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The Carrie Diaries "Kiss Yesterday Goodbye" Recap

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/11/2013 7:59 pm
The Carrie Diaries

Elena Butler

Staff Writer

I can’t believe that was the end of the season, not because it wasn’t a great episode that perfectly set up what’s to come – if the series gets picked up for Season 2 – but because I love this show so much that I’m sad to see it end.  Also, I’ve always liked Maggie and “Kiss Yesterday Goodbye” made me question why I liked her in the first place.  So many makeups and breakups and hookups, I think it might have made me bipolar for that hour I watched.  Okay, here goes, the last recap of the season…

The episode picks up a few weeks after Sebastian and Carrie’s break up.  Mouse and Maggie try to convince her that he wasn’t that great anyway.  Seriously, Maggie even tried to call him “ugly,” but quickly gave up and admitted that she’s bummed the relationship came to an end.  Since boys are out of the question, they will have to go to prom as a trio. Except, Mouse already has a date and it’s not her “hot boyfriend” West.  That’s right, Mouse’s parents are racists against anyone who’s not Chinese and they won’t allow her to be with anyone who’s not part of the Ch’ing Dynasty.  They’ve set her up with a nice Chinese boy named Eugene for prom.  Can’t wait to meet him!  Maggie then gets distracted when Simon walks into the Diner with his fiancée.  I can’t believe the nerve on this guy, he goes up to her and introduce them like it’s no big deal. Ugh.

At Interview,Larissa tells Carrie she’s going on vacation to Kyoto to learn the ways of the Geisha – because she’s Larissa and she can, so why not?  She offers Carrie the position of receptionist for the summer and also her loft.  Carrie obviously takes the (unpaid) job but is a bit unsure about moving into the city.  Upon arriving home, she’s greeted by a pair of cuddling teenagers on her sofa – Dorrit and Miller – but they’re not alone, Sebastian’s there as well.  Makeup alert! He tells Carrie that he misses her and apologizes for letting her break up with him.  They both offer their apologies and are quickly back to being Kyddshaw.  This time, Carrie tells him that she loves him, more than once.  She loves him with all her heart, it hurts.  Upstairs, Dorrit is getting a little ahead of herself in the sexy times business but Miller asks her to take her time and wait.
At school, Maggie, Carrie and Walt talk about their plans for prom.  Carrie and Sebastian are back together so they’re going as a couple.  Walt and Maggie decide to go together as good friends.  The smiles and joy are short-lived when Maggie tells Carrie that she likes how Sebastian protects her.  Carrie knows there’s something she’s keeping from her and Maggie quickly folds and tells her about seeing her dad with his lady friend (Deb).  Carrie confronts Sebastian about keeping that secret from her.  He tries to justify it by saying he was trying to protect her from getting hurt.  Carrie is definitely hurt that his father has moved on so fast after her mother’s death.  Breakup Alert!  She points out that they’re very different, maybe a little too much. Carrie repeats that she loves him so much it hurts but questions if love is supposed to be painful.  She says she doesn’t want to live in pain and walks away from him.  Sebastian is mad with Maggie for telling Carrie.  He questions if she’s sabotaging their relationship on purpose.  Maggie denies it and feels like her own relationships don’t work because of her. Sebastian tells her things with Walt wouldn’t have worked anyway because he’s gay.

Okay, I know Maggie might just be ignorant – like so many people still are today – so I won’t accuse her of being a homophobe.  However, publicly outing Walt at the Diner was uncalled for.  I understand that she’s a girl that’s suffered from low self-esteem and always questioned her self-worth but she kind of went overboard.  She’s not only angry with Walt for keeping the truth from her but then paints Carrie as a hypocrite for also keeping secrets.  

The night of the prom finally arrives but Walt and Carrie decide not to go – they’re going to Larissa’s going away party instead.  It’s only Junior Prom anyway!  Tom, who this episode has been running off to the “gym” as soon as night comes around, bids goodbye to Carrie.  She knows what’s really going on and cryptically lets him that spending time with family is more important than the “gym.”  Tom does have a conversation with Deb and he feels like his kids aren’t ready for him to date quite yet.  He asks her for some time, before they can actually go public.  Dorrit, for her part, is ready for the next step in her relationship and her road to adulthood.  She goes over to Miller’s place where he’s arranged the perfect atmosphere for their first time together – and her first time, period.  He seems like a sweet, genuine guy, and even though I wasn’t so receptive to the idea of Dorrit losing it at such a young age, I feel like I can trust him.  Don’t let me down, Miller!

