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The Carrie Diaries 'Caught' Recap: A Night of Choices

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/28/2013 8:19 pm
The Carrie Diaries 'Caught' Recap: A Night of Choices

Elena Butler
Staff Writer

“If I’m still dating and talking about guys in my thirties, someone needs to smother me with a pillow.” Oh, Carrie! You have no idea what you’re in for, girlfriend! I adore the little references this show makes, it honestly puts a huge smile on my face. 
This week’s episode, “Caught,” has been my favorite episode of the season so far. Maybe it’s because I love Christmas time so much and the warm fuzziness of it made me nostalgic, but I thought it was a fantastic episode.

Let’s get down to business and break it down.
Girl Time at The Diner.
It’s winter in Manhattan and Carrie’s relationship with George seems to be going perfect but she can’t seem to hide the goo goo eyes she gives Sebastian every time they’re alone together. Carrie, herself, admits that she feels ‘caught’ between the two guys.
Back at her internship, ‘Bitchy Barbara’ arrives at the office late, gloating about sleeping over at her date’s home and coming to work in the same clothes as yesterday. Carrie seems petrified by this information. Back at school she obviously shares this with her best friends, making for some interesting conversation. Maggie feels that what Barbara is doing is absolutely fine, while Mouse thinks it’s irresponsible for her to give a man priority over her job. When the conversation turns to boys and their current boyfriends, Maggie insists that Carrie should bring George to the school’s winter dance. While Carrie is debating, a certain Donna LaDonna struts in and thanks her for taking in Sebastian on Thanksgiving. Carrie suddenly wondered why she had kept that hidden from George when Sebastian didn’t think it was a big deal to tell his own girlfriend.
Father-Daughter Time.
Tom receives two tickets to The Nutcracker in the mail and figures out his late wife must have ordered them a year in advance. Carrie thinks it’s a great opportunity for him and Dorrit to spend some time together. You gotta love Dorrit’s attitude, she’s a parent’s worst nightmare and yet she makes it seem almost adorable. The expression of joy on her face is priceless, when Tom tells her he can take her to show.
Carrie Gets The Writing Itch.
Larissa offers Carrie an internship at Interview magazine, making Carrie feel like she’s ‘caught’ between two worlds – the law firm and Interview. Seriously, if you took a shot every time time they said the word ‘caught’ in this episode, you’d already be on your third one and we’ve only just hit the first commercial break.
Decisions, Decisions.
Maggie encourages Carrie to take the job, even though Carrie’s been lying to Larissa about her age. She’s under the impression Carrie is an adult who works in a law firm and pays rent – it’s the 80’s, I guess. Mouse comes into the diner believing her life is ruined because she got a B+ instead of an A+ on a test. She realizes she’s letting Seth take priority over her studies. Maggie complains that her and Walt seem to have experienced a “drop off” when it comes to sex. Hm, I wonder why.
Back at home, Tom reminds Carrie that he worked very hard to get her the internship at the law firm. This discourages her from bringing up Larissa’s internship offer and after he tells her of his hopes of them someday doing the same thing, Carries seems even less willing to share. Larissa calls her at home, letting her know she has until Monday to give her an answer.
Dancing Hall of Awkwardness.
Carrie, her friends, and George arrive at the dance. Maggie goes alone because apparently Walt has chicken pox, which I find quite odd. While she and Seth head straight for the drinks, Mouse slips out of the dance hall to finish her work – she asked her teacher for extra credit and it’s due by 8 pm.
Sebastian and Donna run in to Carrie and George at the dance. If Sebastian’s face is any indication, he’s totally not over her – those two just need to get back together already. After Carrie cuts their conversation short to go dance with George, he asks her who Sebastian is but she blows it off as something unimportant. 
While Carrie and George are slow dancing, she notices that Sebastian is staring at them from the sidelines. That sad, pouty face cannot lie, he looks like someone is stabbing him with a knife at the sight of the two love birds. After the song ends, George goes to get more drinks and Carrie confronts Sebastian. He tells her that he’s only doing what she wanted – she wanted him to see her dancing with him. Sebastian asks her why if she’s so in love with George was she paying so much attention to him, causing Carrie to get angry. She kisses George, knowing Sebastian is watching, and then they leave the dance together.
Don’t Call It a Date.
Dorrit and Tom arrive at The Nutcracker recital and I immediately start feeling bad for him. He tries so hard to fit in and be a good parent to Dorrit, but he seems to always say the wrong things. She informs him that her mom would always bring food so they wouldn’t have to spend any in concessions, but he tells her he doesn’t mind splurging. When he offers to buy her a program, Dorrit responds that her mom used to say it was a waste of money. 
When the show reaches intermission, Dorrit is sad and irritated to find out her dad fell asleep during the first half of the performance. He admits that he’s been working three nights straight to be able to take the day off and take her to the show. My favorite moment was Dorrit’s reaction when she realized how hard her father has worked in order to make time for her. It’s really sad when she admits that she feels weird being alone with him because all she ever had was her mom. She says that Carrie always had him and now that her mom is gone she’s all alone. 
It’s obvious that Tom has made it his goal to win Dorrit over little by little and he starts by surprising her with her favorite snack after he returns to his seat for the second half of the show. After the recital, they share a cute and sweet father-daughter embrace.
Maggie Gets Caught.
Maggie feels a bit out of place when a slow song starts playing and she doesn’t have anyone to dance with. She leaves the dance, only to find Simon outside, who is presumably patrolling the event. After she tells him she’s at the dance alone because her boyfriend is sick, they end up kissing.
Donna leaves the dance for a bit only to see Maggie getting out of Simon’s patrol car after their hook up. She confronts Maggie about the situation, letting her know that she’s aware of her secret. Donna tries to blackmail her by telling her that she’ll spill the beans unless she keeps Carrie away from Sebastian.
George and Carrie are making out in the back of his limo but he insists in taking it further, making her feel extremely uncomfortable. Carrie tells him she’s a virgin and that she won’t lose it to someone in the back of a limo – she wants it to be special. George tells her that he understands but then he pulls the biggest d-bag move. He asks that she at least ‘take care’ of him. Carrie is offended and breaks up with him on the spot. 
After Mouse’s teacher refuses to give her extra credit because she missed her deadline, she knows that her relationship with Seth is only hurting her grades. Seth also admits that his grades have been suffering because of her. They both agree that their relationship is holding them back and they decide to call it quits. I get that Mouse is used to being an A+ student but I still feel like they could’ve found a better solution. Maybe they’ll get back together?
Truths and Regrets.
Maggie tells Carrie the truth about Simon and Carrie does what best friends do – she is understanding and tries to comfort her. Maggie admits that something isn’t working between her and Walt, even though she has no idea what it is. When Carrie brings up Interview again, Maggie tells her not to miss that opportunity because she will regret it. 
The episode ends with Carrie showing up at Interview to begin her internship with the magazine. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how Carrie Bradshaw developed her passion for writing.
What did you guys think of the episode? Were you just as disappointed in George or did you see it coming from a mile away? How long until Carrie and Sebastian get back together?


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