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The Big Bang Theory 'The Tenure Turbulence' Recap

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/06/2013 2:12 am
The Big Bang Theory 'The Tenure Turbulence' Recap

Abbie Bethell

Staff Writer

In the 20th episode of the season, we see Sheldon, Leonard and Raj battling it out for a recently vacated tenure position in physics, after the Professor dies. We don’t get to see much of Bernadette/Howard this episode, but nonetheless, the episode was fun and witty as always!

The episode opens with Kripke seeing the guys in the canteen at the University, he announces the death of Professor Tuppermen and the fact a tenure position has now opened up, prompting Sheldon, Leonard and Raj to all compete for the job.

Leonard and Sheldon discuss their techniques to get noticed, whilst Raj crashes at Howard’s, seemingly unaware that three’s a crowd, doing what he does best, he proceeds to get drunk.

Let’s just say all the guys take a ‘different’ approach in trying to make themselves look appealing to the tenure committee. Leonard decides to go to the gym and catch up with Mrs Davis (Regina King – Miss Congeniality 2: Armed & Fabulous, Jerry Maguire, Ray) All fans of the show know, ‘Leonard’ and ‘gym’ are two words that don’t go well together, watch and you’ll know what I’m on about – it involves someone super-brainy like Leonard, unable to work a cross-trainer!

Sheldon’s approach is


worse, as he gives Mrs Davis the ‘Root’s’ box set, completely unaware how offensive he’s being, he doesn’t stop there, as he suggests he’s giving the Jackie Chan box set to ‘Mr Woo’.

Out of the three, Raj’s attempt is least embarrassing/offensive, however it’s a bit dull, he decides to do a 90-minute video of why he should get the job, much to the amusement of Mrs Davis (yes, I’m being sarcastic).

All three men decide against going to the Professor’s memorial because it would look like they were trying to impress the committee. As you can guess, all guys go without telling one another, Leonard and Sheldon both bring their girls (Penny brings hers too) in order to impress the committee, Amy because she’s intellectual and Penny because she can show off her ‘assets’ to the old men, in which Leonard says she’ll probably kill half of them off. The men all see each other outside; Howard and Bernadette turn up and watch as they all turn on each other. Sheldon is particularly funny, when he starts on Raj with ‘your mum’ jokes – the best scene of the episode, Jim Parsons you’re a great man!

The episode ends with Mrs Davis telling Sheldon, that despite their antics, she’s recommended himself, Raj and Leonard for the job due to their accomplishments.


-        Sheldon: ‘Sheldon Cooper does not do cosy’

Amy: ‘you don’t say’

-        Raj’s drunken behaviour and obsession with getting seat warmers for his car

-        Sheldon, Raj and Leonard (in particular) all making fools out of themselves by trying to cosy up to the committee.

-        Just Regina King – no explanation necessary

-        The best line of the night goes to Mr Sheldon Cooper… to Raj (about to enter the memorial) ‘Screw it I’m going in – that’s what I said to your mother last night’

Instagram: PopWrapped 


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