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The Final Three Give It Their All On The Voice: Who Will WIn it?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


06/18/2013 6:35 pm
The Final Three Give It Their All On The Voice: Who Will WIn it?

Bec Heim

Tarra Matthews

, &

 Erika Rivera

Content Editor & Managing Editors

So we have finally made it to the Final Three of season four of The Voice! It’s finale time! Only three left in the competition! I can’t believe it! Who will take it all? Will it be newbie coach Team Usher’s Michelle Chamuel or will it be Team Blake’s The Swon Brothers or Danielle Bradbery? It all comes down to tonight’s performances! Let’s get to it!


Bec’s Take: 

Right now the Country Army marches forward with only Michelle Chamuel as the lone defender against a non-country winner. Will she triumph? Who knows? Hell I would prefer The Swon Brothers to win at least have a personality.

Will they win against Danielle Bradbery though?

Probably not. 

But I’m Team Chamuel all the way! We pretty much know that she is going to be star no matter what happens. Usher will make sure of that.

First we start up with a recap over everything.

Now that Usher is here he wants blood baby! I love it!

“With A Little Help From My Friends” sung by The Coaches: I never saw this song with hug flaming pillars of fire. It’s kind of awesome. There are some technical issues with microphones in the beginning. Once things get going though it’s really good! Usher’s falsetto is awesome! They sound really good and their voices blend really well together.

Adam and Shakira are both here to be cheerleaders. All Usher wants is for Michelle to be her best. Blake just wants them to be theirselves.

“I Can’t Tell You Why” sung by The Swons: They want to bring an extra spark of special. I like them as people. But again they are just so bland as performers. It was nice, lowkey and falsetto. I do, however, find it a little bit bland but more in there wheelhouse. The only interesting thing was Shakira with her little flag. Usher likes it the song and this new facet to their voices. Shakira is just cheering for everyone tonight. Adam thought they did well. Blake tries to sell the Swon Brothers to America again.

Usher gives Michelle an AMAZINGLY SWEET MESSAGE!!!!! It was just so sweet and just AMAZING! OHMYGOD!!!!!! USHER!!!!!

“I Knew You Were Trouble” sung by Michelle Chamuel: She nails it. Michelle has energy. She has emotion. She just gives it her all. It’s flawless. It’s like a goddamn diamond it’s so flawless! The crowd goes absolutely gaga over it. They won’t shut up! It’s AWESOME! Shakira adores Michelle and thinks she’s amazing. Adam adores her natural energy on the stage. Blake thinks Michelle is a rockstar now. Usher is just beaming.

“Timber, I’m Falling In Love” sung by Danielle Bradbery and Blake Shelton: Oh God. Blake. Have you been drinking?! You have more sense then this man! Just…. No. It’s…just no. God no. I…What the hell am I watching? Can no one say no to Blake? Did no one listen to this song?! SHE’S SIXTEEN! NO ONE BLAKE’S AGE SHOULD SING ABOUT FALLING IN LOVE WITH A SIXTEEN YEAR OLD!!!! OhmyGod just no. Stop it. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. Where is Adam’s WTF face? I just ohmyGod. Why won’t it end?! I know they probably mean it another way but no. Oh God why isn’t it ending? I don’t think I can take much more. This was the worst coach-singer duet I have ever heard in my life. Maybe if the set didn’t look like a toddler’s room? No. It wouldn’t help. This is just so wrong.

“Danny’s Song” sung by The Swon Brothers: They do better the second time. They put emotion in it and it doesn’t sound generic. This is where they should have been for most of the show. They should stick with more low key singer/songwriter stuff then classic country. They shine here so much more. Usher thinks that they personalized the song. Adam is mad that Usher took what he is going to say. He thought it was excellent. Blake thinks the Swons were awesome and the cover will go far. I hope their duet goes better with Blake then Danielle’s. I still have it in my head.

“Why” sung by Michelle Chamuel: Usher and Michelle just make me tear up all the time. Michelle needs to be herself and hang onto who she is as a person and an artist. Usher and Michelle always make me cry in happy tears. She sings with a mirror that turns about to be a TV! OHMYGOD THAT’S SO COOL!!!!! She has a choir behind here. It’s just utterly amazing! Her voice was perfection. I loved how it just built and built and it was sooo satisfying and beautiful. Shakira wears Chamuel glasses to show support! She respects Michelle as an artist but adores her as a person. Blake is freaked out by the mirror trick. He also likes her laid back performance in comparison with her high energy ones. Usher thought that she was phenomenal! Michelle looks like she’s going to cry when Usher starts giving her those words of love and support.

Blake meets the parents of The Swon Brothers. They speak about how their parents helped them. A usual punishment was “Go in your room and don’t come out until you write a song.” After fifteen years of “no”, they were happy to hear “yes” from Blake. He also picks up the check.

“Celebrity” sung by Blake Shelton and The Swon Brothers: Dear God I hope this is not as frightening as the duet Blake did with Danielle Bradbery. This is so much better than it. I just wish there weren’t awkward people dancing in the background while they sing. I also think that this song may be a little too tongue-in-cheek. Because hello! This is a reality show! I still prefer this over what I got earlier. So much. Just so much. Plus it’s kind of fun.

