Proton technically represented how everyone else would act if they met Sheldon.

Anyway on to the episode itself, whilst Leonard is teaching Penny how to control a robot type nerf gun (she shoots Sheldon in the head, and then Leonard, on purpose of course) Sheldon comes across Prof. Proton online, the scientist who inspired him as a child. He then sees that he’s available to book (for kids parties). As you can guess, Sheldon pays out to get Proton to come to their apartment. Following a few remarks between the scientists’ in the corridor of building, Proton finally arrives; by this time he’s already aware that Sheldon is slightly different. Arthur as he asked them to call him, states that he is a real scientist, but Sheldon makes it clear, he wants him to do the type of stuff that was on kids show all those years ago. Slightly disappointed that Arthur hasn’t brought his puppet with him, Sheldon soon emerges with one he bought on eBay. This and other contributing factors causes Arthur to say he’s had enough and wants to leave, when asked why, he says that it’s not what he wants to be doing. His heart is warmed a little, when Sheldon and Leonard open up to him about how, when they were little, he was their inspiration and if it wasn’t for him, Sheldon may have become a ‘hobo’ in his words. Shortly after, Arthur sits down and says something is up with his pacemaker; he goes to hospital with unwanted company (Sheldon). At the hospital, Arthur jumps on the fact Sheldon knows his routine, and asks if he can do a kids party he had booked for the next day, Sheldon accepts without a shadow of a doubt, calling himself Professor Proton Jr.

In the other story, we see Raj ask Howard, if he and Bernie can look after his dog, Cinnamon, whilst he’s away at work – little do they know what a task looking after a rich man’s dog, let’s just say Frittata and Veal for dinner. Howard and Bernadette take the dog for a walk and come home happy, with Bernie saying she might be ready to start a family soon. In between jokes about Howard’s throwing ability, they discover they didn’t bring Cinnamon home, prompting a search for Raj’s beloved dog. In this time, Raj gets a call from someone to say they’ve found his dog. It takes him a few hours for him to confront them via Skype, in which Bernadette shows her true ability as a mother, when she yells at Raj for not telling them earlier.

Overall, the episode like always, was thoroughly entertaining, with both stories filled with generous amounts of laughs. The only thing I was disappointed about was the absence of Amy Farrah-Fowler! Mayim Bialik always kills it every week, but to see her and Newhart in a scene together would’ve been comedy gold.


  • Sheldon and Leonard singing Prof. Protons theme song
  • Just everything about the way Raj treats his dog, Cinnamon is here for a sleepover party (cuts to the dog sitting in a pink pram)
  • Someone finally hit Sheldon
  • Bernadette warming to the idea of her and Howard starting a family, after looking after Rajs dog, Cinnamon.
  • Sheldon getting excited over Professor Proton telling him to call him Arthur. Ill race ya…Arthur  Sheldon
  • ‘Is he dangerous?’  Prof. Proton
  • Howard and Bernadette trying to do Rajs accent to find Cinnamon
  • ‘I power a clock with a potato  Prof. Proton Shut up, you can do that?  Penny
  • Leonard and Sheldon convincing Professor Proton that he had an impact on their lives and many other scientists  that bit actually made me weep a little
  • Pennys obsession with the potato
  • ‘Kids are like pancakes, the first one is always a throw away  Howard
  • I literally couldnt love Bernadette any more than when she shouted at Raj
  • Sheldon singing soft kitty to Prof. Proton when hes in the hospital


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