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The Carrie Diaries 'Identity Crisis' Recap: All That Trouble For A Wig

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/27/2013 5:14 am
The Carrie Diaries 'Identity Crisis' Recap: All That Trouble For A Wig

Elena Butler

Staff Writer

It’s Spring Break in The Carrie Diaries and in this week’s episode titled “Identity Crisis”, we find out that the pint-sized fashionista is more interested in working than going wild during her time off from school. Walt is forced to confront his brewing feelings for a certain lad and Sebastian deals with some issues of his own. Maggie, Mouse, and Tom are also in this episode, so let’s discuss!
 “Identity Crisis” picks up with Carrie telling Sebastian – between make out sessions – that she will be working full-time at Interview during Spring Break. She’s hoping that the time and effort she’s putting in will pay off with a full-time summer job at the magazine. Later, Sebastian’s mom shows up at school to complain and cry about the way his dad treats her. After a bit of TMI that no teenager – or anyone for that matter – wants to hear about their own parents’ bedroom activities, he’s finally able to calm her down. Sebastian tells Carrie the whole thing and then admits that he doesn’t want his parents to get back together because they’re always fighting. He’s happy with them being divorced and apart.
Next week rolls around and Carrie arrives at Interview ready to start her Spring Break on a good note. She’s only been in the office for a few minutes when they receive a call from Andy Warhol’s assistant. Larissa needs to pick up a package but Bennett tells Carrie that she won’t be back for days. He assures her that canceling the errand will put an end to her Interview dreams. Carrie decides to fix it by pretending to be Larissa and picking up the package herself. What could possibly go wrong, right?
Look, I love Mouse but her storyline this week was a bit odd and frankly not very interesting, so I’m going to run right through it. Her whole mission this episode was to be the best basketball team manager she could be, in an effort to impress Harvard by displaying entrepreneurship. She calls a meeting with the team where she proceeds to rank each player and then points out each of their strengths and weaknesses. West is obviously not happy about it, telling her that ranking the teammates only causes problems and it defeats the purpose of a team. At the end she no longer wants to be manager and takes a page from the Donna La Donna handbook – causing conflicts between the players – to get herself fired. However, we do see some little hints of romance when West tells her that he will miss having her as manager. I had a feeling this was going to turn into a love-hate relationship.
So what’s Tom doing while his kids are on Spring Break? He joins a meditation class where he meets a hot new lady with an annoying gum chewing habit. As the class goes on he can’t stand it anymore and confronts the lady about the gum popping. Everyone thinks he’s overreacting, because apparently he’s the only one that heard it, so he ends up leaving the class. Later, gum lady runs into Tom at a restaurant right after their meditation class and he tells her she’s the most annoying person he’s ever met. He doesn’t seem to be too annoyed because we promptly cut to them making out in the back of his car like a couple of hormonal teenagers. We also find out her name, Deb. If that wasn’t funny enough, Sebastian and Maggie just happen to be walking down the street when they spot Tom getting frisky with his new lady friend. They agree not to tell Carrie about it – they don’t want to freak her out and they don’t even know if it’s just a one-time thing.
Later, when Sebastian gets home, his mom is crying again over another fight with his dad. She tells him that she’s always relied on him and considers him her “rock.” Sebastian isn’t happy about it, he’s the kid and is expected to be treated as such. He tells her that the best thing for their family is for her and his dad to be apart. She admits she’s afraid to be alone and he promises she will always have him.
Back at Interview, Walt arrives to have lunch with Carrie but Bennett tells him she’s out running an errand, so they have lunch together instead. Carrie for her part, goes to pick up Larissa’s package – adequately dressed for the part, of course. The store lady doesn’t believer her at first but Carrie’s ingenuity and Larissa impersonation finally sells it. The store lady then tries to bribe her with clothes so their spring line can be featured on the cover of Interview. She calls Bennett, who tells her to go along with it. Later, a woman shows up at the store with her package and she obviously has a vendetta against Larissa. She accuses her of sleeping with her boyfriend – who’s the delivery guy – and attacks her with everything in sight. Carrie finally admits to not being Larissa but runs off with the package anyway.  
She returns to Interview with the package – Walt and Bennett are still having lunch. She’s freaking out about it possibly being drugs but when they open it, they find out it’s actually Andy Warhol’s wig. She still needs to deliver it to him at a club and Walt and Bennett go with her. The address leads them to a children clothes store. They think they have the wrong place but Bennett realizes it’s a traveling underground club. She tries to get in by pretending to be Larissa but the bouncer knows Larissa personally so that plan fails. Carrie tries again, and this time tells him the truth about who she is. When the bouncer finds out she has Andy’s wig, he calls his assistant. The assistant is very impressed by her timely delivery and tells her she should take care of that from now on.
Meanwhile, Bennett runs into an old friend – flame? – and you can clearly see the disappointment in Walt’s face. 
When they return to Interview, Carrie asks Walt why he’s so upset over Bennett. After dancing around the subject for a bit, he finally admits to Carrie that he might be gay. She tells him there is nothing wrong with how he feels and that whatever happens, she loves him and is there for him.
The next day, Carrie and Sebastian meet at The Diner and she tells him everything about her adventure. She’s excited about the possibility of getting a summer job at Interview after Larissa called to thank her about covering for her. The episode ends with Carrie back in Manhattan for her internship. She’s starting to finally feel like she belongs there, like she’s a part of the city.
What did you think of this week’s Carrie Diaries? Only one more episode before the season finale! I can’t believe the end is near! Are you guys all forming prayer circles for its renewal? I am!


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