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The Carrie Diaries "The Long and Winding Road Not Taken" Recap!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/19/2013 11:01 am
The Carrie Diaries


Staff Writer

Oh, teenage love! Remember when you were in high school and everything was unicorns and rainbows when you were with your significant other? I would imagine that’s exactly how Carrie was feeling this week, up until Sebastian kind of ruined her chances at getting her book published. Ouch! She handled it pretty well though, I would have probably raged. Anyway, Tom finally got a break from making out with random ladies and getting serviced at the gym but someone else got a bit of action this week, and I have a feeling he won’t be happy when he finds out.
Let’s get down to business and break down “The Long and Winding Road Not Taken.”
(Spoilers Ahead)
Carrie and Sebastian are so in love! Or at least, I think they are. Either way, at that age you confuse love with infatuation so easily that it doesn’t even matter. Why get into specifics? I’m surprised they just make out in the school hall without any adults raining on their parade. 
At the Diner, Maggie wishes things with Walt were back to the way they used to be. Carrie wants them to make up before her birthday, so they can all celebrate together. Maggie thinks Carrie is going to lose her virginity on her birthday but Carrie doesn’t seem so sure. Mouse is still worried about her low grades and blames it on having sex with Seth, so she warns Carrie not to go down that path. She tells the girls that later she’s meeting with someone who graduated from Harvard – building connections will help her in the long run.
Back at school, we see Donna obsessing over a new, red Coach bag. She wants the Jens to find it for her since it’s sold out everywhere. Mouse meets up with, Stacy – her Harvard connection. Everything starts off fine until Mouse shows her the trophy display and Stacy asks about Thomas West. Just as they’re talking about him, West introduces himself to Stacy and quickly lets her know that he’s number one in the class. Mouse knows she can’t lose Stacy to West, so when he invites her to a party the school is hosting for Spirit Day, Mouse invites herself too.
At Interview, Larissa receives the new Coach bag that Donna is dying over. They’re planning a party and Larissa wants Carrie to be there on Friday but she’s torn because she wanted to celebrate her birthday. She decides not to tell Larissa about her birthday plans and help her with the party instead. When she goes back to school, she asks Sebastian to come to the party as her +1. Donna approaches them, asking Carrie if it’s possible for her to get her the new Coach bag, since she works at Interview. Sebastian tells her to forget about it. 
Walt and Maggie address her infidelity issue and he tells her he understands why she cheated. He knows that it wasn’t just her fault and he realizes that he couldn’t love her the way she wanted. Maggie is very pleased by his reaction and surprised that he’s taking it so well. Later, at the Diner, Mouse is relieved that Carrie’s party got cancelled, since she’s going to the Spirit Day party with Stacy. Maggie tells them Walt apologized and that she thinks he wants to get back with her. When Walt joins them at the table he mentions Maggie and him being “just friends” and she gets confused. 
Tom tells Dorrit that he’s planning on giving Carrie a credit card for her birthday, much to her dismay and obvious jealousy. He gives her money so she can buy Carrie a record. When she goes to the record store, she also attempts to shoplift a couple tapes. The kid working at the record store – who just happens to be cute and about her age – catches her and locks her in a room, telling her he’s going to call the police. Later, he lets her out, saying he just wanted to scare her and teach her a lesson. Dorrit gets mad and leaves the store without even taking the record she had purchased for Carrie.
Sebastian shows up at Carrie’s house and tells her his mom wants to get together with him on Friday – her birthday. She seems fine with it but you can tell she’s disappointed. When Friday arrives, Walt goes with her to the Interview party as her +1. Larissa tells her she’s free to work the room if she wants. Carrie tells Walt about Donna and the Coach bag, wondering how he can be friends with her. Walt tells her that he feels like he can talk to Donna and that she’s a good listener. 
Later, Larissa talks to Carrie about a book publisher that’s in attendance and makes it possible for her to meet him. Walt sees Bennett – the guy who kissed him at the Halloween party and apologizes for overreacting that night. Bennett tells Walt that he’s gay and comfortable with being that way, even sharing with him the moment he realized he couldn’t stop denying who he really was. Carrie, for her part, is working her magic with the publisher and he seems to really like her. Just when he’s talking to her about publishing her book, Sebastian shows up at the party and inadvertently interrupts. The publisher loses interest, leaving Carrie feeling conflicted. 
Tom catches Dorrit trying to pass one of her mother’s old records as a birthday gift for Carrie. He thinks she’s lying about buying Carrie a gift and she’s forced to go back to the store to get the one she bought. When she gets there, she talks with the guy who works there again and they seem to connect. He tells her that her eyes gave her away and even shows her how to shoplift properly. He ends up giving her the tapes she was stealing in the first place and tells her that she’s very pretty. Dorrit tells him she’s never been kissed before and when he asks if he can be her first, she says yes. I really hope we see more of this kid because there’s no way this show can deprive us of Tom’s reaction to her youngest daughter liking a boy.
Mouse meets up with Stacy at the Spirit Day party. She basically tells her that she doesn’t have a chance at Harvard because she’s a dime a dozen. Mouse knows West has a huge advantage because he not only excels in academics but also athletics. Later, Mouse tells Stacy she doesn’t need to suck up to the popular kids anymore. Stacy realizes Mouse is right and laments not having a friend like her when she was in high school. Stacy asks her to help her organize the teams for their yearbook picture and after doing such a good job at it, the teammates even consider offering her the position of manager. Later, Maggie talks to Donna about Walt and tells her she’s not Walt’s type. Donna laughs, knowing very well that she definitely isn’t and advises Maggie to move on. I’m really surprised by the way Donna is handling all of this, she really is being a good friend to Walt and keeping his secret like she promised.
Sebastian pours himself drink after drink, until he’s too drunk to even walk properly. Carrie knows she’s lost her chance with the publisher at this point and it’s probably best for them to leave. She drives them back to Sebastian’s home, probably stalling a million times on the way there – she’s not the best at stick shift. Sebastian reveals that her mother once again cancelled her plans with him. He asks Carrie is she wants to stay the night. After she agrees, they start making out but are interrupted by the doorbell. Sebastian’s mom is at the door, openly complaining about her relationship issues and completely ignoring Carrie until Sebastian brings it to her attention. Carrie knows he needs to speak with his mother and decides to go home. 
The next morning, Tom give Carrie her gift and she is beyond excited about her new credit card. She goes up to tell Dorrit who gives her a mix tape of their mom’s favorite songs. She invites her to breakfast at the Diner. When they get there, Donna is waiting for Carrie, who asked her to meet her there. Carrie hands her the Coach bag and tells her it’s a “thank you” for being a good friend to Walt. After Donna leaves, Maggie arrives at the Diner with Walt. She tries to get back together with him but he tells her he only loves her as a friend. The episode ends with the group, including Sebastian, celebrating Carrie’s birthday.
I love the way the show is handling Walt’s slowly coming out story and how these kids’ friendship remains the main core of the show. What did you guys think of this week’s episode?


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