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The Following "Love Hurts" Recap: An Abundance of Claires

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/19/2013 10:42 am
The Following

Staff Writer

There was more than one Claire in this episode of The Following and none of them were the one we’re used to seeing. That’s because “Love Hurts” centered around yet another one of Carroll’s plans to make Ryan Hardy’s life a living hell by targeting the woman they both love. We also see our favorite gay/not gay couple resurface from the depths of oblivion, after being absent for a while, and get to witness a murder or two – must be Monday.

Previously on The Following…
Joe Carrol escaped under the FBI’s nose. Donovan took over the investigation. We finally met Roderick. Mike got a beat down and almost died. Oh! And Carroll sexed up Emma.
The episode picks up with Annie and Ryan holding a conference call briefing with other major agencies – including Homeland Security and the CIA. They’re trying to figure out Carroll’s motives, who he’s working with and who is a part of his cult. I swear these people look at the agents like they’re dummies, which granted, they have let Carroll escape more than once. 
Carroll has his own briefing with his followers. He wants them to help him finish their story and tell their “chapters”. It’s definitely safe to assume the next part of the story has officially begun. One of the followers, Amanda, shares her “chapter” with Carroll. Poor thing – I’m kidding I don’t feel sorry for her at all – is a nervous wreck as she tries to read him her paper. We flashback to her telling Carroll that she caught her husband cheating. There was no time for redemption because she proceeded to shoot him and the woman he was sleeping with. Then she described in detail how she cut them apart and dumped the pieces. Now that the cops are after her, Carroll tells her Roderick can help her. In present time, Amanda tells Carroll that she wants him to have his wife back. She wants him and her chapter to have a happy ending. 
We finally find out where Jacob and Paul have been all this time. No, Paul didn’t magically recuperate and make Jacob fall madly in love with him. He’s actually in pretty bad shape and getting worse by the minute. They’re hiding out in Jacob’s old house. His mom happens to arrive at the place and tells him she knows they’re fugitives. I don’t even have to mention how saddened she is by his choices, it’s kind of heartbreaking. 
Donovan tells Annie they’re taking the operation control to DC. He wants her to keep an eye on Ryan and report to him, so she agrees. Ryan and the team are still on the manhunt for Jacob and Paul when Carroll calls him at the office. They try to trace the call while they speak but as you guys might have already guessed, the FBI is kind of useless on this show. Fail. Carroll reminds him they both love the same woman. “Love hurts, how much pain can one man endure and at what point does he break?” He asks before hanging up. 
In a nearby diner, we see Amanda seated with Louise. They both watch a couple of women sitting at a table and when one of them gets up, Amanda goes over to the other woman and asks her for a favor. She wants her to tell Ryan that “sometimes love hurts.” When the woman’s friend returns, Amanda shoots her with a spear gun, and then reminds the other woman not to forget what she told her. Later, Ryan and Annie arrive at the scene and he overhears the woman reciting the message she had for him. He finds out the woman killed was named Claire Matthews. Carroll is targeting women with the same name as his ex-wife.
Meanwhile, Jacob’s mom helps clean Paul’s wound. He tells Jacob that Emma never trusted them and he never trusted her. There’s a flashback in which Emma wants Paul to kill someone because he’s never done it since joining the group. They need to build up trust and that’s the only way to do it. In present time, Paul’s injury is making him delirious. Jacob’s mother tells him that he needs a blood transfusion and he’ll die if he doesn’t go to the hospital.
Back at the manor, Carroll is watching the news about Amanda’s recent murder, when Emma comes looking for him. He seems regretful about them sleeping together and doesn’t want her to make a spectacle of it. Emma seems hurt by his indifference. Later, during one of their nightly drinking parties, she eyes Carroll from afar, when Roderick comes waltzing in. He asks her if she’s even worried about Paul and Jacob and that he listened to the messages Jacob left for her on her satellite phone.
Amanda continues her quest to find all the Claires in the world and takes the life of yet another unsuspecting woman. When the FBI team gets to the scene of the crime, Donovan speaks to the press and broadcasts a picture of Amanda. Ryan is sure that Carroll is trying to lure Claire out, he knows she will offer herself up in order to stop the murders.
Jacob’s mom warns him that his dad will call the police if they don’t leave by the time he gets there. Jacob assures her that he’s never killed anyone. In a flashback we see Jacob and Paul carrying out Emma’s orders to kill. Paul wants Jacob to stab the girl first to make sure he can trust him but he’s unable to. He figures out Jacob’s never killed anyone and laughs at him before stabbing the girl to death himself. Back in present time, Paul tells Jacob’s mother that he’s telling the truth – Jacob’s yet to make his first killing.
The team tracks down another Claire Matthews in the area and go searching for her in hopes of stopping another murder from happening. They arrive at an outdoor costume party, so it’ll be like finding a needle in a haystack. Ryan, however, spots Louise amongst the crowd and goes after her. When he finally catches up to her, he shoots her in the chest. Amanda finds “Claire” in the sea of people and chases her down, with Ryan close behind. After a suspenseful pursuit in which Amanda shoots him with a nail gun, the team finally catches up to her and “Claire.” Amanda tells Ryan he’s a cheater and he doesn’t deserve a happy ending. He admits that he loves Claire and asks Amanda to punish him instead. He’s able to distract her long enough to get close and disarm her.
Jacob tells Paul that he emailed Roderick and has received a reply asking them to meet him. Paul is tired of fighting, he tells Jacob to kill him and leave him there. After Jacob tries to convince him to come with him, Paul reminds him that he “owes” him. We go back to the flashback in which Paul promises not to tell Emma that he’s never killed anyone before and that Jacob now “owes” him one. Back in present day, Paul lets Jacob know that he loves him. With tears in his eyes, he smothers Paul with a pillow. It kind of sucks that Jacob never reciprocated those feelings but it’s not like there was any chance of them having a happy ending. Anyway, congrats on your first killing, Jacob!
Roderick and Carroll talk about Louise’s death. Roderick says he doesn’t know if she was even important to him. And then he laughs – he literally LOL-s. Then he tells Carroll that they were able to decipher one of the FBI’s messages and they know where Claire is being kept. After his talk with Carroll, Roderick pays a visit to Emma. He tells her he received a very interesting email and then surprises her by taking her to Jacob. Let’s just say he doesn’t look happy to see her.
So, this dysfunctional pairing is once again reunited. Do you guys think Jacob’s character is about to go all psycho murderer now that he’s made his first killing? What did you think of this week’s episode? And because I know you’ve been wondering: Yes, that is a John Green reference in my title.


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