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The Following 'Mad Love' Recap!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/15/2013 9:47 pm
The Following 'Mad Love' Recap!

Elena Butler
Staff Writer

Ryan Hardy did not have a good day in this week’s episode. I guess there’s only so much he can do when he’s trying to track down his former lover’s son and the remaining of her ex’s ‘followers’. I only had one problem with Mad Love and that was that there wasn’t nearly enough Joe Carroll for my taste. I get that we need mini breaks from his psychotic cult ways but he’s so riveting to watch that it’s impossible not to miss him. Okay, let’s move on to relive some of this week’s intense moments, shall we?


Previously on The Following…

Ryan wrote a book about a serial killer named Joe Carroll who is overly obsessed with Edgar Allan Poe–seriously, he’s so obsessed that it’s borderline embarrassing. Carroll confronted Ryan about sleeping with his wife all the while sharing some serious sexual tension in the process. Jacob and Emma did the naked dance and Paul was a total creep about it. As retaliation, Paul kidnapped an unsuspecting convenience store worker and brought her back to the farmhouse where they’re keeping Joey. The FBI team figured out that Maggie is one of Carroll’s ‘followers’.

Ryan Hardy’s Very Bad Day

The team analyses the video sent to them of Joey killing an innocent little rat, in an effort to figure out where they’re holding him. Ryan tries to put Claire at ease but she knows they’re training him to be a killer. Ryan receives a call from his sister, Jenny, but he is hesitant to answer it. We’re taken to a flashback in which Jenny takes care of him after a night of heavy drinking. I don’t think we need any more proof than this that Jenny is a good sister.

Ryan has a talk with Carroll, in an attempt to get more information about Maggie. I found it quite disturbing how ecstatic Joe got when Ryan told him he had killed Maggie’s husband. You can tell Joe is just dying to have Ryan join his list of ‘followers’. Carroll is surprisingly cooperative, and tells them Maggie was responsible for a killing spree in Arkansas.

As the team views a security camera video of Maggie outside a hardware store, Ryan gets another call from his sister. We get another flashback of Jenny telling him that she cares about him and he needs to take better care of himself but you can tell she’s getting frustrated by his lack of trying. Ryan takes the call, only to find out that Maggie has her and is threatening to kill her. She wants Ryan to trade his life for hers. He follows Maggie’s orders but Mike tells him he won’t let him do this alone and goes with him. We’re treated to a flashback to 2005, in which Ryan and Claire are on a date in Jenny’s restaurant. Although the flashbacks are very quick, it’s nice to see little snippets of their past relationship.

They arrive at the restaurant and Ryan goes in alone, leaving Mike with orders to worry only about Jenny’s safety and not him. Inside the restaurant his finds a blindfold and a note asking him to put it on. Maggie comes out and hits Ryan over the head. When he wakes up, he’s tied to a table and his sister is sitting close by. We get another flashback to 2005, Ryan and Claire are sharing naked snuggles in his bed. Ryan tells her that his mom died of leukemia when he was 14 and his dad got murdered during a robbery. He also had an older brother who died on 9/11. Ryan Hardy officially has the saddest life ever.

Maggie starts taping magnets to Ryan’s chest so the electromagnetic fields mess up his pacemaker. She laments the loss of her husband at Ryan’s hands but are we really supposed to feel bad for her? Are psychopaths even capable of loving? I guess we’ll never know because Mike bursts into the restaurant just in time and shoots her down.

Ryan gets a quick checkup from the paramedics and Mike tells him Maggie’s cellphone might give them a clue to Joey’s whereabouts. Ryan tells her sister she should disappear for a while and she asks him about Claire. In another flashback to 2005, Jenny tells Ryan she can tell he loves Claire but Ryan says he wants her to move forward; he knows that he will always be a part of Joe Carroll. Ryan says he’s not good for Claire or his son and he doesn’t want to be a constant reminder of the worst part of her life. When Jenny once again says the he loves her, Ryan says that because he loves her, he has to stay away.

Back at Claire’s home, Ryan tells her they were able to track an address from Maggie’s cellphone and promises her they will find Joey. Claire asks him to stay but he turns down her invitation.

The Terrible Trio

Emma and Jacob question Paul about the girl he kidnapped. When Paul tells them that he found her in a store in town, Emma freaks out saying that he’s putting everyone at risk. Emma asks him to take care of it. “Kill her and bury her,” she says and it becomes evident that to these people murder is the equivalent of taking out the trash. Now, I’m horrible when it comes to taking out the trash or doing dishes, so I’m positive murder would just be the biggest pain in the ass ever for me. So in a way, I understand Jacob when he refuses to do it. When Emma leaves, Paul hands Jacob a knife. He wants him to kill the girl and then complains that he’s “tired of the lies.”

Emma tries to get a hold of Maggie and immediately begins to worry that something isn’t going according to plan. She confronts Paul about what’s going on in the basement with the kidnapped girl and tells Paul not to delude himself. She realizes that Jacob and him shared something while they pretended to be a gay couple but is basically telling him it’s never going to happen because Jacob isn’t really gay. Paul tells her that the reason he’s been acting weird is because Jacob’s been lying to all of them; he’s never killed anyone before. She confronts Jacob and has a flashback to when he told her and the rest of the ‘followers’ how he had drowned a girl. Emma realizes he lied to them and insists that he kill the girl in the basement.

Jacob, being the rascal that he is, refuses to follow orders. He goes down to the basement and gives the girl water. She tries to persuade him to let her go, saying she won’t say anything if she’s set free. I have to give the girl props, trying to psychoanalyze a psychopath can’t be an easy task. Not only that, she even gives him ideas on how to fool Emma and Paul into believing he killed her. Jacob has a flashback to 2009, where he tells Carroll, during a visit, that he’s never killed anyone. Carroll tells him to take his time until he’s ready. Add ‘understanding’ to Joe’s long list of character traits–this guy truly is the whole package.

Naturally, Joe’s words resonate with Jacob and he realizes that he still isn’t ready to do his first killing. He unties the girl and tells her to leave. I think I’ve watched way too many scary movies but did anyone actually think she was going to get away? She runs out of the house in such a panic that the noise alerts Emma and Jacob. They run after her, and after a stab here and there and a mud wrestling session, she is once again back in the basement.

Paul walks in on Emma in the restroom. They actually laugh remembering their struggle with the poor girl. Emma tells Paul that it’s probably hard for him to understand but that they both love Jacob. She asks him to get cleaned up with her, “Don’t freak out it’s not like we’re gonna get it on,” she says before she kisses him. When Jacob comes into the bathroom, Emma and Paul are both in the shower. She tells him that they’re not going to give up on him and they all hug. So how much longer until these maniacs engage in a threesome? Or was that it? (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

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