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Spoilers PopWrapped | Spoilers

The Carrie Diaries "Hush Hush" Recap: Carrie Meets Her 2 Great Loves

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/06/2013 3:29 am
PopWrapped | Spoilers
The Carrie Diaries

Elena Butler
Staff Writer

Every week that passes by, I just fall more in love with this show. The writing is spot on, and the situations these characters get into are both hilarious and heartbreaking. On this week’s episode of The Carrie Diaries, titled “Hush Hush”, everyone seemed to be keeping a secret: Carrie, Sebastian, Maggie, and even Tom. We also witnessed two of Carrie’s biggest loves make their big debut and no, I’m not talking about men. I’m referring to that pair of Manolo Blahniks and that delicious Cosmo!

 Lots happened, so let’s get started!

 The episode picks up with Carrie admitting that she’s living a double life. She thinks she’s so clever, making her dad believe she’s still interning at Harlan’s law firm but instead only taking a ride on the turnstile door to head to her real internship at Interview Magazine. Apparently “Bitchy Barbara” and her have become such good friends, that she’s offered to cover for her. I don’t blame Carrie for choosing the magazine over her office job, her face lights up in a completely different way when she’s at Interview. Of course, no work day goes by without her daydreaming about a certain Kydd. And this little montage propels us into another day at school.

 In the hallway, Sebastian and Mouse have a chat about his relationship with Donna. I really love how Mouse went from someone who disliked Sebastian with a passion and now they’re practically BFFs. After he admits that he’s thinking of breaking up with Donna, Mouse reveals that Carrie is no longer with George. The look on Sebastian’s face says it all – go get her, tiger!

 Maggie – who’s been keeping a secret that’s quickly getting out of her control – is determined to make things right with Walt. She’s about to spill the beans about her indiscretions with Simon but of course, it’s not going to be that easy. Mouse interrupts her mid-sentence, forcing Maggie to leave the confession for another time.

 Sebastian follows through with his plans and breaks up with Donna at the Diner. She takes it rather well, for someone who’s not used to getting dumped. I’m still puzzled as to how she even gets boyfriends in the first place, but more on that later. Donna pretends to be okay with the break up but asks Sebastian to keep it “hush hush” until after the lock in party – which I came to find out, is like a school slumber party? Look, I don’t know these things. My school never had one but they sound kind of fun?

 In New York, we listen to Harlan talk about some bodacious beauty he’s trying to bed. Seriously, now wonder George turned out to be such a creep, look at his dad! Harlan wants Tom to be his wingman and help him “get laid” by keeping his date’s “side chick” occupied. Tom’s reluctant at first but a few mentions of steak are enough to convince him. Men. Harlan, who doesn’t even know what floor Carrie works in, – what kind of a boss is he? – asks Tom if he wants to come up and say hello. After some dramatic music and moments of contemplation from Tom, he finally decides not to. Close call, Carrie!

 Meanwhile at Interview, Carrie puts on her first pair of Manolos for a shoe photo shoot. She falls in love with them almost instantly. After the shoot is over, Larissa lets her have them and invites her to Limelight, a former church that’s now been converted into a club – remember this from SATC? *squeal*. She’s supposed to go to the high school lock in but decides to go to the club instead. Seriously, no brainer.

 Back at home, Carrie tells Mouse and Maggie about going to Limelight. Mouse tells her Sebastian is breaking up with Donna but Carrie doesn’t want to get her hopes up since they don’t seem to be broken up yet. Maggie knows she has to talk to Walt before Donna does – she’s running out of time. Tom comes into the room to give Carrie a sleeping back and tells her he’s going out for steaks with Harlan. I can’t tell if the goofy smile on his face is because he’s really excited about steak or because he’s going out with a lady and lying to his daughter about it. Either way, it’s funny. While he lies about that, the girls lie about going to the lock in.

 At the school, Donna has enlisted Walt to be the movie guy at the lock in, apparently he has some Hollywood connections and she’s totally into that. She tells him he deserves to be with someone who truly appreciates him.

