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The Following "Havenport" Recap: Sheriff Problems

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/19/2013 4:27 am
The Following

Elena Butler

Staff Writer

This episode felt like it ended the second I blinked.  So much happened in an hour, that I can’t recall a moment when I considered looking away from my TV.  It was fast-paced, action-packed, thrilling and oh so good! Two people made out, two people got stabbed, one person was killed, and someone got kidnapped.  Phew! See what I mean? So much happened! Let’s get started.

Previously on The Following
Claire decided to go with Roderick in order to see her son again.  Carroll truly believes she will love him again.  Emma is basically comfort food for Carroll, when things with Claire don’t go well.  The FBI found the followers’ training camp. Mike got a beat down from Roderick and his men.  The FBI decided the best person to help them find Carroll was the town sheriff AKA Roderick. 

The episode picks up with Roderick telling the FBI that he has a lot of men in town looking for Carroll.  Mike comes into the room just as Roderick coincidentally leaves.  But the hide-and-seek game ends quickly when Mike confronts him in the hall. Roderick pretends he doesn’t know what he’s talking about and when Mike points a gun at him the police officers around him throw him to the ground and handcuff him.  Roderick knows he’s been busted so he runs away. He bursts through the doors of the manor just as Carroll and Emma are talking about Claire.  Emma knows that Claire hates her guts but assures Carroll that she doesn’t know about them sleeping together – like Claire would care! Roderick tells them they’re in trouble.

After Emma leaves, Roderick blatantly blames Carroll for all their FBI troubles.  He wants everyone to leave the manor but Carroll tells him it’s not time yet. Roderick thinks he has a different plan he’s not telling him about.  His paranoia is getting to him.  He tells Carroll that Claire is never going to want him back and almost gets strangled as a result.  Roderick accuses him of only using him to get his family back. 

Back at the station, after Mike tells Ryan and the team the sheriff is really Roderick, they decide to pull all the stops in their search for Carroll and his followers.  The team look into Roderick and figure out he must be living somewhere in the vicinity with Carroll. Donovan prohibits them from speaking to the media and orders them to keep everything under wraps.  Ryan isn’t about to listen, however, and he holds a press conference instead. The followers back in the manor are watching it all unfold, as Ryan offers them a deal.  He will give immunity to the person who comes forward in exchange for information about Carroll’s whereabouts.  

Meanwhile, Joey tells Claire that Jacob is his favorite and she breaks his little heart by insisting no one can be trusted and that Jacob is a bad guy.  Claire is telling him they’re going to find a way out of there when Roderick walks by them and comes up with a devious plan.  He snatches Joey away from Claire and puts him in his patrol car, taking him away from her and Carroll.  Claire rushes into the house, and yells at Carroll but he promises to find their son.  He tells Jacob he’s going after them but he volunteers to go in his place.  Carroll tells him and two other followers to bring back Joey and kill Roderick.  Later, Claire tells Jacob that when he finds Joey he should take him somewhere safe not back home. But Jacob says he’s only doing what Carroll wants.

Roderick shows up incognito and approaches a woman from the town in the back of a restaurant.  He tells her he needs her help and forces her to get in the car and drive.

The FBI gets news that the woman has been seen with Roderick and they go searching for them.  Roderick and the woman reach a roadblock where he’s asked to step out of the car. He shoots both officers and tells the frightened woman to keep driving.  The FBI quickly catches up to them and he has no other option but to give up.  Ryan arrests him and he’s taken back to the station.  When Roderick reveals that he has Joey in his possession, Ryan calls Carroll to confirm.  Roderick wants to give back Joey in exchange for his freedom but Donovan is unwilling to make a deal.
Jacob and the two other men arrive at the station in search of Roderick.  They wait outside for any signs of his whereabouts.  Meanwhile, Ryan goes against orders and tells Roderick that he will set him free if he takes him to Joey.  They leave in a police car, and are seen by Jacob and the other men, who immediately follow them.  Roderick and Ryan arrive at a house and right when they walk inside, the trunk of the police car pops open and Mike appears. The FBI was actually in on it and they set everything up!  Brilliant!  Ryan finds Joey inside and Mike shows up just when Roderick is about to shoot them.  Roderick ends up getting shot and killed but not by either of them.  Ryan figures out Carroll is behind it.  Mike takes Joey with the intention of keeping him safe but they get attacked by Carroll’s men.  Joey runs into Jacob, who takes him away once again.  Ryan follows them out into the back of the house and tries to persuade Jacob to let Joey go.  Joey pleads with him as well and his words are able to soften Jacob’s heart.  He gets away but leaves Joey behind to be rescued.
Emma questions Carroll about how safe they really are, he tells her everyone needs to calm down.  He’s keeping it together pretty well even though he knows the FBI is getting closer every time.  She tells him she’s worried about Joey and tries to initiate sex but he cuts her off, telling her she shouldn’t get her signals mixed and that it’s the wrong time and place for that. He blames her for the Joey situation and when she tries to defend herself by blaming Claire instead, he slaps her.  Carroll is definitely not getting any loving from Emma tonight.  Later, Claire comes into the study and tells Carroll that she’s willing to stay with him as long as he leaves Joey out of it. She doesn’t want that life for their son. Carroll believe her and they start making out.  For a second I’m very confused because Claire seems really into it.  Carroll’s joy (and my confusion) only lasts a few seconds because Claire pulls a fast one on him and stabs him in the stomach.  Some of his men enter the room and take her away.  He later calls Ryan and tells him that he’s no longer thinking of being with Claire, instead, he believes that it’s time for her to die.

The episode ends with a woman walking into the station and insisting that she’s there to turn herself in.  When they decide to listen to her story, she attacks Donovan and stabs him in the eye with her hair piece.  It’s definitely a message from Carroll.  He’s not giving up the fight so easily.

So what did you guys think of this week’s episode?  Were you cheering when Claire stabbed Carroll or were you hoping something else would happen?  What about Roderick, we hardly knew that psychopath.  R.I.P. Fake Sheriff.  Also, that eye stab looked pretty painful but on the bright side, at least Donovan gets to wear a badass eyepatch from now on.


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