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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

The Flash Is 'Going Rogue' In This Weeks Episode

Carleen | PopWrapped Author


Staff Writer
10/30/2014 9:10 am
PopWrapped | Television
The Flash Is 'Going Rogue' In This Weeks Episode | The Flash
Media Courtesy of CW
In last week's episode we saw Barry Allen fight The Mist. On this week's episode entitled Going Rouge we see a familiar face, a new villain and just over all intensity this episode. We start the episode off with finding out what Barry likes to do on his days off is doing three things at once. (Playing Ping Pong with Cisco, Operation with Caitlin and Chess with Dr. Wells and lets just say Barry didn't do so well in chess). While Team Flash plays, there is an armed car jacking in progress. But the Flash is there to take them down. The robbers shot a guard, and the Flash takes him to the hospital instead of going after them.  We later find out that they were after a priceless diamond in the museum. Barry comes in and does what he does best: helping Detective West and the others ID the suspects. Joe and Barry has a deep conversation and they find out more information.  We then pan to Iris trying to convince Barry to help her with her blog about the Streak. Barry disagrees and tells her that she could get hurt. As Barry continues to tell Iris that what she is doing isn't such a good idea, they arrive to Barry's lab to an unexpected guest, Felicity Smoak. Felicity inquires as to how he is and tells him that she knows about his powers. Thanks to Oliver and his chat in episode one. Pan over to a dare warehouse where Lenoard Snart (guest star Wentworth Miller) talks to his crew about the game plan since the robbery. After many discussions, one of the members state that they want out, Snart makes it easy and ends their life. He ends this scene with "We need to up our game." Felicity and Barry are taking a nice stroll through the park. Felicity talks to him about his 'condition.' After asking her if she wants to see, Barry runs to the top of the building, takes a photo of her, and then runs back down. Barry likes showing off for the ladies eh? Barry tells Felicity that, like her, he has his own team. They head to S.T.A.R Labs to meet the team. When They get there the team seems a bit hesitant about Felicity and wonders how much they could trust her until Barry blabs that she works with "the Arrow." The team is impressed, especially Dr. Wells, who recognizes Felicity and her talents. We then see Detective West and Eddie  sitting in the car outside the Central City Museum waiting to see if Snart will make his move. In the meantime, Eddie decides to talk (or try to talk) about his relationship with Iris. The conversation goes sour when Joe tells him that they aren’t friends and he doesn’t want to know about his love life with his daughter. Barry, on the other hand, takes Felicity to Jitters where Iris tells the two of them they should join her and Eddie for trivia night. Back at the warehouse, Snart is looking to buy some new items from a dealer including a stolen piece from S.T.A.R Labs. Speaking of trivia night, Felicity shows up dressed to impress Barry Allen. We see Snart at the Central City Museum searching for the best way to steal the diamond. And Back at S.T.A.R Labs, we get a not-so-nice conversation from Dr.Wells as he drills Cisco about where the weapon is. (Which we find out that Snart has and can potentially hurt Barry). Eddie gets the call and leaves trivia night. Moments later Barry leaves and Felicity covers for him. Detective West spots Snart and follows him on foot. Snart uses the gun on an approaching police car sending it flying across the road on a bed of ice. Snart enters a theater with Joe close behind. Right as he shoots, Barry gets there just in time to move Joe out of the way but gets blasted with the gun. As what is believed to be a test, Snart tests out how fast Barry really can go and starts targeting people in the theater. All but one man makes it out from the cold gun. Returning to S.T.A.R Labs, Barry gets his treatment done from his injuries he got from the cold gun. Caitlin states that if it wasn’t for his speed he would have died just like the man. Barry begins to question why the cold gun exists. Cisco mans up and tells him that he built the gun for reasons that if he ever needed to stop Barry he could. Barry gets upset because he feels like Cisco doesn’t trust him enough.Iris and Joe talk about how Iris wishes to discuss her relationship with Eddie. Joe tells her that if they talk about it he won’t be focused. I mean can you blame him for not wanting to?  Snart is ready to make his move on the diamond. Regardless of his run with the cops the members of his crew aren't so set on being used as bait. While Barry works out, Felicity goes in to comfort him. She talks to him about how Team Arrow wasn't always as strong as they were now. She tells him that they all butted heads in the beginning, too. Meanwhile, Snart enters the museum and takes what he wanted. Cisco ends up finding a way to talk the cold gun and with the help of Felicity they realize that Snart is making a get-a-way via a train. Barry gets going but before heading out he turns off his ear monitor making it very clear that he doesn’t want anyone’s help in this situation. After Barry runs, Felicity talks to the S.T.A.R Labs crew about installing hope in them about Barry as well as telling them they need to be more encouraging.  Snart boards the already moving train being too quick for Eddie and Joe but not quick enough for Barry. Barry boards the train to stop Snart. In an attempt to slow The Flash down, he fires the cold gun at the bottom of the train, freezing the gears and putting all the passengers in danger. As Barry saves the passengers, Snart gets away.  The special effects in this scene were fantastic. Before Snart could get further away he was stopped by Barry. Snart takes one shot at Barry and freezes him to the ground making him helpless. Before Snart could take his final shot, Cisco, Caitlin and Felicity show up with an even bigger cold gun (we later find out from Cisco that is was just a giant vacuum cleaner) and it made Snart flee, but he keeps the diamond for himself. As we enter the last few scenes of the episode we see a couple of things happen. First, we see Felicity preparing to head back to Starling City. She tells the S.T.A.R Labs crew that she had a great time. Dr. Wells asks her to say hello to the Arrow for them. We then see a cute moment with Barry and her that ends up in an awkward hug…REALLY BARRY?! As the team departs, Wells loses his smile and in a very upsetting voice places blame on Cisco for everything that happened and makes him promise that he will never do anything like that again. Back at the Police department, we see Iris apologizing to Joe for continuing to bring up the relationship between Eddie and her. Long story short everything is good and dandy once more. Iris and Joe embrace and she makes the promise to keep no more secrets from him. Joe agrees but as they hug you can tell he isn’t happy about keeping Barry from her. We end on the train where Felicity is reading Iris’ blog about “The Streak” and before she knows it, Barry appears on the train. The two of them talk and Felicity leads the conversation into Barry’s affection for Iris, which is apparent to Felicity but Barry lets her know that he is aware about Felicity's feelings for Oliver “takes one to know one” he says. The two of them realize they are perfect for one another and that opposites do attract.” They end by telling one another that they promise to help each other whenever they can.  Barry seals the deal with a kiss and runs off. We end the episode with Snark talking to a mysterious figure who he has clearly worked with before and wants to work with again. He offers the mysterious figure a weapon he obtained from earlier in the episode. The weapon is very clear that it is a heat gun; the opposite of Snarts Cold gun. So what do you think of this weeks episode?  Leave us a comment below! All new episodes return November 11th on the CW.

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