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The Big Bang Theory Recap: "The Closure Alternative"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/27/2013 8:42 pm
The Big Bang Theory Recap:

Abbie Bethell

Staff Writer

In the 21st episode of the season, ‘The Closure Alternative’ we see Amy attempt to ‘cure’ Sheldon and his fear of not finishing things after one of his favorite TV shows is left on a cliff-hanger then cancelled.

Again, we don’t see much of Howard and Bernadette in this episode, but it’s still highly entertaining, a close contender with 6x08 ‘The 43 Peculiarity’ for being my favorite episode this season.

The Big Bang Theory never fails to make me laugh, whether it’s showcasing Amy Farrah Fowler’s constant attempts to get Sheldon to have ‘coitus’ with her, or just Sheldon Cooper’s witty dialogue. This episode went beyond that, the whole Amy helping Sheldon thing was really amusing to watch, I especially liked Amy’s exercises to help Sheldon with closure - noughts & crosses, not finishing her sentences…‘optttt’…’ion’ or the national anthem and the best one, the jack in the box! I feel a bit like Sheldon right now, because I could totally see where he was coming from, how annoying would it be though for someone to just stop talking mid-sentence though, I mean. I’m joking, it would be very annoying. The best quotes from the episode came from the dynamic duo, see my top picks in the ‘highlights’ section below.

Alongside Sheldon and Amy, we see Leonard and Penny trying to find something they are both passionate about. Sheldon’s mini rant about the TV show getting cancelled gets Leonard thinking about what he and Penny have in common, he thinks Buffy the Vampire Slayer would be perfect for them to watch together because it has a mixture of everything. Let’s just Penny doesn’t enjoy it as much as Leonard does, she calls it ‘cute’ which annoys Leonard. Penny is very sweet though as she decides to watch another to keep Leonard happy! After talking to Bernadette, she realises something they’re both passionate about, their friends. A sweet moment, when Penny says ‘Sheldon, you big weirdo, I love that you’re in my life’ in which he replied (slightly exhausted) ‘I love you too’. Is this compassion we’re seeing, from the very logical scientist?

Finally, Raj and Lucy, whilst looking her up, Raj finds Lucy’s blog and starts reading the things she’s written about him. He’s hurt when he sees that she has written he was feminine, he takes offence and instead of confronting/asking her about it, he decides to go all butch on her. She notices something different in him and gets ready to leave, he tells her why he’s acting like that and Lucy says she never said feminine was a bad thing, she meant it in a nice way, because he’s thoughtful and caring.

That’s it guys, ‘The Closure Alternative’ wrapped up in a kind of quick summary, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, let us know what you thought?


  • Raj giving his ‘little princess, kisses.
  • Amy testing Sheldons need for closure through his obsessive knocking habit.


  • ‘It even blows away my idea for a Star Wars themed coffee shop called Brewbaccas’ Leonard
  • ‘Sometimes people seek the comfort of physical contact in moments like this - Amy 
    ‘I am not flying back to Texas so my mum can give me a hug - Sheldon


  • ‘You dont know what it feels like to be completely frustrated, to have a desire build up within you and be denied any opportunity for release - Sheldon 
    ‘Yeah, sounds like a drag Amy
  • Amys exercises to help Sheldon with closure - noughts & crosses, not finishing her sentencesopttttion or the national anthem and the best one, the jack in the box!


  • Penny trying her best to like Buffy and her epiphany.
  • Amys games for Sheldon (Blowing out candles on a birthday cake)  Oops missed one, now your wish cant come true - Amy 
    Lucky for you, because I wished you were dead’ - Sheldon


  • Do you even like Hockey? – Lucy
  • Pfft no, bought this at the Staples centre when I went to see Taylor Swift - Raj
  • Jim Parsons hitting the high note when singing  something not to be missed!!


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