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The Following Recap:

Staff Writer

I love it when a show makes me go, “Wait! What? What’s happening right now?” and that’s one of the many reasons why I love The Following so much! My heart was racing during the suspense-filled sequences and I was pleasantly surprised when things didn’t go the way I expected. Let’s just say this show is fantastic when it comes to keeping viewers on their toes and this week’s episode was no different. So what exactly happened in “Guilt”? Let’s discuss.
Previously on The Following…
The warden granted Carroll’s transfer but instead he got away. A crazy lady follower named Amanda was killing all the Claire Matthews. Paul died because Jacob mercy-killed him. Roderick surprised Emma by bringing Jacob to their secret hideaway manor.
The episode picks up with Jacob waking up in his bed to a shirtless Paul walking out of the shower. He gets up to find a bloody and very dead Emma in the bathtub. Of course, we come to find out that it’s all a dream and I think I was right when I thought there was potential for Jacob to become darker. Although I’m intrigued by the possibility of him hurting or even killing Emma, I’m mainly wondering when he’s finally going to admit that he did have a thing for Paul. You don’t just dream about hunky dudes wrapped in towels for no reason. Right?
At the FBI headquarters, Ryan wants to talk to Amanda because once again he believes he can get info out of her that no one else can. But he’s quickly turned down by Donovan who instead, informs him and Annie that they found a security breach in their system. They know they have to move Claire somewhere else before Carroll finds out her whereabouts. Ryan arrives at the hotel where Claire is being kept and tells her about the “Claire murders” and insists that she needs to be taken somewhere safer.
Roderick presents Carroll with two ex-militia men to go in search of Claire. Carroll reminds him that he’s already failed him twice and wants him to go with them and bring her back. In another part of the house, Joey runs into Jacob and is very happy to see him again. When Emma asks to speak with him he turns her away, asking Joey to give him a tour of the house instead. Carroll runs into them and Joey leaves the room like a scared puppy. Jacob is asked to give Emma a chance to explain herself. After he agrees, Paul – or Jacob’s guilty conscious – manifests himself again, reminding him that Emma was never a good person. He speaks to her either way and she tries to explain why she had to leave them behind. Emma tells Jacob that she loves him.
Roderick and the two men arrive at the hotel, the FBI agents who are in the room with Claire, are notified that suspicious men are in the lobby. They watch through the security cameras as the men check each room. Ryan and Claire move quickly and leave through the back window. One of the men intercepts them outside and Ryan shoots him, unfortunately he’s wearing a bullet proof vest so he doesn’t stop him for good. As they’re driving away, Ryan disables the tracking device on their vehicle and takes Claire to a place only he knows about. 
Back at headquarters, the team figures out what he did. They run face recognition to identify the men and find out they’re ex-militia. Later, they find a sequence embedded in one of the men’s emails. It’s a video very reminiscent to the ones in Saw in which the men are congratulated and welcomed to joining the following.
Ryan and Claire arrive in Pennsylvania at the home of his friend Tyson, who used to be an FBI agent. He is now under witness protection so they figure there is no safer place than his. In a flashback we find out that Tyson advised Ryan not to publish his book about Carroll because it would be something that would define him. Ryan obviously didn’t listen to him and I bet now he’s deeply regretting it now. During a moment alone, Claire asks Tyson about Ryan’s previous relationships. He tells her about a girl named Molly who he was seeing and we see in a flashback that all three of them got along pretty well. Tyson assures Claire that Ryan was only ever serious about her and no one else. But Claire’s happiness and comfort are short-lived when she finds a tracking device in her sweater’s pocket.
As night falls, Ryan and Tyson are prepared for the arrival of Roderick and his men. Ryan takes Claire to a bedroom upstairs and asks for her to stay there while they take care of the impending situation. She wants to talk about what happened with their relationship. Ryan knows he represents everything bad that ever happened to her and he wants her to move on. Claire tells him she loves him and even though he says that’s a bad idea he admits he loves her too and they kiss.
Later, the men arrive at the property. One of them makes the first attempt to go inside but Tyson shoots him, killing him instantly. Ryan decides to go back upstairs and check on Claire but hears noises in the living room and goes to investigate. Claire runs into him, causing him – and me – to jump. Outside the property, they hear more shots being fired. When he reaches Tyson, he sees that he’s been shot. Claire tends to his wounds as Ryan goes looking for Roderick and the other man. Shortly after, Claire tells Tyson that she will be right back, but instead runs outside until she reaches Roderick’s car. She points a gun at him but he reminds her that he knows where her son is being held. Claire throws the gun aside and asks Roderick to take her to Joey.
At the manor, Carroll is finally able to break the ice with his son and gets a bit of bonding time by pulling one of the best tricks in the book. He pretends not to know how to make s’mores, which just happens to be his favorite food and coincidentally also Joey’s. Carroll goes about the process all wrong, prompting Joey to talk to him and help. In Jacob’s room, Emma once again, attempts to speak with him. She tells him she wants to earn his trust again. They start making out and clothes start coming off. Jacob sees Paul again, and excuses himself to the bathroom. “Paul” tells him Emma deserves to die for betraying them and hands Jacob a knife. Jacob realizes it’s all just his imagination and stabs the apparition multiple times before joining Emma back in the bedroom. He tells her that he had to kill Paul and that it was all because of her. He warns her to watch her back and Emma looks genuinely frightened.
Ryan takes Tyson to the hospital, realizing he once again failed to protect the people he loves. Carroll gives him a call, telling him that “she” is now on her way to him. Ryan tells him he’s done with everything but Carroll reminds him this is his story and he can’t quit just yet. He hangs up and in a flashback, Tyson tells Ryan to forget about his death curse after all, he hasn’t gotten him killed yet and they’re practically family. He tells Ryan not to push his new girlfriend away and to allow people to get close to him. 
Back at the manor, one of Carroll’s followers alerts him that the person he was waiting for has arrived. His face lights up when he sees the woman and surprisingly it’s not Claire but none other than Molly, the woman from the Ryan’s flashbacks.
Wow! I was not expecting that twist one bit. This show makes me so paranoid, I don’t know who I can and can’t trust and my head spins every time the writers throw a curve ball at me. What could Carroll possibly be planning? Tell us your thoughts!

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