“Maybe It Was Memphis” sung by Danielle Bradbery: There is nothing new here. I mean she is just…yeah no. There is nothing new here. At least Michelle and the Swons did different things with their songs. I think if we played this side by side with her other one it will sound exactly the same. I’m sure she’s a nice girl. But she’s too young here! She is just too young! I can’t…She seems like a nice girl. It’s just that she needs to grow as a performer. Shakira’s cowboy costume change is adorable. Adam throws his support behind Team Blake. Usher says that Adam told him the same thing about Michelle backstage. She hasn’t grown as an artist at all. Can no one see this?

“Home” sung by Danielle Bradbery, The Swon Brothers and Michelle Chamuel: Oh God they choose a country song? This is so not cool. OHMYGOD IT’S OLD CONTESTANTS TO SUPPORT THEM! That is soo sweet! WHERE’S JOSIAH?!?!?! Michelle just shines here. She’s not even a country person. It is nice to see everyone. This is so sweet. CAROLINE GLASER! Girl you looking really good! I’m so happy to see everyone! This is awesome! The song is bland as all hell. But at least I get to see everyone.

Michelle and her family have lunch with Usher!!!! Michelle’s family were refugees. They want her to live the American Dream. Usher respects Michelle’s family and her mom. Usher is just so happy that he can help with her career and that he met her. He adores her.  Their epic bromance would just last for life.

“One” sung by Michelle Chamuel and Usher: FINALLY!!!!!! I’ve been WAITING for this!!!  They have such amazing chemistry together. This is how you do a coach and contestant duet. They both give and give. It’s just so perfect. I am squeezing all over the place in the other amazingness here!!!!! THEY SQUAT!!! OHMYGOD THIS IS JUST A-FUCKING-MAZING!!! The hug at the end! THE HUG! Michelle leaning her head on his chest! It was soooo amazing! Just yes! SO MUCH YES! Go home. This was perfection. PERIOD. FOREVER 

“Born To Fly” sung by Danielle Bradbery: This whole montage is just such a tongue bath. I’m sorry. She seems like a nice girl. She just has such issues with connection. Blake, unlike the Swons and Michelle, chose this song for Danielle. Uh-huh. See? This is a clear sign that she needs to grow up a bit more before she can become a performer in her own right. She’s a teenager. She needs to grow up first then she can become famous. The song itself? It exists. I don’t even care. After Usher and Michelle nothing in the world matters to me right now. The judges give her a tongue bathing and I just sigh. I miss Christina’s bitchiness at these moments.

So that’s it!

GO VOTE FOR MICHELLE CHAMUEL!!!! #4eyesontheprize

Tarra’s Take:

Final 3 let’s get this!! 2 from Blake’s and 1 from Usher’s team, we all know wo I’m rooting for!!’

Coaches song “Little Help From My Friends”

So I guess we can’t just have Adam and Shakira sitting there looking pretty this week, we have to put them to work too. This song sounds a HOT MESS there’s like, a choir that’s overpowering everything and the 4 coaches sound like they didn’t practice together at all. On the upside, DAMN USHER, you can actually really sing. Petition for an Usher acoustic album?

The SWON Brothers “I Can’t Tell You Why”

The first duo to make it to the Finals of the Voice ever. I like them and they are unique. Nice Johnny Cash wardrobe guys, but I’m also feeling a bit of a Bee Gees vibe and Usher agreed. They seems to always have a great time on stage. Their brotherly bond comes through loud and clear more and more each week.

When judges on these shows say “this is the best season yet” every season I get that maybe it could be the truth but it does lose meaning after a while.

Michelle CHAMUEL “I Knew You Were Trouble”

Okay so now time for the, “listen to all these amazing things about yourself and then go perform without crying” portion of the show. I don’t know if I would have picked THIS as Michelle’s defining moment on the show but I can understand why Usher picked it. Of course she performed well so there’s no real point to even talk about that. Thanks for the vocabulary lesson Shakira by the way. Hehehe

Danielle Bradbury “Timber (I’m Falling In Love)”

Now for a lesson in ‘awkward family gatherings’ thanks to Blake. I was great to see Danielle’s family support her so much. I don’t know why Blake chose this song because it gives off ALL the creepy vibes. I guess I will never be a big country fan because that did nothing for me at all. Good job though I suppose.

The SWON Brothers “Danny’s Song”

Oh goodness ALL THE CANDLES are back! I remember loving this performance the first time so seeing them sing it again is a special treat. Adam and Usher pretty much said everything I wanted to say so I defer to them.

Michelle CHAMUEL “Why”

A song that I don’t hear often but love it every time I do. The gospel/choir aspect mixed with her uniqueness will do well. I like that usher carried through the mirror theme with this performance because I think that was a great way for her to grow. But… What just happened? What mirror shenanigans are you pulling, that’s not her reflection? GAH the rest of this performance is staged so simply and beautifully it really fits Michelle.

"Clearly your coaches are Usher and David Blaine." Favourite line of the night.

