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The Big Bang Theory 'The Closet Reconfiguration' Recap

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/17/2013 6:46 pm
The Big Bang Theory 'The Closet Reconfiguration' Recap


Abbie Bethell
Staff Writer

We’re drawing close to the season finale of the CBS sitcom, with the latest episode ‘The Closet Reconfiguration’ proving to be a different type of episode than usual, whilst it was still very witty – when isn’t it? It followed a more emotional approach than previous episodes.

Episode 19 starts with Howard and Bernadette in disagreement over their messy closet. They invite the gang over for a dinner party, which goes well, they introduce Sheldon to the closet, knowing he’ll immediately feel the need to clear it up – he does! Whilst rummaging through their stuff, Sheldon discovers a letter from Howard’s father (who walked out on Howard and his mother at a young age). Howard snatches it off Sheldon (who’s already read it) and makes no further comment. The whole episode focusses around this, Howard’s dilemma as to whether he should read the letter or not. He eventually decides to burn it.

Bernadette’s curiosity gets the better of her, Penny agrees to ask Sheldon what the letter said, with Bernadette present, so she’s not directly asking Sheldon himself and ultimately being a ‘bad wife.’ The viewer doesn’t get to hear the contents of the letter and again when Sheldon spills the beans to Raj and Leonard.

On their way to Penny and Leonard’s dinner party, ‘Bernie’ confesses to Howard that she’s knows what is in the letter, and upon discovering everyone except him, are aware of what the letter contains, he storms out. 

All the gang then turn up to Howard and Bernadette’s house, Bernie tells Howard to follow her; he goes in the front room to see Raj, Leonard, Penny, Amy, Sheldon and Bernie stood there. NOW PREPARE YOUR EYES FOR THIS BIT…

The Big Bang Theory rarely gets this emotional – I admit I shed a tear… or two!

Basically, Sheldon and Co. decide to help Howard out with his dilemma by telling 1 truth and 5 fakes, referring to what Howard’s father wrote in the letter. They were meant to


be convincing, which they kind of were except one… *cough* Sheldon *cough* We don’t actually get to find out the contents of the letter and which statement was true, but we do get to see all the friends coming together in a special ‘aww’ moment, TBBT don’t have a lot of chances to do this, so with the right story they definitely capitalised on it.

The last scene in the episode is quite funny, I’ll just say that… – Oh, Penny!


We get to see another one of Sheldon’s tantrums; this is only a mini one though.

(On not being able to sleep) ‘Told you, you shouldn’t have espresso after dinner, I know the little cups make you feel big, but it’s just not worth it’ - Bernadette to Howard

The fact it was Bernadette giving Howard the boost to reach the smoke alarm, not the other way round, Bernie definitely wears the trousers in that relationship, ha!

Amy (with Penny and Bernadette) - ‘You have something we want.’ Sheldon’s reply ‘Oh dear, my mother warned me that this is what happens to pretty boys in the big city.’

-        Sheldon using Amy as a human shield – disapproving look.

Just a thought - Sheldon and Santana (Glee) would be a good duo, they’re both hilarious and both excellent at snooping! (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

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