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The Carrie Diaries 'The Great Unknown' Recap! So Much Drama!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/13/2013 1:15 am

Elena Butler
Staff Writer

I love the Carrie Diaries so, so much! I want this show to get renewed already because I can’t picture not having it in my life anymore. It’s funny and heartwarming and just overall one of the best things ever! I’ve fallen in love just as hard as Carrie’s falling for Sebastian. This week’s episode “The Great Unknown” was so much fun! Let’s get to it and break it down!


A few weeks have passed since Carrie left Interview and it’s now February. Valentine’s Day has already passed, so we won’t be seeing any cards, balloons, or chocolates. It’s okay, I wasn’t looking forward to Carrie and Sebastian being all cute and adorable or anything, whatever CW. Carrie finds out that they’re couple nickname in school is “Kyddshaw” and that everyone already knew except for her. She seems excited and maybe even a little startled, but more on that later.

Mouse is busy trying to figure out a Rubik’s cube when a boy named West solves it for her. She notices that he’s wearing a letterman jacket and is intrigued, bringing out Mouse’s over-the-top competitive side.

In another part of town – definitely not in school – Walt is giving Donna what seems to be the most amazing massage in the world, judging by her reactions. Is it wrong that I kind of, sort of like them together? I still prefer Maggie – who isn’t in this episode – a ton more but I have to admit Walt brings out the “nice” side of Donna.

Meanwhile, Tom – aka the best character on this show – is stretching before his game of racket ball and gets some special help from an aerobics instructor, Misty. She offers to give him a schedule for her class and invites him to her office. As it turns out, all she wants to do is have some naughty fun. I love how the ladies just swarm to him like bees to honey and he’s always genuinely surprised by the attention.

Carrie and Sebastian – should I call them Kyddshaw? – are so in love, you guys! They’re making out and being all cute but then Sebastian offers her his coat and her eyes widen like she’s seen a ghost and refuses to take it. Later at her house, she’s ugly-crying while talking with Mouse about their relationship. Carrie “complains” about Sebastian offering his coat, them having a nickname, giving her chocolate covered marshmallows for Valentine’s Day, and setting her up with a house account at the Diner so she can order all the french fries she wants. She really likes him and is falling in love with him but is also very afraid to lose him. Carrie is even thinking of breaking up with him over her fear. What is happening right now? Seriously, what is wrong with you, Carrie Bradshaw?

The next day Sebastian approaches her at school, and when he tries to plan another hang out, she takes Mouse’s advice of keeping things light and simple and tells him they should just play it by ear. Sebastian, knowing Carrie is a planner, finds this odd but still goes along with it.

Mouse seems to have taken that Rubik’s solving quite seriously. She’s worried that jocks might actually be intelligent and therefore someone she should be competing against for good grades. She volunteers to help a teacher with extra credit and snoops in her files only to find out West is number one in the class, making her number two. She’s telling Carrie all about it when they spot Donna and Walt. They obviously don’t like seeing them together but their friendship with Walt remains intact.

Back at home, Tom is planning on going to the city for his racket ball tournament. When Carrie offers to drive him, she gets shut down pretty quickly. She’s in charge of taking Dorritt to the library so she can work on her history paper. After they return home with a pile of xerox copies in hands, Sebastian shows up at the house. I’m now convinced he only owns one jacket and you all know exactly which one I’m talking about. Carrie asks if he wants to watch a movie but in typical teenage fashion, they opt for making out instead. Carrie gets annoyed by Dorritt’s punk rock music blasting upstairs but when she goes to check on her she finds out that she sneaked out of her room.

Carrie calls all of Dorritt’s friends but nobody knows where she is. Sebastian figures out that Dorritt’s doing her report on the day Sid Vicious killed his girlfriend at the Chelsea Hotel and that’s probably where she ran off to. Carrie is hesitant about going to the city after Tom forbid her to but Sebastian convinces her to go.

Tom asks Harlan for advice on what to do about Misty. Harlan tells him to just take what he’s getting from her and not give anything in return. “Ask for another one” he says, “Misty has learned the most important of lessons, it is better to give than receive.” Wise words, Harlan. Larissa shows up at the gym just as they’re talking and he thanks Tom for “setting them up.” Apparently they’ve been hooking up since that night at Limelight. 

Back at school, Mouse confronts West about being number 1 in the class. They’re officially competing against each other for that number one spot and he challenges her to a “cube off”. We see her train at the Diner with the oh-so-appropriate “Eye of the Tiger” playing in the background. Mouse ends up winning the competition but West is quick to put a wrench in her celebration. He tells her that being a black, male athlete and coming from a single-mother household makes him a college admissions unicorn.

Donna and Walt return home after a day at the mall. Now I know why Donna likes him so much – Walt loves shopping! She tries to take off his clothes but he tells her he wants to take it slow. To say that she finds his behavior weird is an understatement. Later, she tries to seduce him but fails miserably – Walt even accidentally knocks her off the bed. Her reaction is understandable and she poses the question we all already know the answer to, “Are you even interested in girls?” Walt admits that he likes girls but doesn’t want to have sex with her. Donna, having a gay brother, is very understanding of his situation and asks him if he’s also gay. Walt is still unable to fully admit it but he does say he doesn’t know.

Carrie and Sebastian are getting ready to head to the city to look for Dorritt but she starts getting mad at him and blaming him for distracting her. Carrie admits that every time they’re together he gets her in trouble and someone always gets hurt. She leaves Sebastian after telling him that letting him in was her first mistake. By the time she gets to Manhattan, Sebastian is already at the Chelsea with Dorritt. He goes back to his car, while the girls have a talk. Dorritt tells Carrie that she’s always afraid of things going wrong but she shouldn’t care. I’m not at all surprised that Dorritt gives better advice than some of the adults on this show. Before going home, Carrie tells Sebastian that she’s scared of where their relationship is heading and of losing him. She knows there aren’t any guarantees things will turn out right but at the moment, she won’t worry about that.

At the gym, Larissa tries talking with Tom about his Misty situation but he’s unwilling to talk about sex with a woman. She tells him women now are different and that he deserves someone who’s confident. The conversation quickly turns to Carrie and they argue about her real passion. Larissa tells him that Carrie’s “growing up” process is a matter of “who and what she wants to be.” She challenges Tom to decide what kind of father he’s going to be for her. Later that evening, Carrie is writing in her diary when Tom comes to her room asking if they can talk. He tells her he’s had a change of heart about Interview Magazine and wants her to pursue her dreams and figure out who she is and what she wants.

Back at school, Mouse has decided to pick up golf in order to be real competition for West and Carrie finds out that Walt and Donna broke up. The rumor going around school is that Walt is so well endowed that Donna couldn’t handle it. I’m starting to change my mind about Donna LaDonna you guys. She might not be that bad after all. Sebastian joins the group, having already heard the rumor. When he sees Carrie shiver he once again asks if she’s cold and offers her his jacket. This time, she takes it.

What do you guys think of Kyddshaw, are you down with the nickname? Did you miss Maggie as much as I did? So many things happened in this episode, tell us your favorite! (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

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