Oh my God!  Thank goodness for one of the most comedic moments this episode!  After the breakups and the crying, I was glad to have a good laugh.  Meeting Mouse’s date, Eugene, was a riot!  A little, scrawny, Asian boy who looks about 10, wearing huge glasses and braces, is helping her get ready for prom.  Mouse laments not being able to go with West instead but that’s before Eugene let her in on some important information.  Turns out the Ch’ing Dynasty isn’t really royalty. In truth, they come from a long line of farmers and peasants.  Mouse knows she’s the most prominent person in her family to date and as a result they can’t force her to abide by their “racist” rules.  She goes in search of West, who is playing arcade games at the Diner.  She’s determined to share a dance with her boyfriend at prom and so they do just that, without a care in the world.  During the last minutes of the episode, we see that she actually brings him home to meet her family.

At the going away party, Walt and Bennett talk about the difficulties of being gay and being accepted.  The two seem to be getting fine and dandy and the chemistry is definitely there.  Towards the end of the episode, they walk the streets of Manhattan, when Walt initiates a kiss.  Bennett likes him, but insists on waiting until he’s no longer “jailbait.”  He assures him that he’ll be counting down the days until his 18th birthday.  I love Bennett, so much! Carrie receives some advice from Larissa:  she should be with someone that challenges her – the traditional suburban life is not for Carrie Bradshaw.  

Maggie and Sebastian are at local bar, wait, what?  Were alcohol laws different back in the 80’s?  Anyway, that’s not important.  The important thing is that they both violate a HUGE friend code.  She apologizes for telling Carrie about Tom and they talk about their broken hearts.  The whole time, I’m sitting there going, “You’re getting a little too close, Maggie!”  And then my worst nightmare (and Carrie’s) comes true when she goes in for a kiss.  The worst part?  Sebastian goes in for a second!  My heart ached for Carrie, you guys!  To make things worst, Carrie is convinced Sebastian is the right guy for her and goes looking for him at his home later that night.  Makeup Alert! She‘s happy and also apologetic for their breakup and wants to get back together. Sebastian wants to tell her about Maggie but he doesn’t let him talk. They go up to his room and kiss but he insists on just sleeping together and cuddling instead of getting down and dirty. 

The next morning Carrie comes home to an empty house.  She doesn’t even get to enjoy a few more moments of happiness when Maggie shows up and tells her about the kiss.  Breakup Alert!  She insists that it meant nothing and makes up excuses for her actions.  Carrie finally tells Maggie the brutal truth: she always wants to be the center of attention and finds excuses for her actions. She tells her that she need to live with her choices and reminds her that she’s never really been a good friend to her.  That marks the end of Carrie and Maggie’s life-long friendship.  Sebastian tries to call Carrie – I’m assuming his conscious is killing him at this point – but she doesn’t pick up.  Towards the end of the episode we see that Maggie’s gone back to her old habits – sleeping around with Simon just to feel good about herself.  Someone needs to help this girl, ASAP!

Dorrit gets home, happy as can be, to find Carrie suffering from another heartbreak. Carrie is worried that she will also be hurt by Miller, since he’s much older than her, but Dorrit assures her that she’s happy and they love each other.  I’m so glad her storyline didn’t turn into one of immediate regret!  The doorbell rings and Carrie knows that it’s Sebastian.  Dorrit tells him that she’s home even though he knows she just doesn’t want to see him.  Sebastian leaves without having a chance to talk with her.  Later, Tom and Carrie have a conversation about “the gym” and she agrees that he can continue his relationship but she’s not quite ready to meet his lady.

The episode ends with a glimpse of Carrie and Walt’s summer life in Manhattan.  They’ve both moved into Larissa’s loft and seem very happy with their choice.

What did you guys think of the season finale?  Were you bummed that Sebastian and Carrie ended in bad terms?  Are you forming prayer circles so the TV gods renew The Carrie Diaries for a second season?


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