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Spoilers PopWrapped | Spoilers

The Following "Let Me Go" Recap: The Great Escape

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/06/2013 12:31 pm
PopWrapped | Spoilers
The Following

Elena Butler
Staff Writer

After watching this week’s episode, I’m really hoping the FBI isn’t as incompetent as they are in The Following because otherwise, yikes! Aside from my own personal paranoia, this show is just so freaking good that I’m stoked it got renewed for a second season! Every week unfolds new drama, more horrors, and does an excellent job in upping the creepy factor. This week’s episode was no different – it was so intense, that at the end, I felt like Ryan Hardy after a long run.

 Let’s discuss, shall we?


 Previously on The Following…

Joey was kidnapped by Emma and taken to a farmhouse. The FBI found his location and Ryan went in after him. A man (woman?) named Roderick orchestrated a plan for Emma to escape with Joey. Ryan was unable to bring him home to Claire like he had promised and the FBI found out Carroll’s cult is much more elaborate than they thought.

We start off the episode with Emma and Joey arriving at an auto shop to wait for Charlie. A man named Beau, greets her and let’s her know he’d been expecting her. Emma seems annoyed by the fact that they have to wait there for Charlie to come find them. When Joey asks to use the bathroom, he hears noises coming from another room and finds a women being held in a cage. It’s unclear of who she is or why she’s being held there, but more on that later.

 Back at the prison, Olivia shows the video of Ryan’s attack on Carroll to the warden and Carroll “fearing for his safety” requests to be transferred to another prison. The warden quickly signs the necessary paperwork to get his transfer in motion and tells Ryan this is all his fault. Ryan comes to see Carroll as they’re prepping him to leave. Carroll tries to get under his skin by questions him about Claire and her reaction to him not being able to rescue Joey from the farmhouse.

 Joey returns from the bathroom visibly shaken, he tells Emma about the girl in the cage. Beau gets angry and tells them not to go back there. Emma questions him about the girl but he says that it’s none of her business. Later, she tries to get information about Roderick out of him but he seems almost insulted that she thinks he’s part of Carroll’s “club”. Meanwhile, Joey runs back to the girl with keys in hand and tries to unlock her cage. He succeeds in freeing her but when the woman asks him to come with her, he stays behind. Beau sees what he has done and chases after him but Emma points a gun at him when he tries to reprimand Joey. Seconds later, Charlie arrives at the auto shop with the woman in tow.

 Ryan and Mike look into the warden – they find it suspicious that he authorized Carroll’s transfer without hesitation. They think he’s been compromised and could possibly be the elusive Roderick. They find out the warden’s daughter has been missing, and it’s possible Carroll’s people threatened to kill her if he didn’t help him. Turns out, the warden’s daughter is the girl Beau is holding captive at the auto shop.

 Ryan discovers that Charlie hijacked the surveillance video and that Carroll really isn’t in the transfer vehicle. They get in touch with Annie who is leading the transfer operation and inform her of the situation. She asks to check the transport vehicle and finds that Carroll isn’t there.

 Ryan confronts the warden again and asks him about Carroll’s whereabouts. The warden doesn’t want to say anything, fearing that his daughter will get killed if he does. Ryan promises to bring her back safely if he helps them stop Carroll. The warden finally admits that Olivia helped Carroll escape. The FBI team tracks down Olivia’s car and Ryan & Mike go after her.

 We see Carroll get out of Olivia’s trunk. It becomes evident that she is only helping him because she feels threatened. He asks her to call Ryan and she follows through with his orders. When she’s on the phone with him, he wants her to tell Ryan that she’s being killed because of him. Carroll strangles her and Ryan overhears everything. By the time Mike and Ryan arrive at their location, they find her dead. A passerby tells them a man got out of the car and entered a nearby building.

 Mike – who suspiciously disappears after a while – and Ryan go after Carroll. Ryan sees him meeting up with a man who introduces himself as David. He chases them on foot through the building but they take the elevator before he can get to them. Carroll also meets a woman named Louise who is there to assist him with his escape. Ryan is able to run up the stairs and reach Carroll, they come face-to-face with Carroll pointing a gun to his face. He doesn’t kill him, however, because he wants him to live and see everything that’s about to happen. He tells Ryan they’ve only just completed the first part of his novel. The sounds of a helicopter interrupt their little chat and Carroll makes his getaway, leaving David in charge of him. Ryan is able to get the upper hand and shoot David in the leg but he’s too late, Carroll ends up getting away.

 Joey asks Charlie about his mom and Charlie tells him he was supposed to bring Claire to him but he screwed up and let the “bad guys” win. He promises he’ll see his mom again. Later, Charlie gets a call and tells Emma that it’s time for them to go, but not before he takes care of some unfinished business – by the look he gives Beau, it can’t be good news for him.

 Annie tells Ryan the helicopter wasn’t registered, so they weren’t able to track it down. Ryan knows his only shot at information is David but he refuses to speak. He tortures him by pressing on his bullet wound until he tells him where the warden’s daughter is being held. They find her, still in the cage, and she tells them she saw Joey.

Carroll arrives at an enormous, remote house. His followers pour out the front door to greet him and it’s so fantastically creepy that it gives me chills. Emma comes forward, with a smile on her face and gives Carroll a hug. He spots his son standing by the door of the manor but Joey is hesitant to go to him. Carroll approaches him instead and Joey tells him that he recognizes him. “You’re my dad,” he says and the episode ends.

 What is Carroll’s deal; does he want Joey to carry on his legacy? The ending of this episode was the creepiest thing that’s happened so far, in my opinion – okay maybe those Poe masks give it a run for its money! Everything came together so perfectly, I can’t praise the writers enough for the fantastic work they’re doing with this show. I understand that a lot of it seems far-fetched but it’s a TV show, its main purpose is to entertain and boy does it do it on a weekly basis!

 Only 8 episodes left. What did you think of “Let Me Go”? Was it the best one so far? Do you think Paul and Jacob are okay? Why am I even worried about those psychopaths? (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

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