When Maggie and Mouse question Sebastian about Donna at the Diner, he tells them that the situation is complicated. After a little more pressure, he finally admits that Donna asked him to keep the break up a secret until after the lock in. They ask him about his feelings for Carrie and he admits he likes her. Mouse tells him he needs to make a big gesture to get her back. He attempts to call Carrie but she’s so ready to go to Limelight that she doesn’t bother to pick up. I like how she hides the sleeping inside the dryer. I guess Tom never does laundry.

 Not feeling the least discouraged, Sebastian asks the girls if they’re up for an adventure – he wants to go find Carrie at Limelight. Maggie has to meet Walt at the lock in but Mouse agrees to go with him.

 Carrie arrived at Limelight wearing a sparkly purple dress and her hair looking way more voluminous than usual. She meets a boy at the club and he offers to buy her a drink. Dun dun dun! It’s her first Cosmopolitan and she falls in love for the second time this episode. “I think this is going to be my drink,” she says and she obviously wasn’t kidding.

 At his awkward date night, Tom seems to hit it off with the “side chick”. After the women excuse themselves to the powder room, Harlan tells him they should keep the party going. It doesn’t take much convincing on his part for Tom to agree.

 Back at Limelight, Carrie is dancing on the stage, having a grand old time, when she sees her dad on the screen – he’s dancing with his date. She’s understandably horrified and I’m laughing so hard at Tom’s dancing that I find it hard to feel her pain. Instead of jumping off the stage and run for cover, she keeps her eyes on him long enough for him to notice her. An angry Tom confronts her, taking her by the arm and telling her they need to go home. Larissa thinks he’s just a creep giving Carrie a hard time but Tom tells her that Carrie is his 16-year old daughter. Surprisingly, Larissa isn’t mad about Carrie’s secret. Needless to say, Carrie still has a lot of explaining to do.

 The Jens tell Walt that Donna needs his help with the movie projector but when he  goes looking for her, Donna is waiting to tell him everything about Maggie. When Maggie arrives at the school, she finds Walt, who is hurt about her lying and cheating. She says she was confused and that they had problems, but she never wanted to hurt him. Walt breaks up with her and Maggie leaves the school broken-hearted and thinking she has absolutely nothing left. Donna finds Walt and tells him that he knows how he feels because Sebastian dumped her. She says that for the first time she actually feels pain. Walt buys into her words of sadness and kisses her on the lips. To say the kid is confused is an understatement.

 After being stuck in traffic, Sebastian and Mouse arrive at Limelight but after Carrie and Tom’s encounter, it’s too late for them to find her. Carrie has left the club with her dad. Sebastian still feels good about going to look for her because he knows that Carrie will find out and it’ll make the trip worth it. His car gets towed in the process but it’s not like he doesn’t have money to pay for it!

 Tom tells Carrie she doesn’t think about consequences anymore and he wonders what ever happened to ‘responsible’ Carrie. He’s angry about her lying to him and thinking she could get away with living a double life. He tells her she won’t be seeing New York ever again.

 Carrie packs away her Manolos until she can wear them again and Mouse reminds her about what Sebastian did for her. Carrie’s happy that he went looking for her at Limelight but at the moment, she knows there is only one guy she needs to make things right with. She goes back downstairs and tries talking to her dad again. She apologizes and says she felt like she had to keep Interview a secret because he would’ve never understood. Carrie says she loved expressing herself at the magazine and it made her feel appreciated. She admits that she wants to be a writer but Tom thinks she’s too young to know what she really wants. Then, Maggie comes to Carrie’s house to seek comfort from her breakup with Walt. Friendship is expressed so perfectly on this show. It’s one of the many things I love about it.

 The next day at school, Donna and Walt talk about their kiss. She tells him she’s always had a crush on him and for the first time, I actually believe she’s being honest. “Now what?” Walt asks and Donna responds by kissing him before saying “Now, you’re my boyfriend.” I don’t quite know how to feel about this, poor Maggie! And Walt, honey, you should definitely question why you’re willing to move on so fast.

 The episode ends with Carrie writing in her journal at the Diner and a chipper Sebastian joining her at the table. All they say is “hello” but in this case, I think that’s all it takes to start fresh.

 Were you just as excited about the Manolos and the Cosmo as I was? What did you think of Tom’s dancing? Are you rooting for Carrie and Sebastian? Share your thoughts, we’re dying to hear! (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

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