The SWON Brothers “Celebrity”

Isn’t their family so precious!?!?! Uncle Blake is a nice addition. But like seriously, they look related. This song is so AMURRICAN it hurts guys. Like seriously a great satire on the celebrity culture we are obsessed with. I don’t quite understand the dancing in the background though…

Danielle Bradbury “Maybe It Was Memphis”

This is the only song that she’s done that I remember by name. Again, meh but nice 50’s lampshade dress. I do agree that she’s grown a lot since she came to the show. I think Blake likes Danielle more than the Swons… And apparently Adam does too.

Time for the cheesy BRING ALL THE PEOPLE BACK performance. Doesn’t this usually happen finale night?

Michelle CHAMUEL “One”

I’ll say it again, USHER ACOUSTIC ALBUM. Favourite performance of the night. Only thing I ask is Usher tones down his personal choreography. You can tell that dance is a big part of him and what he does, music just flows through him effortlessly. Michelle is just fantastic as usual.

Danielle Bradbury “Born To Fly”

An uptempo song finally huh? Better late then never. Why isn’t she MOVING?!?! Upbeat songs mean moving people. I want to see your inner Tswift come out girl. If she wins I’m setting myself on fire.

Erika’s Take:

Filler performance: All the coaches perform the theme from The Wonder Years, which I totally love, by the way. Adam sounds amazing and Shakira does too. Usher and Blake hit some weird notes but it’s okay because I love this song! I just need the background singers to be turned down because they are drowning out the coaches again!

Team Blake: The Swon Brothers are up first. They do a quick montage about their experience on the show so far. They pick “I Can’t Tell You Why” by the Eagles. They better not ruin this song. I love the Eagles, and the last song by them on this season was not that great. They are going with the falsetto, which we haven’t heard from them this season. This ought to be interesting. Oh dear…the vocals were a bit uneven on some parts, and the falsettos were not that great….Not to mention that as a duo, only one of them sings most lyrics. It’s good that they tried something different but they might have reached too high with this one.

Team Usher: Michelle is up first and Usher asks her to reprise her breakout “I Knew You Were Trouble” by Taylor Swift. This was a game changer for her as it showed she could do a different style. Now that we get to hear the longer version of the song, you can really see that Michelle made it her own. I just love Michelle’s runs on this song. She definitely gave us more with this version. That high note was EVERYTHING! My favorite thing about her is that she never fails to deliver a great performance, and the audience eats up that energy!

Team Blake: Danielle Bradbery is the first of the finalist to duet with her coach. They are going to duet to “Timber I’m Falling in Love”. This song is all shades of wrong to sing with a 16 year old, Blake….seriously, bad song choice…..why would you do this? It also didn’t help that the set looked like a 3 year old’s room….the age difference is too great for me to overlook this….Vocally, they did decent. Danielle’s vocals never change. Nothing spectacular there. That’s all I can say.

Team Blake: The Swon’s are back. Blake chooses their best performance to date to reprise: “Danny’s Song”. Great choice for them. They really did this song justice and I enjoyed it. Only problem is this song choice is that THEY JUST DID THIS SONG LAST WEEK! Really? Not really fair as it is fairly fresh but okay. I’ll sway in the background with my lighter up as it makes me happy. 

Team Usher: Michelle is back. They do a montage of how she did this season. I get goosebumps because you can tell she has grown. She picks “Why” by Annie Lennox. I’m dying because I love me some Annie Lennox. Michelle, you just keep on endearing yourself to me. She totally nailed the restrained quality needed for this song. Such a low key performance by her but it worked beautifully for this song. She started singing to a mirror but it turned out to be a video of her which was awesome. Had chills through out. So freaking proud.

Team Blake: The Swons are up next to duet with Blake. They duet to “Celebrity”, which is a much better song choice for this duet. Thank goodness! I gotta say that the Swons are on a role with these songs tonight. Good for them. They were an early fave of mine this season but had some hits and misses. Glad they are doing their best in the finale. Vocally, great job on this. They all sounded great.

Team Blake: Danielle is up for her first solo, and Blake chooses “Maybe It Was Memphis” for her to reprise.  For me, she’s just going through the motions. Nothing new. Over it. Next.

Filler performance: The finale three sing “Home” and get joined by all the contestants of the season! I didn’t see this coming! All of Adam’s Angels…*sniff*…Michelle and Josiah…*sniff* just missed them all! Great job by all!

Team Usher: Michelle finally gets to duet with Usher and they pick “One” by U2. CAN YOU SAY PERFECTION? Because I just love the version by U2 and Mary J. Blige, and they totally give me those feels! I seriously think this is the best duet by a coach/contestant ever. These two are the epitome of what a real team looks like! They feed off each other and give us EVERYTHING!

Team Blake: Danielle finishes off the night with Sara Evans’ “Born To Fly”. I was pretty excited to hear this one from Danielle but alas, her lack of energy just sucked the life out of this pretty upbeat song. Great vocals, but again, nothing special.


Team Usher’s loveliest

Shakira wearing Michelle glasses

Adam stabbing Usher in the back

Who will win it all? Find out tomorrow with us!



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